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Ouch 😵

Despite the cold I decided to go for a walk. It was really windy, so I guess I must have burnt more calories battling to move. As I got towards the sea front I had to zip my coat right up against the cold wind and made a note to myself to loose double.? triple chin as I caught it in my zip 😨🤕😖 wow that made my eyes water! Then if that wasn't enough hail pelted my face! Ouch ouch ouch! Sea was nice though. 😀https://media.giphy.com/media/Hg24vFazdtZza/giphy.gif

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Your walk along the sea front sounds very refreshing if not cold. Hope your chin is alright after catching it in the zipper. We have the snow on and off here so it's a very cold day.


Sorry you hurt your neck and face with the hail... That sea really looks rough.. you were brave to go anywhere near it!

Good incentive to carry on the journey of weight loss..

My neck has reduced now and I think that's the thing most have commented on so far.. my face and neck!


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