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Needing help and support

Hi I’m trying this to see if it helps. I’ve done SW and only lost a couple of pounds each time. They said my good diary was very good.

Personally I think it’s because I have no thyroid function.

Fibromyalgia which limits extreme exercise some days it’s non existent.

And type 2 diabetes

I eat a relatively healthy diet but I’m

No saint 😂. I cook fresh everyday .

I’m a good cook.

Any advise will be gladly accepted.

I know my thyroid replacement levels are not optimal and I’m working on that too. I have zero energy and extreme pain.

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Did you mean to post this on the Newbie Club, Lin?

If you have to fill in a template, you're starting your own thread, not replying to someone else's. Scroll down the thread, reading the information and replying to other newbies, then post in the last reply box, that says 'Leave a comment....'

I hope this helps :)

As a Fibro sufferer and someone with T2 diabetes, a low carb diet would probably be best for you. You may wish to join these communities too.




I would also suggest that you log onto our Daily Diary too :)

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Sorry not got the hang yet

I meant it to go in the newbies as an introduction

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That's OK, copy and paste it in now :)


Hi moreless . I’m being very dim I dn5 know where to post my post 😂😂😂. Brain fog😢😤


Follow the link to the newbie club



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