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Newbie looking for encouragement please :)

Hi all. Just joining my fellow newbies. I'm late 40s with all my fat concentrated on my belly; hardly any other part of my body is affected. I'm frighteningly unfit and need to take action. The trouble is that I love food (just see my forum user name) and hate exercise; I feel worn out just looking at people doing physical activities. So looking for inspiration and encouragement rather than trying to go it alone.

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Hello and welcome BargainBucket 😊

Take it one day and (one habit) at a time, maybe focus on proper meals with healtheir snacks, then reduce the snacks, then start to move slowly 😊. I started with 2x10 minute walks

You can do this


Belly fat is indicative of insulin resistance. Keep to 130g of carbs or less per day, avoiding high Gi foods glycemicindex.com/about.php and other anomalies such as baked beans or low-fat dairy that spike insulin.

With protein intake recommended at about 45g per day, most of our energy should come from natural fat!


Welcome BargainBucket to this forum. Start your journey by cleaning your plate, opt for healthy, satiating and nourishing meals always. As you start out, don't focus so much on restricting your meals, eat till full since it help help you avoid binge eating. Planning and prepping your meals in advance will also go a long way in changing your eating habits.

All the very best!


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