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December blues

What a month! With the weather taking a cold front we've hardly had any practice. And everyone's work schedule at home makes it hard to make it to the gym. Christmas parties galore doesn't help.

And yes, managed to put on 7lbs. Not a happy camper and a bit down.

I'll be able to see my new kitchen tonight after work on the plus side. So, I've been told. We have a few appliances in, and they will be doing the wall papering.

Since I've given the news I've bought some meals over the next few days. Ingredients for homemade pizza, spaghetti fixings, and chicken and casserole fixings.

I don't know what's with my app at home. I can't seem to blog or let alone share pictures. Or would put up before and after pictures of my kitchen.

Happy holidays everyone!!! Best thing I've ever done is sign up for Health Unlocked. And hope everyone is doing better than me!

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I'm in the same boat gaining about that much weight too. It is frustrating but we can get back down. You have had alot going on so it's understandable. Just keep going!!

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Most definitely Melhall🙂

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It's going to be very satisfying to see the completed kitchen, ShadowDee. Are you sure you'll want to get those work surfaces and hobs messy with cooking? ;)


We love having you here ShadowDee telling us all about your rowing exploits. Sorry to hear the weight is up, but I am sure that the grit and determination you put into your rowing training can be applied to getting you back in track with your healthy eating in the coming weeks.

And your new kitchen sounds as if it is going to be just what you need.


I can relate to what you say 100% but I am sure it will all get back to normal in the New Year. The stores also don t help with all the once a year Christmas food sold in bulk! Wish you all the best and hope you ll have a beautiful festive season in your new kitchen xx


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