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Weekly update

Hello folks just a weekly update on my progress .

In my first 10 days I have lost just over 13lbs .

Main reason for weight loss is my regime of nutribullit drinks of pure vegetables and fruit .

One in the morning ,lunchtime and a meal at night .

If anyone wants any help or maybe just recipes feel free to contact .

Remember people Keep the Faith

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Make sure that whatever you do is sustainable and doesn't start you off on a yoyo cycle, BraveheartCeltic. A loss of 1 to 2lbs per week will be easier to maintain :)


Hi BraveheartCeltic, I don't think I could live on shakes/drinks for life, so that sort of approach wouldn't really suit me. I'm looking for long term, healthy and balanced changes, tho' inevitably the weight loss takes longer.


the drinks is only for first three weeks to boost metabolism and to give natural energy and nutrients


Ah, right! I still don't think it would be for me. I've had long years of unhelpful approaches to food and I've found the focus on calorie counting and planning since starting the NHS 12 week prog has really helped me, and I'm hoping it embeds sustainable behaviour patterns. I'm enjoying meals and fortunately not feeling hungry or deprived.

Good luck on your quest :)

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Great loss!


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