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Christmas wrapping (sorry)

Current weight as of Monday: 17st 13lbs.

I seem to have got into a nice little routine at the moment. Exercising at lunchtime rather than the evening agrees with me, and makes up for not having a daily commute. My current routine, which I adjust depending which days my bf has off, is:

Monday = rest day.

Tuesday = Iyengar Yoga (1hr), walk home (30mins).

Wednesday = Pilates (45mins), walk home (30mins)

Thursday = Swim/pool noodle exercises (roughly 45 minutes depending on busyness), no walk home as it's a long bus ride there and back).

Friday = Iyengar Yoga (1hr), walk home (30mins)

Saturday = rest day

Sunday = Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga, short uphill walk home (I've let this slide for a while but will get back into it properly after the New Year).

It's all low-impact stuff but I have noticed a massive difference in my flexibility and I'm starting to see my arm muscles return again :)

I've done my massive Christmas online order and my mum is visiting me for a change (and company now her mum and bro have gone) so there's a few treats in the freezer. But I do have nut milk for porridge (hazelnut is really good if you add some cocoa powder to it) and some Swedish Glace ice cream. I've also switched from 50/50 bread to wholemeal, and now if I eat white bread again it feels really floury.

I have, however, decided to improvise and make a cheaper version of the wrap that I used to get after Pilates while waiting for the bus (now I walk, I don't buy it), which contains combinations of the following depending on my mood:

* 2/3 slices of low-fat halloumi, fried (you can bake it, but it's not as nice imho)

* 2 x balls falafel (sweet potato falafel is goood)

* Low-fat red pepper hummous

* fresh baby spinach leaves

* red/orange pepper, raw or fried along with the halloumi

* jalapenos if you like it spicy

* sweet leaf salad (you can get this from most supermarkets, it has variations on iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce, carrots and cabbage). I'd buy the fresh veg but my fibro/wrist issues make chopping/grating stuff hard at times.

I also make one with baked sweet potato (the fries are really good for this), roasted peppers, and some microwavable rice (I love Tilda as it has so many varieties, and means I either don't forget about the rice when cooking it - thanks, fibro fog - or misjudge the amount and end up with enough to feed a small village), and another one that's basically a quorn fajita (quorn, seasoning, mozzarella, salad).

I'm hopefully off on a day trip to Glastonbury for the Winter Solstice which is always fun, but the recent bereavements haven't left me feeling overly festive. I hope everyone has a good Christmas though :)

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Well done on all the changes you are making euryleia and it’s good to see you on the forum again. Why don’t you pop over to the Daily Diary and share your recipes and meal ideas?

I am sorry to hear of your recent bereavements, please accept my condolences, it can be a difficult time of year 😕

Best wishes



Thanks. We're basically gonna hole up at mine, snuggle my cat, and watch the latest season of Game of Thrones, so it could be worse! I will add those ideas to the Daily Diary, thanks.

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Sorry to hear you've had bereavements recently. It's tough, especially at this time of year.

Your wraps sound adventurous and much better than the store bought variety. It's amazing what you can stick into a tortilla! :)

I'm impressed that you bother with the long bus ride to the pool! The pool I use is far from home, but close to work so still convenient. I applaud your dedication as I don't think I could match it, much as I like to swim. :) 🏊


Thanks. I don't like the long ride (or public transport) that much, but it's right at the end of the line so I can just read my Kindle or play Angry Birds til it's time to get off :)

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Fantastic changes and plans for the future - I had no idea there were so many variations on yoga.

Loving all of your positivity despite recent bereavements.

Take care

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