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Looking for a gym buddy


I am posting again. There is currently no change to my weight (no loss/no gain) and just been told I have anything thing wrong with me ... great!

I want to try and do light exercises and swimming. I have back,hip,arm issues and asthma so looking for someone who could join me with similar problems so we can do things together. Anyone want to help eachother keep motivated? Looking at either Harrow or Liverpool Street London areas.

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Hi Yaya-itsu,

Firstly, it's great news that there's nothing 'wrong' with you.

Secondly, it's not necessary to go to a gym for light exercise. You could save yourself a lot of time, trouble and money, by moving more, within your physical limits.

Do a little more walking, dancing, chair exercises, cycling, anything that you will enjoy and that your family and friends would be happy to accompany you on.

As regards maintaining your weight, well that's a positive, considering the festive season, but maybe you could log onto the daily diary, for assistance with your menus, as weight loss is much more about input, than output :)


Lack the space and motivation at home. Also mainly wanting to us the swimming pool also.

Reaching out on here because I seem to have the laziest yet surprising slim friends around .

I will look into the daily dairy.

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If you click on your name, at the top of the screen, you'll get a dropdown. If you choose 'people near me', you can see all the people that live near you and you could maybe message them and see if they want to join you. Be safe though, remember we're all strangers!! :)


Wow. Staying the same weight at this time of year - if you take a look at the daily Weigh Ins at the moment, you'll find you are a paragon of virtue compared to many - it really is an outstanding achievement to have stayed the same.

And of course you want to see the scales move downwards - that's why we come here in the first place. I am sure that you realise that the biggest single way in which we lose weight is by changing our eating habits, and consuming fewer calories. There are, quite literally, hundreds of people on this Forum supporting and motivating each other, on-line, and sometimes it seems 24/7 from the timings of the posts, and the places that people live in. The consistent motivational threads for people here are the Weigh Ins - I'm not sure if you have chosen a Weigh In day yet, but if you have, you will find that you 'meet' the same people every week, and you can read their stories, their ups and downs, share yours, and find and receive support. Then there is the Daily Diary where people help each other to meal plan, and learn from each others suggestions and ideas. Apart from that, every post here is a motivation to someone, and I spend a lot of time, just reading amazing things here.

Exercises are great - you obviously enjoy swimming, and whilst you may not be able to find anyone local to you to go swimming with, there are others on here who enjoy swimming, and you may be able to chat to them on here, and talk about what you do. There are plenty of other activities you can do that don't involve going to a Gym, cost a lot less, and don't need you to be super fit to do. It sounds as if you job involves you in quite a lot of walking - if so, you might find that something that involves more stretching could suit you. Gyms are not the only way to exercise. :) It could be worth you having a look into local venues - for example, my local primary school has a circuit class once week at a cost of £4 - pay as you go. My local Church has table tennis once a week - free. I am not saying these are things you would want to do, but it could be worth seeing if there is the equivalent local to you.

And as moreless has rightly said, we have to be aware that this is an open Forum that anyone can join, so, Stranger Danger. :)

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:( no one has offered anyways I guess your right with the stranger danger has everyone more worried than me 😝


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