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Weight loss over Christmas!

I've lost 1.4 pounds over the Christmas holidays!

I've been through the mill a bit though trying to help my mother who lives in the USA. She's 84 and has been diagnosed with early stages of dementia which for now is just forgetting Day to day stuff. She's in an assisted living place and shares her room with another lady. Her stuff has been going missing and it turns out she is moving it when she's in her dementia state. Now along with my own depression which has gotten so much better, I'm dealing with hers and trying to keep her positive. No easy task as my mom is the stubborest lady alive. It's even harder when I live so far away and I'm an only child.

That said I'm pleased that I managed to knock off that nasty 1.4 pounds!!!

And I've lost another inch on my waist!!!

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Hello longliz1888 and well done on your weight loss, every little pound helps

I'm sorry to hear of your mum's illness and your depression, it must be so hard for anyone to deal with but, you are so far away

Don't be hard on yourself there isn't anything more that you can do for her than you are already doing, you need to take care of yourself or you'll be no good to anyone

Stay positive.......and very well done on losing weight this week


Very well done longliz1888 losing weight over Christmas and coping with your Mum is an excellent achievement 😊

If you can lose weight under those circumstances then January will be a walk in the park!


As well as the weight loss, those inches are dropping off.

Well done for getting through xmas and dealing with your mother and everything else... such a lot to deal with.

Wishing you continuing good success on your journey.


well done longliz1888 on your loss! I actually gained 3 pounds. sigh. but I am still determined to stay with it so I will lose those pesky 3 pounds shortly. I am so sorry to here about your mom. it must be so difficult to live so far from your mom who is sick. my son has a boyfriend who lives in London and we live in texas so that is difficult but I cannot even imagine if it was my mom. hope everything gets good for yall and stay positive.

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