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Hello again


Hello folks.

I've not posted for a little while and I think it's had a negative impact not doing so.

I have hurt a tendon in my right hand and the pain is something else. I could take some strong meds given me but as I'm 're recovered from addiction issues I worry about taking stuff that can change the way I feel so not using the meds.

I haven't broken my meal plan as such but gave eaten all the foods I ought not and lots of it so back in track tomorrow where I'll check in.

Is there a face book page for this group?

Any way thanks everyone and hooe your all doing ok

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Sorry you hurt yourself. Get better soon.

Sorry to hear you've hurt your hand, I hope it improves to give you relief from the pain.

Hope you have a better week ahead...


Hello MrJoshua

You are right that coming on here somehow helps us keep on track 😊. Sorry about your hand and I hope you get better soon, and good luck getting back on track tomorrow


13ValerieHealthy BMI

Great to hear your voice MrJoshua I've been wondering where you are. Sorry to hear that you've hurt yourself. I hope you're better soon.

Not staying in touch here can have a negative effect (talking from first hand experience).

Sorry to hear about your hand and hope you can get through it without the meds.

Sounds like you're getting things back under control MrJoshua which is brill.


Sorry you're suffering pain with your hand. I hope it's better soon. Take care.🤒

Sorry to hear about your hand MrJoshua.

Have you looked at ice packs to reduce inflammation. It may help reduce the pain a little.

I'm surprised you were prescribed strong painkillers. Surely there must be something in your medical file about your previous addiction.

MrJoshua7lbs in reply to kiwikyd-nz

There is a thing in my notes but it was a locum doctor. Will keep using ice. It's an odd injury really and as I'm right handed a real pain. Thx again

87down1st 7lbs in reply to MrJoshua

You could try using voltarol gel on your hand and a piece of tubigrip to give some support cut a small hole for your thumb to poke through so the elasticised bandage gives support to the base of your fingers. Also rest it across your chest or on cushions to help reduce swelling. Hope it improves soon. Good to hear you back on the forum.

MrJoshua7lbs in reply to 87down

Thank you for the advice for my hand. I never knew a finger could be so painful!

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