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Daily Diary Saturday 9th December 2017

Hello all, super early post from me today, but a busy evening coming up so I'm worried I'll forget if I don't do it now!!

Anyway, welcome to all, regulars, you know what to do, newbies, follow their lead, post what you plan to eat on Saturday with calories if you're calorie counting, any exercise you've got planned and any tip you'd like to share.

My poster today is based on my thoughts following a post by HappyBeee about making excuses which led me to thinking about how to change your mindset. After six months I know that I've started changing my eating habits but am still a long way from making them part of who I am. But I have occasionally seen some signs that it is coming, so my plan is to keep doing the things that work over and over again. So, I plan my meals, over and over again, I talk to myself when I'm upset and standing in front of the biscuit cupboard over and over again, I put on my trainers and go out in the cold over and over again, and hope that one day all these things just become part of who I am. They already are a little. So, my message today, is don't give up just because you get things wrong sometimes. You've just got to keep doing the right things over and over again and eventually, it'll become part of who you are. No quick fixes for habits built up over years!!! They have to be replaced slowly.

Menu for my manic Saturday:

B - mince pie porridge! 300 cals

L - ham and cheese omelette with salad 400 cals

D - chicken curry, veg curry, samosa, bit of rice, popadom and mango chutney. 700 cals

Total - 1400.

Exercise - brisk walk in the morning, running around doing everything that needs to be done all day!!

Happy Saturday all.

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Thanks for hosting Salcheq

I have turned off replying for now so that people reply to the correct post. Don't worry it will be turned on in plenty of time - always better to get the post online than forget because you are busy.

So agree about making good habits part of who we are.


Thanks Ceals, think comments are now allowed again, so it's all systems go!! Can't wait to hear from everyone.


Certainly all systems go!

Hope York was fun.

So today I am at a board meeting and the lovely chef will have made some bacon lettuce wraps for me - they are delicious.

We are then having a three course Christmas lunch. I honestly can't remember what I asked for but I know I will have thought about it carefully. I will decline potatoes and just eat the meat and veg. I would have chosen a lighter dessert too and will not be partaking in any alcohol.

This evening if I need anything I will have raspberries, blackberries and a bit of double cream.

If possible I would like to do a short run when I get back from the meeting but it might be too dark.

Have a good day everyone.


Have a great day Ceals and I hope the meeting goes well. Enjoy that meal out.

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Lovely choices Ceals with berries and cream as a treat if needed later.. well planned out..

I hope you get a run too ๐Ÿ‘Ÿ๐Ÿ‘Ÿ

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Early suits me just fine Salcheq :)

I've planned as much as I can for tomorrow but I've had to guess my lunch as we're visiting my partner's family. I think it's a fair guess though - as we often have a variation of this sort of thing there!

B toast with soya spread, 1 poached egg and half tin baked beans - 445cals

L a veggie option of some sort (everyone else has the meat), new potatoes, carrots/veg and a slice of chocolate loaf cake and fruit e.g. satsuma - 532 cals

D pasta with red onion and tomato sauce and nutritional yeast - 512cals

Snacks 2 x coffees with soya milk, 2 x dried figs - 160cals

Total 1649 cals out of a possible 1750

Exercise - a.m. parkrun (5k) - forecast says it will be zero degrees at 9am - hopefully the snow will stay away though!


Well done for your planned run.. I hope it's not slippery for you.

Good selection of textures and flavours for to tomorrow, enjoy your visit with family time.

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Thank you Minniewinny. It will actually be my first run all week. Running in the freezing cold feels completely different when 200 other people are doing it too. And my shoes have excellent grips :) Hope it's not too snowy where you are. Nothing here yet... :)


I'm in Buckinghamshire, no snow here yet..

Glad you have good shoes and company.. Enjoy ๐Ÿ‘Ÿ๐Ÿ‘Ÿ

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Ooh that'll be a chilly parkrun! Sounds like a tasty day Ruth. I've not heard of putting yeast in meals - is it like a special product?

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Nutritional Yeast is a by-product of beer making but very different to marmite as it comes in flakes and has a subtle cheesey flavour, and also has a natural protein content and lots of B vits too. As I'm dairy intolerant I have a few weird things like this where others would normally have cheese. But it's working for me :)

Looks like a good variety on the menu tomorrow. Enjoy your parkrun, you are a brave woman! We have snow here but it quickly turns to slush then more snow then slush - horrible! But that is winter for you. Enjoy your day tomorrow.


Still no snow here, but there is definitely a chilly frost out there. I decided against parkrun with my asthma flaring up though...

Good menu plan Ruth_canal_runner. Hope you're not running in snow!

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Not running at all actually! I quite fancy the idea of running in snow (maybe best in waterproof trousers) but no snow here and my asthma has flared up today :(

Oh poor thing! Iโ€™ve just seen your post in WH. Hope you feel much better soon.

Sounds like youโ€™re doing all the right things to ward it off. ๐ŸŒท ๐Ÿ’

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Thank you! Hope you're faring okay in the cold too :)

Well done for getting a Park Run planned in Ruth.

Sauce sounds delicious for your pasta.

Hope lunch is good.

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Lunch will be about the company... I'm often a guinea pig for new veggie options - have you seen the Gosh range? But it's always just good to see certain people. Hope you have an excellent day too Ceals :)

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Thanks for hosting Salcheq couldn't agree more regarding habits. Love your menu, though I am intrigue about the mince pie porridge


I discovered a lovely Christmas spice yoghurt the other day and it tastes like mince pies - so I mix it in my porridge, and porridge becomes a mince pie - magic!


wow,that sounds amazing


It would help if I added my menu for tomorrow!!

A good 2nd day for me on the BSD. I have still to have my dinner though and after having the beetroot, apple and cannellini soup at 5pm I am still stuffed! I really can't do a day on 380 calories!!!!

Tomorrow menu is

Breakfast: Apple, mango and hazelnut with natural yoghurt - 180 calories

Lunch: Courgette and feta salad - 270 calories

Dinner: Spicy chicken with lentils - 470 calories

Water: 3 litres

total calories 920

Exercise: not sure yet, maybe a walk. I do need to do more though.

Eat well folks.


I love BSD, seeing your posts last 2 days makes me think I might try it again ๐Ÿ˜Š


I am pleasantly surprised by it. I have really enjoyed the food so far. The test will be when I am up a full day though ๐Ÿ˜•


well done, DD, you're doing so well


Thank you, much appreciated

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Sounds like you're doing really well on the BSD DD7005. Spicy chicken with lentils sounds delicious.


So far so good.


I'm always impressed by how tasty BSD menus sound, a delicious day.


I'm really impressed. I was dreading starting but it is has been ok so far, but it early days.

Sounds good and it is so interesting how careful choice of food is so satiating. Well done, all of it sounds delicious.


I hope you had your dinner last night.. ๐Ÿ˜‹

As said above the BSD menu often sounds more exciting than the regular menus!! Enjoy each flavour and bite!!

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Yes I had dinner, it was delish and light enough before bed. You could say it was a posh supper๐Ÿ˜…

The tastes are amazing though I do struggle with corriander ๐Ÿ˜•

Love your poster Salcheq, it is very true, it's all about perseverence.

Tomorrow is a family Christmas meal out so will try my best to stay light, guestimating calories for my meal. As sugar-free I requested the cheese & biscuits option be served to me when others have their dessert.

Actually I hope I can go, I have a cold that got worse today and have lost my sense of taste so may not be up to it.

Brunch - tofu scramble with chickpea bombs - 330

Light snack - red pepper soup - 100

Dinner - maple soup, butternut loaf and veg, cheese & biscuits - 1370

1,800 calories (way over my lower limit of 1,293!)


hi, jem, sorry to hear about your cold, hope you are ok tomorrow and can enjoy your meal. I often pick the cheese and biscuits option on a menu, it's such a treat as I love nice cheese but don't have it in the house too often. Try and get some rest before your meal and look after yourself


Your menu sounds gorgeous Hidden Chickpea bombs! Maple soup! Enjoy! Hope your cold is a bit better tomorrow, it would be a shame if it prevented you from going.


I hope your cold gets better so you can enjoy your day


Really hope you feel better soon Fab_Jem, sounds like a really tasty dinner, and nice to have a meal with family.


Hope you make it to the meal, a shame to miss out.

Love red pepper soup.


Firstly I hope you've woken up feeling better... So you can look forward to family time...

Then got to say What a lovely selection, I'm intrigued on your brunch.. I've never used tofu.. is it tasty and easy to cook with?

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It doesn't taste much on its own although I like it like that for its simplicity but it takes on the flavours of whatever you cook it with, tamari, curry so for my brunch I break it up with my fingers into a scramble and cook it with tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, chickpeas and spices. The one I use is fortified with calcium. It also comes in a silky form but that one is no good for scrambling. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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I will add it to my want-to-try list.. Thanks Hidden

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hi salcheq, thanks for hosting. Hope your Saturday goes well. Tomorrow I'll be doing park run if it's not too slippy underfoot, then friends coming over to relax and have lunch. I'll be having

B- half grapefruit, 25, water

After run- Greek yoghurt with banana, double cream, blueberries and seeds, 420. Porridge if still hungry, 250

L- doing pizza and salad for everyone. Small slice of pizza and large plate of salad 300

D- poached egg, avocado, tomatoes, halloumi, 400.

if low on calories, rhubarb crumble and cream, 250, handful brazil nuts 300

tea and coffee 150

target of 1700.


Great menu, love your breakfast, dinner and all..

enjoy your run...

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A lovely, varied menu rutheliza. Rhubarb crumble and cream is to die for.


Fab menu. Enjoy your run and time with friends.


I could eat every morsel of your meals rutheliza, sound right up my street. But I'll leave you your brazil nuts!


Fab food, hope run goes well. I haven't ventured into a park run yet, will need to do so one day.

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Hi Salcheq and thanks for hosting. Your thoughts on doing things over and over have really struck a chord with me. I've had a good week and a 2lb weight loss by trying to instill good habits which I hope will become my norm as time goes on.

Hope you enjoy your evening.

I'm intrigued by mince pie porridge!

My menu for Saturday is:

B - Overnight peanut butter porridge 454 cals

L - Leek and potato soup and an orange - 220 cals

D - Chicken casserole with steamed cabbage and carrots then strawberries and Greek yoghurt - 586 cals

Snacks - Dried fruit and nut mix - 127 cals

Total of 1,387 cals. I'm trying to stick to around 1,500 cals so maybe a few more nuts.

Happy weekend everyone.


Lovely menu, Well done on your 2lb weight loss..

Thank you Minniewinny. It's really given me a boost.

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Well done on your 2lb loss. I am loving your lunch and dinner. Enjoy.

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Thank you DD.

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What a tasty day filled with all different foods and flavours. I reckon those good habits are well on their way, and isn't it easier when you plan your meals and have something delicious to look forward to, rather than thinking you have to deprive yourself!

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Very true. Posting on the DD is a great way to keep you focused. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Oh, and mince pie porridge is my new name for porridge with a Christmas spice yoghurt mixed in, I found it last week when shopping and am loving it - hot porridge with cold mince pie flavoured thick creamy yoghurt.

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Now I remember. You told me about that yoghurt recently. I keep meaning to look out for it.

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Nice menu Morgancando I love cabbage, all different ones and however it is cooked.

Have a great day, looking forward to another loss for you for next week!


And for you too Ceals.

Hello Salcheq Thank you for hosting the Daily Diary. Great tip...

Friday went well..

Saturday's plan is this...

65 Carbs. 60 Fat. 75 Protein.

Boiled eggs, smoked bacon, avocado - 381

Mushroom omelette with 2 eggs, coconut oil - 245

S/C spicy beef & veg & 150g white cabbage - 398

25g dark chilli chocolate - 137

Total - 1161 (NHS BMI range 1347 - 1731) so room for a little extra treat...

Minimum of 1 & 1/2 litres water

Exercise planned is to walk our dog ๐Ÿ‘Ÿ๐Ÿ‘Ÿ ๐Ÿ•๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ

Tip for today... Keep on going.. Have things you like but within your calorie range...

Cheering us all on ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰


That is a serious amount of lovely food for such low cals Minniewinny. Have a great walk and thanks for the cheers for us all. If I had any idea how to find emojis on my laptop I'd join in!!

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Thanks - have a lookie at The newbie club in pinned posts.. it tells you there how to do smilies.. I call it the sat-nav to the forum!!

Lots of great food as usual Minniewinny. Your s/c is working well to good effect.

I'm in complete agreement with your tip.

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Thanks Tiggerr

Lovely menu Minniewinny and very good tip, as usual.

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Thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š

Thank you for hosting Salcheq.

Breakfast tomorrow will be porridge with a banana and coffee with skimmed milk. 300 calories.

Lunch Egg and beans on toast. 350 calories.

Dinner. Pasta and tuna bake. 600cal. 1250 calories leaving room for a snack yogurt orange mango. this will take me up to 1600 calories.

My friend who is partially blind wants me to take her shopping so that is were I am going. About 1 1/2 hrs walking.


Great tasty menu tomorrow.. Enjoy it and your time shopping to help your friend..

Great menu Caroline, I love making (and eating :) ) tuna/pasta bake.

Have a good time shopping with your friend.

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Thank you I have done the shopping and now relaxing. I don't like shopping anymore. people rush around banging into you pushing to get in no sorry when the y bang into you with there trolley. sorry moan over. it never used to be like that Or it is my old age coming into it.

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Congrats on getting home safely and presumably your friend as well :)

I like food shopping but I can't abide all those crowds either. That's why I try and get to our local supermarkets around 7 or 8a.m.

Btw, I don't think it's an age thing, more a case of manners having drifted a tadge south over the years. Then again, maybe I'm one of the grumpy old gits I used to moan about when I was younger :)


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Yum, tuna pasta bake is such lovely comfort food. Wish I'd got my children more into it when they were young, but they love tuna pasta, so I might give it a whirl one day in the holidays.Have a great day Caroline.

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Hi Salcheq Totally agreeing with the repetition to combat years of not necessarily doing it the right way.

I need to ask what mince pie porridge is, I'm licking my lips in anticipation.

B: Bacon, egg & tomato. Tom juice & worc sauce and coffees

L: 50g mature cheddar and beetroot sarnie with 2 slices of wholemeal seeded

S: 3 cheese souffle (first ever attempt at one)

Other drinks: Water

Snacks: Apple and satsumas

Exercise: Saturday is mostly my day off but will still be dog walking.


Hi Tiggerr, mince pie porridge is my name for porridge with Christmas spice yoghurt - it really does taste like mince pies, so makes an amazing breakfast. If I throw a few raisins in it would be even more convincing.

Good luck with the cheese souffle - let us know how it turns out.

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Love your menu.. I hope your dinner rises to the occasion.. Can't beat beetroot with cheese.. great combination...

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Boom boom :)

Not sure I'm doing it now. Was giving it a go because OH likes them when we're out and because she can only eat soft(ish) food until end of Jan but now she's talking about getting a Chinese (legend has it that women are allowed to change their minds :) ). Deep breath and go with the flow...

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Your a good man.. Whatever dinner turns out to be, have a great Saturday ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hope OH is making progress towards end of January ๐Ÿ’

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Thanks. All the scary dental work has been done and now it's just about letting things settle down before the straight forward bit can be done.

Morning Salcheq . Thanks for looking after us today.

I didn't post in the DD yesterday but stayed on track. My curry night was postponed because of snow so I'd made a huge allowance that in the end never got eaten!

Have woken up quite quite peckish but have another night out with food planned tonight (fingers crossed!)

B. Almond pancakes fruit

L. Quinoa salad with beetroot and cashews

D. Buffet!!! I am still undecided on whether I'll bother to drink. Apparently the venue might not have the best quality liquor so I might not bother!

Hopefully won't go above my maintenance allowance of 2400.

Exercise will be dog walking, a home HIIT and some shimmying on the dancefloor


So jealous of the snow Active_43. Although not good that you missed your curry night! Enjoy the evening out tonight.


Looks pretty but the kid's school bus nearly crashed and they all had to walk 2 miles home!

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sounds very scary. Hope they're all ok


They were fine. It skidded and couldn't get up a hill. Poor driver having to deal with all the teens !!


Sorry to hear, I hope they weren't traumatised...

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Yeah I know... a 2 mile walk ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

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Love a good shimmy on the dance floor.. enjoy.

Almond pancakes sound good.. are they made with ground almonds - or almonds added? Love beetroot with quinoa.. lovely menu.

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Ground almonds with a couple of eggs. Fry with frylight and top with fruit and maple syrup โค๏ธ

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Thank you.. now committed to memory, I might give these a try..

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Morning salcheq, can totally understand the standing in front of the biscuit tin. I agree the more we do things it does begin to be the new norm, unfortunately Iโ€™m not there yet!

Planning on getting my butt to the gym this morning, itโ€™s going to be tough going as my head is saying itโ€™s Saturday and have a lazy day, but I put on this week and need to kick myself into gear!

Breakfast: Boiled egg wth 2 slices wholemeal bread and teaspoon lurpac butter 430 calms

Lunch: Homemade lentil and bacon soup 127 cals

Dinner: chicken fajitas 510 cals

Snack: skinny cappuccino whilst shopping 94 cals

Total cals 1161

Still have 539 remaining so maybe treat myself to a stolen bite with my cappuccino but need to see how many cals they are first!

Have a good day everyone ๐Ÿ˜€


Hi Jo, loving your menu today, stollen bites are amazing, one of my favourite Christmas treats! Have a great day.


Great and tasty menu for you today.. I hope you get to and enjoy the gym.. be careful with slippery surfaces...

Sounds like a lovely menu for a cold day. (Chocolate covered stollen bites are my fave xmas vice too :) )

Morning all!

I'm a little behind this morning and have to dash out in a minute (more choir - its that time of year)...

B - O/H's version of a spanish omelette which includes potato and cheese so a deluxe 401 cals

L - carrot and coriander soup (61)

D - steak, chips, mushrooms, sweetcorn and salad with a good helping of portion control coming in at 564.

Fell victim to the scran table at work yesterday so must be careful today and try and keep the total under 1200 with cups of tea etc.

Have a lovely weekend and try not to stress about the shopping (havn't started yet - still time!)


Ooh, if I hadn't just eaten breakfast I'd be on my way to yours for that deluxe spanish omelette! Hope it was lovely. I love the extra helping of portion control with dinner! I'm completely with you on that, so good to eat the foods you enjoy, just at sensible portion size. Don't go too low today to make up for yesterday, in case you get hungry and do it again, just eat sensibly.

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It was. No scran table at home but OH went 'off list' in Tescos and brought home jam doughnuts - I must have a word with him and hide them in a cupboard so they don't tempt me.

Sounds lovely! I like the idea of the spanish omelette for breakfast, and steak and chips is something to look forwards to!

Morning Salcheq and everyone, on this wee bit sunny, bright but very cod Saturday morning.

Big relief This week 1lb off thatโ€™s me 13.7 ......

I am delighted as I really struggled getting on track so I consider this a reprieve to let me focus now

Good luck everyone with your weigh in today ๐ŸŽ„๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸŽ„


Congrats Bibas55, well done on your loss. Did you mean to post that in the weigh-in though, as this is the Daily Diary? Not that you're not welcome, lovely to have you here! What are your plans for food today? Keep up the good work.

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Morning Salcheq thanks for todays diary.

My menu today is all about getting some more fruit in.

B Porridge and berries with my cuppa and a satsuma later. 280 calories

L Baked potato with chicken, sweetcorn and mayo, yogurt and berries. 594 calories

D Apple, pear and grapes fruit salad, handful of almonds. 250 calories

Total for today 1124 calories

Will have some hot drinks and plenty of water throughout the day.

My exercise will be on the strider indoors today as I am going to put decorations up for the holidays.

Have a good weekend all.xxx


Well, you seem to be giving it a good go Marion, lots of fruit in there! I love chicken, sweetcorn and mayo, such a good filling!

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My menu today had a slight change of plan mid-morning as M&S had a really good meal deal on offer (ยฃ10 for steak, side, dessert and wine (!) )

B: porridge, coffee with milk, and a satsuma (295)

L: grilled sirloin steak, small baked potato, mediterranean veg (with olive oil) (687)

T(ea): tea with milk, dutch apple tart (325)

S: unlikely to be hungry but planning to make carrot and ginger soup for the freezer so could have that if peckish.

total: 1307 - still low compared to target but I was out for work xmas do yesterday so happy with that

And the wine goes into the wine cupboard for another day

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That all sounds delicious, Copperbird! :)

Sounds lovely - don't know that I could lock up the wine though - well done!

Thank you Salcheq for being a great host in today's DD and supporting everyone. :)

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