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Everything was good till June 17 downhill

Hi Everyone,

Well it seems like ages since I was on here. Everything was going great lost nearly 2st BMI down to 21. Size 12-10 from 18. Fitness level was amazing for 53yr old woman 6 days a wk @ 3hrs per session at the gym.

Then my dog became ill took few months to find out problem 3 tumours heart liver spleen anaemic arthritis. Which meant I missed the gym. One thing after another since October I have been 8 times for 1 1/2hrs.

Put on a stone. Now just has I’am ready to get back into it (dogs meds sorted) I have a frozen shoulder (still have movement but the pain is horrid). Dr prescribed meds. So annoyed at myself comfort eating.

New start


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Welcome back Gottodothis things can knock us off track so easily.

It is good to hear that your dog is all sorted and you will have time to re-kindle your enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle.

I guess you know what to do-come on regularly and join in the chat, the challenges, Daily Diary and weigh-ins!

Good look, hope to see you around the forum regularly.


Hello Wendy,

Sorry to hear about your dog, sounds distressing and the frozen shoulder that just miserable. Hope your medication helps with the pain. Wishing you lots of success to get back on target, sure weight soon come off.


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