TV programme 'Diet Secrets and How to Lose Weight" on Channel 5 (UK) at 8pm (i.e. starting right now!)

Hi everyone,

Apologies if this has already been mentioned, but there is a TV programme about Diets on Channel 5, starting at 8pm, UK time.

I'm just going to watch it, and wanted to mention it incase you want to watch it too.

Zest :-)


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10 Replies

  • Ooh thanks Zest.

  • Thanks for the heads up, Zest :)

  • thankyou... series linked !

  • just watched it... I'm currently following a low carb now as i know it works.. as last year i lost 2 stone on it... so going to stick with it x

  • I watched it and felt it had no clear conclusions. It's a bit faddy for me. What it really amounted to was, input more calories than you need and you will gain weight! We all know really that a good balanced diet, where we eat a little less than we think we need, will work if we stick to it and we all know (if we are honest) the foods that will lead to our personal down fall in the weight department. I think that the key is, getting to know your own body, for lots of us have different medical and emotional challenges. I'm convinced that support and encouragement, from the likes of the lovely members of this forum, is the what is needed by most people. As my little granddaughter says 'Team work makes the dream work!' So I shall watch the programmes and then go on my merry way.

    Ooh, sorry that's a bit of a long and deep post. Happy viewing ;-)

  • What a lovely quote from your grandaughter,that should be HU motto.

  • And absolutely true . . . Countless studies show group support is the single biggest help to weight loss 😊

    Think we might be using that one lizziep

  • I watched the programm, it was very interesting. I was surprised that the woman on the low carb high fat diet did not lose anything after a whole month and actually increased her body fat ratio.

  • Thanks Zest. I didn't see your post last night, but will see if I can find that programme on catch-up later today.

  • Didn't see your post in time but I'm set it to record on Friday on 5star x

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