5:2 diet

I’ve been researching the 5:2 diet and there seems to be quite a bit of backing from reputable journals of the benefits of allowing your body to ‘fast’ on a regular basis.

Does anybody on here have any particular views or experience with this?


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7 Replies

  • I think it works but I feel like you have to follow it forever or as soon as you stop it goes back on? But for me I didn't do it for very long! It gave me terrible headaches (which I already suffer with anyway) and it made me a horrible person to be around! It also made me feel like if I starve myself one day I could overindulge the following day, and I'm sure that's not how it's supposed to work :) I'm sure other people have had fuller/better/more informative experiences with following it though :)

  • If you type 5:2 diet into the search box, Nicole, you'll find dozens of posts on the subject :)

  • I nicole652 I occasionally do 5:2 or 4:3, I find it works for me, but we are all very different both in metabolism and endurance!

    Whether you try it or not, do add your daily menus to the daily diary to share so we can see your food plans.. especially what you have on the fast days. Today was a fasting day for me, my menu is on today's daily diary..

    I do 800 cal fasts as that suits me better than 500 or 600.. everything is flexible and guidelines are to be adjusted to each persons needs..

    Cheering you on to find what suits you 🎉🎉🎉

  • I have used '5:2' in the past to lose a little weight and found it easy to do - especially during the working week - I actually did Mon/Wed/Fri so more of a 4:3. It helped to stick to the same meals each week on those days so that I knew exactly what I was going to eat and did not have to dwell on food (only makes me hungry). I found it great not to have to 'diet' on the other days and could 'go with the flow' of whatever family and friends were eating especially at the weekends! I did lose weight and found that I didn't binge on non-fast days as I got used to eating smaller portions on the fast days. However, I have more weight to lose than 5:2 can achieve in the short term so am sticking to 1200 cals every day at the moment but will go back to it longer term as I think it is quite a healthy thing to do. Give it a try but don't expect to lose a weight quickly - do it for health reasons instead.

  • Thanks for the tip of keeping the meals the same on the fasting days! I think I would manage it better if the fasting days were working days too so that's also a good recommendation.

    Would you mind sharing your weight loss and time that you spent doing 5:2. I do want to lose weight but this is as my BMI is higher than it should be and I have some health concerns which could be exacerbated if i do not address this soon.


  • It is a couple of years since I did it but if I recall, I lost 1/2 to 1lb a week and kept it up for around 3-4 months. I ate 500-600 cals on fast days as well as going to the gym/swimming every other day and lost about a stone over all. It was less time-consuming that calorie counting using Myfitnesspal but weight loss is not fast. Good luck!

  • I have done the 5 2 diet and it worked really well. Unfortunately if I do it now I get indigestion, or I would still do it

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