Under the weather

Returned home from holidays,in work yesterday.

Decided to make the effort and go running last night.it was a hard slog,but I'm glad I made the effort.

Then last night I felt a bit unwell,and this morning I still feel under the weather.

Hopefully I can shake it off,just going to take things easy .



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25 Replies

  • Get well soon Gary.

  • Sorry to hear that you're feeling under the weather, Gary. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  • Thanks moreless.


  • Try not to push on through gman1961 . Lots of tea and rest and you'll be back on form soon.

    Must be a Goa thing. We went about 20 years ago (that's scary) and although my husband was a little bit poorly over there we both came down with food poisoning when we got back to the UK! The culprit was our local curry house!! :0

    Get well soon :)

  • I had chicken for lunch at work ,suspect it was that.

    Thanks Active43.


  • :0

  • Stay warm, rest up and drink lots of fluids. Hope you are feeling better soon gman1961. EJ

  • Hope you feel better soon x

  • Thanks caz28,

    Hope you are ok ?


  • Sorry to hear your are feeling under the weather gman1961 . Not uncommon post holiday. Keep warm and hydrated and you'll soon be back to normal.🤒

  • Thanks

    Will do ,at home now .

    Going to work another hour then call it a day.


  • Hi Gary, It's great when you can work from home. I used to do it too before I retired. Takes all the travel stress away and you get more work done. Put your feet up in an hour or so and have a cuppa.☕

  • It's nice to start and finish the day WFH,not always possible.

    First day back yesterday I was sat in traffic for 1 hour ,double the normal time.

    Going to finish at four.



  • Take it easy Gary :-)

    Zest :-)

  • Will do zest .



  • Well done on that jog Gary. I always think about not jogging but when I do, I'm like you (and probably the rest of the world), glad to have made the effort.

    I hope you start feeling better soon and yep, definitely take things easy.

  • Hope you feel better soon😊 always horrible after you’ve come back from a relaxing holiday.

  • Thanks itsbab .

    Hope tomorrow is a better day.


  • Feel better soon. It sucks to come back from a vacation with a bug!

  • Definately .



  • Think it’s quite common after a long flight, possible picked up a bug but most likely just tiredness catching up with you.

    Take care and be kind to yourself for a few days

  • Thanks Anna

    I won't go running until I feel 100%.

    Just going together wrapped up.



  • Hope you feel better soon Gary. James

  • Hah! I'm ON holiday and gone down with sinusitis - spent most of yesterday in bed with cracking head..... Enough feeling sorry for myself now. Really just wanted to say that hope you feel better soon but do take it easy and plenty of fluids as everyone else has suggested. 😊😊

  • Why is it either before during or after a holiday we become ill.

    It's not fair ,I'm feeling a lot better today thanks .

    So I'm hoping you feel better asap.


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