Monday Mass Movers - Weigh-in for Monday 3rd December

Monday Mass Movers - Weigh-in for Monday 3rd December

Welcome to Mondays Weigh In! Please do not reply to this post until Monday 4thh December.

Pineapple27 here, co-ordinating the weigh-in post for today. I host the Monday Weigh In thread on a fortnightly basis. Whatever your results are on the scales today, please do share them with us if you would like to.

Wow! It’s December! I had a small gain at weigh in last Friday (0.4lbs) – BUT as I log my food, I knew why! Too many sweet treats creeping in. It’s difficult at this time of year isn’t it – with Christmas socials, parties and all that food that starts to appear everywhere. Are you struggling too?

Have you developed any strategies on how you'll cope over the festive period? Do make sure if you are struggling that you visit the Forums here - there will always be a friendly listening ear and someone to offer support.

I’ll explain my photo. Hope not to make you all too jealous in the process – I have finished my Christmas shopping and everything is wrapped, my cards have now all been sent. There is a very good reason for being this organised! I am off on holiday for 2 weeks from Tuesday. Two weeks in sunny Tenerife. We have been away to Tenerife at this time for three years in a row now. It’s really nice to escape the hustle and bustle leading up to Christmas but also get some sun. Especially welcome at the moment following the cold weather we’ve been experiencing!

Whilst I am away, I try my very best to be mindful of eating. This is a picture taken last year. Breakfast is fresh fruit and yogurt which we can enjoy sat outside. Lunch is usually a tuna salad with avocado (they grow avocados on the island and they are soooo tasty!) Dinner is mostly eaten out, but I try mostly not to have potatoes, chips, bread and instead ask for more salad. I do have dessert and ice-creams but these are occasional treats rather than eaten every day. I am also taking my trainers. There is a nice “park/plaza” at the end of the road where we are staying and I am planning to try and do a short walk each morning before breakfast – as long as the temperature isn’t too high. It’s looking pretty perfect at the moment, reaching around 20/21 degrees during the day.

Anyway, enough about me - over to you! How’s your week been?

Whatever your results today, please be assured that we are here to support you on your journey, and if you’ve fallen by the way side, we are here to offer a hand to help you back up, dust you down and get you back track. If you’ve had a loss this week, we all want to celebrate with you!

With that in mind, we ask that everyone respond to at least one other member, ideally the person directly ahead of you on the thread. This is a bare minimum, though and we'd love to see everyone, with their pom poms, cheering as many people as they wish, on as many days as they like! Nobody complains about a bit of praise!

It would make things so much easier for us, if you could state your weight today, how much weight you've lost/gained/maintained this week and your goals/plans for the week ahead. Other than that, feel free to share any details of your week that you like. This is how you report today's weight: Last week I weighed ????, this week I weigh ????, that's a loss/gain/maintain of ???? (add a few words about your week and your aim for the following week)

Welcome all Newbies: If you're joining this weigh-in group for the first time today – WELCOME!! Please introduce yourself and share your starting weight and your initial weight loss goals. Setting yourself mini-goals, leading to your ultimate weight loss goal, is particularly helpful. You could also make a note of your body measurements this might help you in the future if you find yourself getting despondent about your progress. Sometimes loss shows as inches rather than pounds or kilograms. Keep that tape measure handy!

If you’ve not already seen it, then take a moment to read the ‘Welcome Newbie’ pack, which is a Pinned post (situated on the right hand side of the homepage, or scroll right down to the bottom, if you're using a mobile).

Please only use this thread if you're weighing in on Monday 3rd December 2017.

Here are last Mondays stats (27th November) - thanks for these YellowRose55 ! :

Total number weighing in - 38

Total number of replies - 233

Average number of replies - 6.13

Total amount of weight lost - 45.06lbs / 20.43kgs

Total amount of weight gained - 11.15lbs / 5.05kgs

Total number who maintained - 8

Newbies/Restarts - 3

Average weight lost - 0.96lbs / 0.43kgs

Number of members who did not disclose their weight - 1

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228 Replies

  • Hello Monday! Thanks for hosting Pineapple27. I hope you really enjoy your holiday. Funny how things are so different.....I'm craving the 4 days in London next week...the cold, the lights...!!!! I'm going "home" to Spain for a whole month!!!! So I had better watch out lol....but.......

    I DID IT I DID IT I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From 80.2kg to 64.9kg. My aim was to lose up to 66kg, but then decided to do one more in preparation for Christmas (and that long month away). So, I leave this Thursday, and I've reached my goal!!!!!!!! YESSS!!!!!

    I haven't weighed-in for the past two weeks as we went away. My last weigh-in was

    Monday 13th November 65.8kg. Today 64.9kg holidays included!! WOOOHOOOOO!!!!


    I shall stick to the plan as much as possible. And when I get back in January, lose what I put on (hopefully not much). Then I will consider maintaining or going down a kilo more.

    So sorry for long post.....I'm just so exited!!!!!

    Good luck and remember you can do this!

  • Fantastic Gobbolino! Well done! When did you start on this journey?

  • In March 😜

  • Fantastic well done and gave a great holiday x x

  • Well Done, enjoy your holiday

  • Such good news Gobbolino. You are a real inspiration. Thanks for the long post, and enjoy every minute of your holiday.

  • Wow what a wonderful way to go into the festive season! Goal!!! Enjoy Christmas and your trip to Spain. Well deserved I’d say!

  • Hi Pineapple 🍍, a nice small loss achieved for today.

    Thanks for hosting today and enjoy your holiday.

    Kind regards George 🌹😎

  • Whoop whoop Gobbolino 😊🎉👏🎈😊. That’s fantastic news, very well done 😊. And a new badge coming your way



  • That is amazing for you and so inspiring for the rest of us. Have fun in Spain.

  • 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Well done

  • Entitled to be excited!! Well done on your progress plus and your planned extra loss to allow for Christmas and holiday.

  • Oh how amazing 👌🙌👏👏 what a fantastic Christmas present to yourself! You deserve it! ☺️

  • Congratulations!!!, 🎉🎉🎉

  • WOOHOO, Gobbolino!!! My pom poms are in overdrive!!! :)

  • It looks like you're in danger of wearing out your pom poms today, moreless. Might need to ask for new ones for Christmas. ;)

  • Woohoo!! Extra special sparkly ones!! :D

  • Wow thats fantastic Gobbolino 🎉🎉 Congratulations 🌹🌹 I feel your joy, great job x

  • A big smile (grin) on my face reading all of your comments 😊

  • That's fantastic, Gobbolino , you totally deserve to be excited!!!!! :D

    Well done and congratulations on hitting your goal in time for your Christmas visit home. :) 🎇 🎇 🎇

    That's totally amazing and I'm sure you'll do just fine in Spain. You got this. :)

  • Hi Gobbolino 😎😁, well done you have done well and I thank you for your support.

    Enjoy your trip back to Spain, lovely people.

    George 56

  • I go on holiday with hubby just after Christmas and over new year Pineapple. It used to be to the canary islands for winter sun but this year it is a Center Parc break. I hope you have a lovely time. Sounds like you are prepared food-wise. One year I came back a couple of pounds lighter!

    I struggled last week with the hormones and cold weather making me more hungry but I survived with an average of 1,315 calories which is about right for me.

    Last week I weighed 10st 12.5lb and this week I weigh 10st 9.5lb, making a loss of 3lb and a total loss of 12.5lb!

    Very pleased with this and looking forward to the week ahead which involves a long weekend at my parents and an extended family Christmas meal out.

  • Well done on your loss- have a great break away x x

  • Hi Cracker 😎 thanks for your help and support.

    Lost a 1.1/2.lbs today.

    Enjoy your holiday and see you on here when you get back.

    Enjoy your evening 🌹💐

    George ☺️

  • Great weight lose, fantastic.

  • What a great loss Fab_Jem ! You’re clearly doing everything right!

  • Well done Fab_Jem . Enjoy your time away - Center Parc will give you loads of opportunity to stay active as well.

  • 3lbs in one week is very rapid so clearly you are managing the cold and hormones fabulously well.

  • That’s a fantastic loss Jem 👌👍 well done and I hope you have a lovely time on the weekend with your family 😊

  • Excellent loss! I love Center Parcs, especially in the winter.

  • Fantastic loss 🎉 Have a wonderful holiday ☺ x

  • Congratulations on losing a fantastic 3lbs last week! :)

    Have fun with your friends and family this week.

  • That’s an excellent loss!!! Enjoy your week

  • Hi Fabjem, nice loss achieved.

    Keep going and enjoy your holiday break.

    George 56 ☺

  • Thank you George56

  • Pineapple27 hope you have a fatastic hol.

    Thanks for hosting and I wish all you Monday weighers a good day on the scales.

  • Good morning Pineapple27, thank you for hosting. Enjoy your holiday.

    Weight 27.11.17 11 stone 3.8

    Weight today 11 stone 2.6

    A lose of 1.2 lbs, I am pleased with this.

    Wishing everyone a lovely day xx

  • Brilliant Honey10 that’s a good week! Especially as there is so much temptation around at this time of year!

  • Great result Honey10. Well done on a good week. You've clearly got the hang of this!

  • Great result well done.

  • Well done, Honey10! Hard to lose when it’s casserole and hot chocolate weather!

  • Really pleased for you Honey - well done 👍 I hope you have another fab week for the week ahead 😊

  • Congratulations on a 1.2lb loss! :)

  • That’s a lovely loss x

  • A good result Honey 10.

    Keep going and well done you.

    George 56

  • Hello RachDawson !

  • Good morning Pineapple27 and all the rest of our Monday people. Thank you for hosting, and we'll try to use your preparedness as an inspiration rather than a source of jealousy!

    I have apparenly had a good week. I have lost another 1.5 pounds. My scales weigh in imperial and it's the first time I have seen the 150's for many, many years.

    Today I weigh 11 st 4.5

    Last week 11 st 6

    Loss of 1.5

    Total loss so far 2.5 stone.

    The first challenge for this week is to sort out the problem I have on my hands (wrist): my fitbit has died, totally and completely. No point offering me help, I've tried it all and now it's unresponsive. So I'm counting stairs myself and trying to be more active on my own calculations. I'm really grateful o have started this journey back in June so I have a good sense of what a good day looks like, in case I can't look up calories or count my steps.

    Have a good week everyone


  • Oh no! I’d be lost without my FitBit! Maybe Father Christmas will bring you a new one 😎 Great loss though! Well done 👍🏻

  • Well done traisee thats abfabulous result and another new badge 😊👏🎈. My favourite admin job! Very well done

  • Isn't it wonderful to see progress like that? Well done and good luck for next week.

  • Well done on the loss and completely understand why you are down about Fitbit. Sure you thought of this but I use a free app on my phone to do it. Not as good but...

  • Fitbits make a great Christmas present..!

    Great loss again this week 👍

  • Congratulations on losing 1.5lbs last week! :)

    Sorry to hear about your other loss, electronics can be a right pain in the backside sometimes. Especially for something as a fitbit. It's just lucky you now know what active and healthy look like. :)

    Good luck!

  • Sounds like you should be very very proud of yourself

  • Hi Traisee well done on your loss you are doing so well. About your fitbit I had same problem and their customer service was really good and replaced it at no cost. They could see I had tried to reset etc. Give it a try.

  • Hi Traisee a great result, well done you for the weight loss achieved for today.

    George 56 🙂

  • Hello Pineapple27 and thank you for hosting and sharing your healthy plans for your super sounding holiday. Go for it. The walks and avocado and meals out in the warm weather sound Sooooo good. Enjoy!

    We had to move out 2 Thursdays ago due to building work at home,so having been a bit stressed I then got very stressed and had a bit of a meltdown last weekend. On the Monday at weigh in I had a ridiculous day when despite wanting to post on here my 2lb weight loss, I simply could not make time and neither did I finish a cuppa that day which is very unlike me! Actually having come through that time we are so blessed by kind friends who've put us up in a luxury holiday cottage with gorgeous views so we are having a little holiday during the chaos of the building work at home.

    So all that detail is why its very important to me to post that weight loss (unchanged over this week! ) at last today.

    Previously 11st stone 13lb, today 11 stone 11lb that's a loss of 2lb over the 2 weeks which I'm very proud of! !!

    Overall that's 13lb loss which after graduating from the Newbie club 2 weeks ago means I'm pleased with progress but aim to complete the 1st stone and consolidate it over next couple weeks and in a few weeks, after the most stressful time is over, I hope to resume full and accurate calorie counting as I'm not atm. Just being careful.

  • Great loss! Sounds like you have some good friends. Building work and having to move out of your house sounds stressful, let alone just ahead of Christmas...

  • Hi RachDawson, well done on your 2lb loss over two weeks. Given all the stress and circumstances you're going through, you're doing so well!

    I love that even though many of us (I) mostly only drop in once a week, I noticed that I didn't see you in the pre-dawn round. I'm starting to feel like I've got to know a regular crowd! I'm glad to hear it was just because you were busy.

    Good luck with everything. I'm sure it will be worth it in the end, and yes just be careful - it's about managing all the life in between the weigh-ins, not just what happens in a few moments on the scales!

    See you soon x

  • Very well done RachDawson to consolidate your loss under such circumstances is fabulous 😊. I shall polish that one stone badge in readiness for you 😊

  • Good progress Rachel . Good luck with the renovation. They'renot easy.

  • Great loss and particularly given your stress with the house!!

  • Oh well done Rach! Time to start proudly displaying your weight loss now and I'm sure that next week, it'll be your 1 stone badge! :)

  • That sounds like a right pain in the backside! I hope the work on your house is finished quickly and it is really lucky you've got such lovely friends to put you up during the chaos. :)

    Congratulations on losing 2lbs and in keeping it off during this stressful period! :)

  • You should be proud!!!!

  • Hi Rachdawson, good luck with your journey.

    I hope that the builders do a good job and you can get back home.

    Kind regards George 56 🙂

  • Good morning all. This week I'm posting a maintain at 11st 3.75lbs. The latter half of the week was a bit more indulgent than usual.

    It'sDecember and I still haven't touched a mince pie although I baked the Christmas cake last night. Way too much whiskey!

  • Sorry the whiskey proved tempting but well done on maintaining!

  • Not so much temptation as an uncontrolled hand and no proper measures 😁

  • Well done on getting the christmas cake sorted derrygeel! And of course for maintaining 😉.

  • Well done! One of my guilty secrets is still licking the bowl whenever I make a cake! You obviously manage the temptation better than me!

  • Well I didn't lick the bowl but I had the odd lick of the spoon 😉

  • I used to do that with cake batter and cookie dough. And then one day it hit me that I was eating raw egg. Totally grossed me out and I haven't licked the bowl/spoon when baking since! :P

  • Hey, I'd say that's an achievement in itself! No mince pies yet!!! I think many of us will be doing well to maintain over the coming weeks - anything more is a bonus!

  • I'm not a huge fan of Christmas cake, but I'm afraid mince pies are rather too tempting! ;)

    Congratulations on maintaining with all of the Christmas goodies around. :)

  • Lol to the whiskey. But the important thing is to learn were we go wrong, true?

  • Hi Derrygeel, what a lovely weight to be.

    Well done for you maintaining today.

    Enjoy your Christmas Cake ☺️

    George 56 🙂

  • Morning, I was 12stone 9 this morning, a gain of 1lb since last week. It's the wrong time of month to be weighing myself so I'm not too distraught.

  • i like your positive attitude. being kind to yourself is more constructive than an expectation of unrelenting weight loss.

  • Ahh thanks 😊

  • It's good that you are able to accept how your body works and not get too distraught. I am sure you'll soon pick up where you were! Well done Madflo

  • Thank you 😊

  • I am not a fan of that time of the month! :P

    Congratulations on a well-deserved maintain! :)

  • Me neither! Thanks 😊

  • Exactly! Our bodies can go a bit harewire (sp?)

  • Indeed!

  • Juan Stone weighs in ...Not able to exercise as much as unwell most of the week so not expecting any miracles.. This week I lost 0.25 lbs. BMI score started at an overweight 27.3 now at a healthy 24.5 Total weight loss of 1st 5.75 lbs. I now weigh 13 st 3.75 lbs My target weight is 12 stone 7 pounds When I reach 12 stone 7 pounds I'll reconsider the target weight. David & Sophie the Dog. Crawling towards a healthier future.


    Week 0 - Starting off at 205.5 lbs (14st 9.5lbs)

    Week 1 - 205 lbs (14st 9lbs)

    Week 2 - 200.75 lbs (14st 4.75 lbs)

    Week 3 - 199.75 lbs (14st 3.75 lbs)

    Week 4 - 197 lbs (14st 1lb)

    Week 5 - 193.75 lbs (13st 11.75 lbs)

    Week 6 - 190.75 lbs (13st 8.75 lbs)

    Week 7 - 188.75 lbs (13 st 6.75 lbs)

    Week 8 - 186 lbs (13 st 4 lbs )

    Week 9 - 186 lbs (13 st 4 lbs )

    Week 10 - 185.75 lbs (13 st 3.75 lbs )


    BMI SCORE 24.5 Weekly Loss of 0.25 lbs ..10.75 lbs to lose. Total weight lost so far 19.75 lbs and 11+ inches of blubber

  • Still downwards so very well done! Losing is so hard when you have a significant illness but it looks as if Sophie has you pointed in the right direction. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Still going in the right direction Juan - slow and steady wins the race! That's an impressive loss of blubber - well done!

  • Great job, still going down ☺ Always difficult when you are poorly.

  • Sorry to hear that you've been unwell.... and you've not far to go now to get to goal - the weight loss is bound to start dropping off. The main thing is to keep going and get to that goal in early 2018?? You've enjoyed an incredible rate of loss until now Juan-Stone !

  • Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well this last week, there's a lot of that going around.

    But still, a loss is a loss so congratulations to you and Sophie! :) 🐶

  • Still going down! Hope you recover soon x

  • Get well soon Juanstone, great results. George 56 🙂

  • Good morning Pineapple27. Thanks for hosting and being so encouraging to the rest of us mortals as you report a small gain yourself!

    Here are my stats for today

    Start weight 8 st 13.6

    Last week 8 st 7.3

    Today 8st 6.4

    So I lost the small gain of last week post holiday and a little bit more, happy with that.

    I am looking at maintaining now but hope to be realistic over Christmas - I don’t plan on missing out on the festivities but it helps that I rarely drink alcohol!

    Hope everyone else has a good day - up or down!

    Thanks for all the support.

  • Well done on your loss Russet! 👌 I hope that whatever you have planned for over Christmas you thoroughly enjoy yourself 😊

  • Congratulations Russet and enjoy your Christmas x

  • Well done Russet and time for you to proudly display your weight loss badge now :)

  • Oooooo! Thank you!

  • Congratulations Russet !

  • Yay, that's great! Those of us who have a little / petite body won't enjoy massive losses, but even a few pounds of additional weight makes all the difference to our little frames! Sounds like you are going into Christmas with the right attitude Russet !

  • Well I started off this ‘lark’ thinking, ‘I’ve only got a few pounds to lose, easy peasy, 3 maybe 4 weeks max and I’m done! ‘ 3 months later and I’ve only just arrived! My mum always used to say ‘ I never change weight, I’m always between 8 and a half and 9 and a half stones’ but I guess when clothing was sized as small, women’s and outsize it was easier to disguise the pounds. Anyway, I feel fitter, feel better ‘in myself’ and have lost most of my jowls!! Bring it on! Support from this site has been key to progress. Thanks to everyone!

  • Congratulations Russet , fantastic you've seen off the previous gain as well as a bit more to keep it company! :)

    I'm with you, not really a big fan of the alcohol so it's easily avoided. But there are plenty of tempting treats around this time of year to make things tricky! ;)

  • Just don’t look at the m and s salted caramel fudge bar—I SAID DONT LOOK.......

  • Just avoid M&S altogether........

  • We succumbed to the salted caramel fudge by the check out in Next!

  • Was it chocolate covered as well? Going to get to the stage where I have to wear blinkers when shopping!

  • Yay!!! Well done!

  • Hi Russet Thankyou for your support.

    You are a lovely weight.

    Kind regards George 56 🙂

  • Morning all!

    When I joined last week I weighed 11st 6lb and am happy to report that this Monday I now weigh 11st 3 lb - YES!

    Not expecting to lose as much next week as I know that you always lose some water first week of a diet, but aim to lose a further 1-2 lb as I would like to be 11st for Xmas day.

    Thank you everyone for your support. I've really enjoyed using daily diary this week.

  • Well done! 🎉🎉🎉

  • Fantastic loss 🎉🌹☺

  • That's an impressive start Beefit! Glad that the Daily Diary helps, and hope to hear that you get to that 11 stone goal for New Year - that would be impressive indeed!

  • Well done! That’s an impressive start and such an incentive to keep going!

  • Congratulations on a fantastic start! Especially impressive given the start of the holiday season. :D

    Sounds like you've got an achievable goal, good luck! :)

  • That’s great! Keep it up!!

  • Hi everyone 👋 Pineapple I am so jealous 😆 a holiday at this time of year sounds AMAZING!! I hope you have a wonderful time.

    Last week I was feeling the Christmas food pressure and did give in to a few too many treats, I’m over this now and know what I have to do between now and Christmas Day (which I have decided to “take off”), it is after all just one day and I’m not sure I would be able to eat 3500 calories in one day anymore 😅

    This week I have lost a pound, last week I was 14st 12lbs and today I am 14st 11lbs.

  • Great work xvanillaskyx! Have a good week ☺

  • I think you are allowed a day off xvanillaskyx ! Yes, a holiday at this time of year when the nights have drawn in is a real tonic and means we don't have to deal with the huge build up of Christmas and all the preparation. We will come back and properly enjoy the lead up to Christmas Day. Mind you, we do have a road trip on 23rd to take my Mum half-way to my sister (she's going up there to spend Christmas...) - we did this last year and it worked well, but being the Friday before Christmas Day I am expecting the roads to be pretty awful.... We are meeting South of Birmingham, so hoping that we'll be off the motorway before hitting the worst of it...

  • I think losing 1lb after a few too many Christmas treats is pretty darn amazing! :D

    Congratulations and good luck for the next week. :)

  • That’s very good. Well done you!

  • Well done xvanillaskyx! You are so in control...& I know what you mean about Christmas food pressure! We must stay strong 🌼

  • Good Morning pineapple27 I hope you have a wonderful holiday, enjoy 🙂 Good luck everyone and I hope the scales are kind.

    I have certainly had an up and down relationship with the scales over the last few weeks. I am pleased to say my knee is on the mend and I am now able to move. Albeit I'm still on anti inflammatories. So having gained for an unknown reason last week weighing 13 stone 11.75 pounds, this week I weigh 13 stone 10.75 pounds, a loss of 3 pounds and .75 away from 5 stone 7 pounds! So pleased... Hope you all have a great week ☺

  • Woohoo, Rosie! The whoosh effect and soooooooo close to a new badge!! I shall start polishing it now! :)

  • We take knees so much for granted but they really stop you moving when they are painful. A good loss though and a very impressive overall loss!

  • Thank you Russet, yes I am surprised at how long its taking to mend, but hey nearly there now ☺

  • What an amazing achievement, almost 5 1/2 stone!! That’s fantastic 🙌👌

  • Thanks 🙂x

  • It is likely the gain may have been due to the knee purplerosie - the body often retains water/fluid to try and repair itself (muscles, etc). Our bodies are incredible machines!

    Hope that your knee continues to improve.

  • Thats useful information thank you, it has been puzzling me and of course that makes perfect sense because it was very swollen. Certainly on the mend now ☺ x

  • That's fantastic, congratulations! :)

    I'm also really pleased that you're now on the mend and mobile. That's an equally fantastic achievement. :D

  • Thanks VickyDLM 😆

  • Brilliant!!!!!!

  • 😆x

  • so today was not terrible. after only maintaining last week, i lost a pound this week, bringing my weight to 11st 6lbs. even better, i lost 2cm off my waist! nice! i could lose more no doubt, if i cut down on my alcohol intake. i did plan to do so last week, but ended up having a tipple pretty much every night. let's see if i can do better this week :D

  • Great job! A loss is a loss and 2cm off your waist. I see a shopping trip coming ☺

  • Well done, Powerpuffgirl, would it be possible to limit your drinking to just 3 nights a week? :)

  • Alcohol can have a huge effect on our weight PowerpuffGirl - and yet, as it's a liquid, so many people don't count this towards their calorie intake. Well done on the loss and the cm's off your waist!

  • well done on your loss, and 2cm off your waist is a good result too, keep up the good work.

  • A loss is a loss so well done and Congratulations! :)

    Good luck cutting down on the alcohol intake, luckily that's not one of my stumbling blocks!

  • Great job! And the 2cm is soooo nice to see...right? 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Hi Powerpuffgirl, well done for the Weight loss achieved for today.

    Keep on trucking 🙂

    George 56 🙂

  • I am so jealous Pineapple27 that sounds fabulous and in the wet bleak morning here quite tempting...

    I saw a physio today who was very encouraging so should be back running soon, meanwhile doing three sessions of swimming a week. Much more time consuming and expensive but seems to be doing the trick!

    Not sure how to handle Christmas except to drink less than normal 😀 but this week went well and happy with my loss.

    Start weight 96kg

    Last week 71.4kg

    This week 69.1kg

    Loss 1.3kg

  • Great loss! Hope you can get back to running again, but well done on the swimming.

  • Impressed with the swimming 3 x a week Annafrances ! There is a pool where we are staying, but it's not huge and not very deep. I didn't even venture into it last year, but perhaps this year I will! Glad the physio is being encouraging and that you are managing to keep yourself moving.

  • Good that you've got a strategy to cope with the impending festivities! :)

    Congratulations on a fantastic 1.3kg loss! :)

    Glad you're healing well and hope you get back to your routine. I much prefer swimming as I really don't like running. Or anything sweaty really! :P

  • 1.3kg loss - wow! That’s impressive - especially now Christmas, casseroles and hot chocolate have mysteriously appeared on the horizon! Swimming obviously does the trick for you.

  • Great loss! And great news to get back running. I wish I could. Keep it up 👏🏻👍🏻

  • Have a wonderful holiday, pineapple.

    Last week: 11st 1, waist 36.5"

    This week: 10st 12, waist 36"

    An unexpected 3 pound loss! Not too far off 2 stone now, I can't believe it :-D

  • Woohoo 🎉🙌 that’s a brilliant loss and your into the 10’s also! Well done 👍 here’s to another fab week 🍀

  • Well done that is brilliant.

  • What a great achievement diamondblock ! Keep up the excellent work!

  • Well done diamondblock on your loss, hope you make the 2 stone mark soon, good luck.

  • That's fantastic, and into the 10s as well! :D

    Huge congratulations on a 3lb and .5in loss! :)

  • Wooo hooooo!!!!!! What an achievement!

  • After my large surprising loss last week, I'm happy to have stayed just about the same. Just about meaning quarter of a pound loss. But I'm going with staying the same. So a loss of none. 10 stone 9.

  • A stay the same is good too - especially at this time of year Pilpala ! Keep yourself on track for a loss next week :D

  • Maintaining is much better than gaining, congratulations! :)

    And probably not surprising after a large loss the week before, but as long as it's all downwards it's good. :)

  • Hope I have found the weigh in, I think it is difficult to find. As I have put on 1.75lbs this week it won’t contribute well to the stats. It is my own doing and this week I am away for 2days so I dread to think what next week weigh in will be,if I find it.

  • Well done wellington6 - yes, this is the place to weigh in! Well done for navigating your way to us. It does get easier once you get used to the site and the way the Forum works. Don't worry about stats, we are a TEAM and we pull together whatever the stats say!

    Perhaps before you go away you can try and be ultra-good so that you have some calories banked for that trip away?

    I think the other piece of advice I would give is read my past post on holidays (which can be applied to any time away from home where you aren't in charge of the food...) I have pasted it here for you:

    Your holiday starts when you arrive at your destination! Not at the airport with a huge fry up / pint of beer! I only have drinks whilst waiting to board my flight.

    Similarly it ends once you reach the UK on your homeward bound trip. Don't weigh as soon as you get home - leave it 24 hours as you'll be retaining fluid because of the flight....

    Try to moderate the alcohol intake - have a glass of water every other drink, which will also help to hydrate you and make you feel fuller.

    Ice cream or dessert each day - never both!

    Try and get in some exercise - walking, swimming or just 30 minutes of stretches each day will make you feel more positive and determined and remind you of what you are trying to achieve!

    If bread is routinely served with a meal - leave it!

    Ask for your chips / potatoes to be changed for salad (restaurants are obliging - they want your custom!)

    I try to stick to just 2 meals a day - late breakfast/brunch and dinner.

    Don't snack in the evenings! You can more or less double your calorie consumption by snacking on crisps, nuts, chocolate.......

    Take with you a photo of yourself in which you consider yourself to look HUGE and stick it somewhere in the room where you'll see it each and every day.... a reminder about why you are on this journey.

    Each day remind yourself of the weight you've lost so far, and what an effort you've had to put in to achieve it. You don't want to undo all that hard work, so enjoy your holiday but try thinking of "damage limitation"!

  • Thank you for your tips, I am only going for 2 days but I know you can still do a lot of damage. How long have you been losing weight Pineapple?

    Will report the damage next week!

  • Thank you for your interest, I do appr

  • I do appreciate it.

  • I've been losing weight since February 2012.... the last year maintaining mostly but would like to lose another stone and then maintain! You can see here that it wasn't all plain sailing!

  • I have been looking at the WeightLoss resources site, and see you are still a member. How useful do you find it?

  • I am going to print this out as a reminder of how to do holidays!

  • I have nothing to add to Pineapples excellent reply wellington6 apart from come on here and take part in forum chat, it really does help motivate 😊

    And please don’t be shy about responding to others on the weigh in, everyone values a reply 😊

  • Woohoo, wellington! You found us! Your perseverance paid off!! :)

    I'm sure that you'll eat mindfully while you're away and won't have put any more weight on, by next Monday :)

  • Life happens, especially this time of year.

    Not much I can add to the already excellent advice so I will wish you good luck and a happy trip! :)

  • Thanks, will report next week.

  • I always struggle to find the places I want. Usually I get there by default having found things on the way!

  • Morning Pineapple27 and thank you for hosting us today.

    I have to report a gain this week, from 13st1 to 13st2. One pound isn't huge in the grand scheme of things, but it's a combination of "extras" when I wasn't feeling well and missing out on three swims (again due to my cold).

    I'm pretty well back on track today, though I did cut my swim to 30 minutes instead of the usual 45-50 as I didn't want to push it too much. I don't really want the cold to come back! So hoping to see better results next week. :)

  • Wise to look after your health first VickyDLM . I am quite "fortunate" in that I don't exercise because of disability, so have to rely on logging food and counting calories in order to lose weight.... so in terms of activity (or should I say "non-activity") I am pretty stable!

    Glad that you are starting to feel a little better. There have been some really horrible cold and cough bugs about - my husband is still dealing with the tail end of one he came down with in October!

  • Thanks, Pineapple27 ! I think one of the biggest lessons I've learned from this forum is not to beat myself up about things. It's not constructive and really doesn't help!

    My husband got the cold first, and he's still dealing with the after effects due to his asthma. Any time he gets a cold it always settles in his chest and the cough can linger for weeks..... :O

  • I used to get asthma (my sisters and my Mum also have it) but it's vanished now I've lost weight! I used to get colds that would turn to horrible coughs, but (touch wood) that no longer seems to be the case...

  • Luckily I've never suffered from asthma. My husband's is industrial and therefore entirely self-inflicted (the breathing apparatus doesn't work if you don't use it). :P

    This time the cough isn't too bad so I'm hoping it goes before we fly out in a couple of weeks.

  • Good call on the taking care of your body and listening to what it needs - better in the long run to not push it and be out for ages. Hope you enjoy getting back into the swimming again this week - and I'm sure the scales will start going downwards once again.

  • Sorry you’ve not been feeling well......but good that you feel back on track. That’s the thing...sticking at this & not giving up. Hope you have a better week🌼

  • Hi Everyone, Thanks Pineapple for hosting.

    Sorry I wasn't here last week my internet wasn't working, so my results are over 2 weeks not 1.

    Start weight 11st 5.5

    2 weeks ago 10st 6.25

    This week 10 st 4.5

    Total over 2 weeks 1.75 lb

    Very happy with this, not only have I lost during this challenging time, (advertising on tv )

    But I have now lost 1 STONE, Yes it deserves capitals. Yeah.

    Hoping everyone can stay strong , keep off the chocs and any naughty Christmas temptations. Good luck. x

  • Hi Kaza67 ! Well done! I am sure that moreless will be along shortly with a gleaming new badge and her pom poms!

  • Woohoo Kaza! My pom poms are on overtime today!! :)

  • Congratulations on a fantastic loss and a beautiful new badge! :D

    Well done and good luck next week. :)

  • Wow Kaza67 well done! A whole 1st...that’s great news.....and I love your encouraging words🌼

  • Hi there, had a Christmas function at the weekend. So not shocked to have maintained. But had a non scale victory 2 inches off waist, fitness class must be working.

  • That's brilliant Ruthy123 , as I am sure that your being conscientious about food ahead of your meal out was the reason for that! If you can manage to continue like this, you'll cope with Christmas!

  • Hi Ruthy, a maintain is always better than a gain.

    Don't forget to state your weight last week and your weight this week, it makes the stats much easier for Rose and take some time to respond to and encourage your fellow mass movers :)

  • Hi sorry was 14 stone 1 pound, still the same.

  • Maintaining is much, much better than gaining! And a huge congratulations for losing 2 inches. :D

  • Hey, two inches off waist is pretty good! :) Go go fitness classes!

  • I think pineapple I am finally at the right place ,have a great break my weight loss now totals 6.5 IBS in 4 weeks.So I'm just 1/2IB off my 1/2stone,well done to everyone in Monday weigh in.

  • Half stone will be a great target to hit - not long now :).

  • Welcome to the Monday weigh-in, teri and well done for finding us! :)

    Could you pop back with your start weight, weight last week and weight this week please, as it makes the stats much easier for Rose :)

    You're off to a flying start, well done you! :)

    I'm sure you'll find us much easier next week and will feel confident enough to respond to your fellow mass movers.

    Have a great week! :)

  • You can do it teri54 ! That half a stone if yours next week - I can feel it in my bones!!!

  • Congratulations! :)

  • Hello all you Monday weigh-in folk,

    Here’s my weigh-in info for today:

    Last week I weighed: 159.6lbs / 72.4KG

    This week I weigh: 159 lbs/ 72.1 KG

    That's a loss of: .6 lbs / .3KG – woot!

    I had a busy week with visitors staying over this whole week – which I had prepped loads for by batch cooking healthy meals the weekend before - ready for me to snack on/ have for lunches in case I didn’t have time when I was socialising with my friends.

    It’s a good thing I did too, because we ended up going out for meals twice in the week – and I was able to mitigate the high calories by either planning my harder exercise for those days, or eating a healthy meal beforehand (and only having wee bits of the meal out). It has seemed to work – ending up with not a massive weight loss this week, but a loss nonetheless :).

    This week my work will be pretty busy, have a big deadline at the end of the week – so I am going to focus on exercising on my lunch hour - to get out of the office and give my brain a break!

    Wishing you all a good week ahead!

  • You have done well, misty! Good for you! :)

    You have all the right tools for surviving Christmas now :)

    I hope your week isn't too manic, getting out for a walk in your lunch break, sounds like an excellent idea! :)

  • Well done mistymtnhop333 for planning for and coping with a busy week of entertaining! Planning most definitely pays off - well done YOU! :D

  • Great planning and super result, well done

  • Congratulations on a well-earned loss! :)

    Good luck with the busy week ahead. :)

  • I'm trying really hard not to get disheartened, positively I have maintained, again, I am grateful, but I am also struggling with getting my calorie intake back up.....

    Hope you all have a good week


  • Stick with it Rosie173 maintaining is consolidating where you are before you take the world by storm again.

    Keep thinking positively, hope you have a good week.

  • Congratulations for maintaining this week. :)

    I know it can be frustrating when you're not going down the way you would have liked. But you can take comfort in the fact that you are doing it right if you're not gaining.

    Is there any sort of high calorie but healthy snack that you can add in? Something that will up your calories without adding in a lot of volume. Such as nuts or a bit of extra cheese.

    Good luck. :)

  • Make yourself smoothies, Rosie, to up your calories, with little bulk and little effort

    1 cup nut milk e.g almond milk

    - 60 cals

    ½ avocado

    - 115

    3 tbsp almond butter - 98

    1 tbsp cacao powder

    - 30

    ¼ tsp cinnamon - 2

    1 banana - 90

    frozen berries - 40

    1tsp each chia, hemp and flax seeds - 130

    Total - 565 calories, for 1 very healthy drink.

    Good luck! :)

  • Thankyou, I think it's more to do with my food issues, and consequently mental health is suffering, leading to the I can't be bothered to eat...

    I will try and make a smoothie tomorrow, thankyou 💞

  • Hi pineapple27

    Thanks for hosting and have a great hols. Love winter sun am going to Thailand in Feb can't wait.

    It's been a maintain week for me

    10st 13.2lbs last week and the same this week. At least it's still in the 10s. Here's to next week good luck everyone.

  • Congratulations on maintaining! :)

  • A maintain is fine! :D Well done Summercool6

  • That’s great maintaining AND being in the 10s. Well done 🌼

  • Hi to everyone on Monday Mass Movers. I'm just a little mover today ☺

    My weight is 31st. 8.1/2lbs.

    Last week. 31st. 10.lbs.

    Weight Loss. 1.1/2.lbs.

    My goals remain the same.

    Short-term is back to then and back to the 29st. Mark.

    Long term goal is to be 25st.

    Good luck to everyone who is on the group forum.

    Good luck to everyone who try hard.

    Admin staff and the members who have done well, I salute you ☺.

    Kind regards George 56 🤗

  • Well done George......and what a lovely post. Hope you have a great week 🌼

  • Hi Muntjackie, I love your badge, well done you.

    Thanks for your support and message.

    George ☺️

  • That’s a good loss George56 🙂

  • Thanks Pineapple 🍍 I'm trying hard not to have any bread.

    Thanks for hosting the group today.

    Enjoy your evening.

    George 🌹

  • Well done George, I’m so pleased to read that you have had a good week! I hope you have another fab week next week 🍀☺️👍

  • After being unwell last week and having an unhealthy 8lb drop, I'm actually quite pleased to have only lost 0.4lbs this week! Still haven't been feeling great but appetite is back with a vengeance, so amazed not to have piled weight back on.

    Last week 277.0lbs

    This week 276.6lbs

    Loss this week 0.4lbs

    Loss since start: 34.4 lbs (2st 6lbs)

  • So glad you are feeling better and you still managed to lose so well done!

  • Tricky times needwillpower’ve been very poorly 🤒. I don’t have many ideas but what about plenty of water to fool your tummy it’s full? Don’t know how else to stop that raging appetite! I hope you have a good week 🌼

  • Oh no! Not a good way to lose weight. Glad you’re starting to get back to normal needwillpower

  • Apologies for my late post yet again! But it’s great news.....

    Start weight 14st 4lb in July

    Weight last week 12st 5lb

    Weight this morning 12st 4lb 🎊🎉🎊🎉

    A loss of 1lb

    And a total loss of 2 stones 🎊🎉🎊🎉

    That pesky 1lb that I’ve been trying to lose for the last few weeks has gone!!

    I’ve been smiling to myself all day on & off.....goodness knows what people have thought! I’m working long shifts in the run up to Xmas which means I’ve had to really plan my meals & I think that’s helped me this week.

    Thanks for hosting Pineapple27 ....and I hope you all have a great week ahead 🌼

  • Well done with losing 1lb this week Muntjacky. :)

  • So pleased for you Muntjacky ! Well done! Keep smiling!

  • Woohoo 🙌🎉 that’s fantastic well done 👍

  • Hi pineaple27.

    Bad bad week I'm afraid.

    My weight is 17st 1lb.

    This means my good work over the last 4 weeks has been to no avail.

    I could blame the week long visit of my brother but he did not control my knife and fork or put a glass to my lips.

    My new target over the coming weeks is to remove the weight I have gained.

  • Try not to be so hard on yourself, any gain can soon be lost again now your back on track. Just draw a line under the gain and carry on. Have a good week. :)

  • Hello Pineapple27

    So like your Monday welcome, we are going to the Canaries at the end of January for our sunshine catchup.

    My weight loss seems stable as my skirts and jackets are getting looser, once my waist reaches 30" I shall be back on some scales.

    Started in July at 38" and 75kg.

    Last week 33" no idea what my weight is.

    This week 33" and again no idea what my weight is.

    My goal is to resist mulled wine and mince pies until Christmas week basically because I just had some at our parish meeting without thinking. It seems to take me about three weeks to lose an inch so my next measurement should be 32" along my target path for a 30" waist by 22 January. I would love to go away at my goal measurement.

  • Well done for maintaining those inches. :)

  • Thank you Pineapple27 for being a brilliant host in today's weigh in. :)

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