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Why have a gained weight?! 😫

Feeling very deflated today. Finished my 2nd week of the c25k plan. Feeling pretty good and Eating pretty well too staying under my recommends calorie intake. Stepped on the scales and weigh even heavier than when I started! Being pure cardio I would've thought that I would shed pounds instead of gain like you would if doing weight training. 😢

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I am sorry to hear you are feeling deflated. There are so many variables to your question that it is quite difficult to offer certainty as to why.

A week is not long. You don’t say how much weight you have gained, but this could be as simple as where you are monthly cycle. I do note that you are saying you are staying under your recommended calorie intake. Doing this could be having the reverse effect to what you hope, as your body could think the food is scarce and is storing it instead of using it. Many people have found it is better to eat at the higher end of their calorie range to start with, and they go on to consistently lose weight.

I would recommend you join a Weigh In. Today’s is being hosted by Mollydex and the Friday group are very supportive. You might also like to take a look at the Daily Diary, which is hosted today by Sailsalot Other members might spot something in your planning which has accounted for a gain.

Keep hold of the positive feeling eating better has given to you, and here’s to next week seeing a fall instead of a rise.


I can relate to what MissisB says FirstTimeMama about eating too few calories. I started at the lower range and was disappointed when I wasn't losing but as soon as I upped to the higher range the weight started to move downwards. It's definitely worth trying. Also eating high protein food keeps you fuller for longer.

Good luck.


I know how disappointed you're going to be feeling at the moment... probably most of us have been there at one point or another.

I can only concur with what MissisB ad Morgancando have already.

Changing a lifestyle is unlikely to be something we get right in one go (I still learn things about my mind and body a year down the line). Keep adjusting, keep learning and keep going and you will achieve your goals.


I know it's not much comfort but it is early days, FirstTimeMama.

As others have said, we all have blips we can't explain. Do stick with it, and get involved with one of the weekly weigh-ins for support. Most of us have a few changes to make when we decide to get healthier, so take your time and go easy on yourself :)

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