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Workout day

What a week! My husband is on the mend but with downfalls. The steroids he's on gets him very moody, I'm trying to get passed that and not let it get to me. On the upper side, his blood pressure is no longer in the danger zone.

This morning,I kept my plan on going to the gym.

I started off 10 minutes on the erg focusing on warm up and driving hard with my legs. After a breather, I did 2 x 500 sprints. I had 10 minutes to stretch out for my ab session which 15 minutes.

The ab session was tough! I had to get creative and modify some moves. It was so challenging, I signed up for it next Saturday as well.

I think tomorrow will be a rest day. Do a bit house hold chores.

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Well done ShadowDee formyour gym session.

Hope hubby is better soon and off the moody pills!

Cheering you on for a great week ahead.. 🎉🎉🎉

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Thank you Minniewinny. He finishes the steroid medication on Tuesday. Hoping he gets back to his normal self.

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I hope so for both of you 😊

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Well done on your gym session

Hope your hubby is better soon x x

I must up my exercise today - so will join you in house hold chores :)

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