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My daily log

I'm going to use this thread as a personal record of my diet and exercise. Comment if you want, but I'm planning on using it so i can look back over time.



Breakfast 1: 2.5 slices of buttered toast with cheese spread and a coffee with a teaspoon of honey

Breakfast 2: Greggs bacon and sausage sandwich, plus regular coffee with 3 sugars

Lunch: nothing

snack: piece of cake and a coffee with 2 sugars

tea 1: two slices of buttered toast, 2/3 of a can of beans and 2 poached eggs

tea 2: half a pizza with mayo dip

Exercise & stats:

30 mins circuit training

steps from fitbit: 7,757 (not wearing it whilst circuit training)

resting HR: 55 BPM

weight: 80.4kg

BMI: 25.6

all in all, not a terrible day. i did some exercise, but my diet needs improvement. i need to start to figure out calories i suppose.

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Hello Abe333

Do you realise we already have a place for this kind of thing on our Daily Diary, you will get more support there I think 😊


yeah, i understand that but i want to be able to look back at my own diet over time without loads of other people's posts in between. i won't be able to easily track my changes. Thanks though :)


you could also use an app to log your food My Fitness Pal is good and you can keep an eye on nutrition and calories with it too


Thanks for this. I have a fitbit that has a food tracker in the app too. i haven't used it yet but i'll give that a go. I bet it's similar to my fitness pal.

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Have you checked out the NHS BMI calculator yet? If you're going to start counting you'll need to know what your specific daily calorie requirement is.

To get used to counting, maybe try working out today's.


Yeah, i used the NHS BMI calculator to work out my BMI, but i missed the calorie requirement part.

it says:

1812 - 2329 for low activity level

1982 - 2548 for moderate

not sure which one i fit in as i don't have an active job or travel by foot or bike, but i do more than 2.5 hours of exercise per week i would say.

Thanks for letting me know about this :)

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Part of the trick to keeping going is to make this whole journey as pleasant as possible whilst we teach our bodies and our brains new ways of behaving.

If you go for the high low (middle moderate) then after two or three weeks you can review how it's working for you. If you lose weight but are still finding it hard then you can increase your calories and if you don't see any movement then you can think about reducing them a bit.

Do give some thought about using the Daily Diary as you're likely to get better feedback in the long run about your meals.

In terms of keeping an ongoing record, it would take a couple of seconds to copy and paste your bit (plus replies) from the DD into a document on your computer. Just a thought :)


okay, that would work. however, i just had a look at the daily diary and it seems that people use it to predict what they'll eat the following day, which is different from logging what you actually ate.

maybe i'll swap over do what everyone else does...

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I guess it will depend on whether you stick to it. If you do then it will be a log.

Of course, you need to do what works for you. That is just an option.


well i posted on today's one. i guess planning meals will reduce the likelihood of me eating 2 double cheeseburgers and half a pizza in an evening :)

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Breakfast 1: a slice of buttered toast with cheese spread and a cup of coffee with honey

Breakfast 2: a Greggs sausage and bacon sandwich with a cup of coffee with 3 sugars

snack: a banana

Lunch: a pack of tesco chicken, a packet of wholegrain mexican style rice and half a tub of guacamole

Tea 1: two McDonalds double cheese burgers

Tea 2: half a pizza and two bottles of Westons perry (7.5% 500ml)

Exercise & stats:

a little over an hour of indoor bouldering

resting HR: 54 BPM

fitbit steps: 10,189 (not including exercise steps)


slightly better than the day before since i ate a piece of fruit, and my lunch was pretty healthy. my teas of cheese burgers and pizza washed down with perry aren't too healthy though. match that to my Greggs breakfast and it goes to show i'm eating too much junk food.


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