Two Months On.. Total weight lost so far 19.5 lbs and 11+ inches of blubber

27th September to 27th November.. Two calendar months to the day after starting this weight loss journey. I nervously step on to the scales under the supervision of my training partner Sophie. This week I maintained weight. I'm unsurprised considering I couldn't exercise as much because during the last seven days I've spent a lot of time in hospital clinics having tests and seeing the Stroke Consultants. So two calendar months on let's consider the successes. BMI score started at an overweight 27.3 now at a healthy 24.5 Total weight loss of 1st 5.5 lbs. I didn't measure myself at the beginning. But did on the third week. Since then my blubber has shrunk by more than eleven inches,the blubber lost from my stomach being the most noticeable . Now to consider my future goals. My BMI is considered a healthy weight but the BMI is only part of the story. My target weight is 12 stone 7 pounds. When I reach 12 stone 7 pounds I'll reconsider the target weight. The main goal now is to build some lean muscle and to trim the excess fat, of which there is plenty. Thanks peeps for the support and for following my journey. David & Sophie the Dog. Marching towards a healthier future.


Week 0 - Starting off at 205.5 lbs (14st 9.5lbs)

Week 1 - 205 lbs (14st 9lbs)

Week 2 - 200.75 lbs (14st 4.75 lbs)

Week 3 - 199.75 lbs (14st 3.75 lbs)

Week 4 - 197 lbs (14st 1lb)

Week 5 - 193.75 lbs (13st 11.75 lbs)

Week 6 - 190.75 lbs (13st 8.75 lbs)

Week 7 - 188.75 lbs (13 st 6.75 lbs)

Week 8 - 186 lbs (13 st 4 lbs )

Week 9 - 186 lbs (13 st 4 lbs )


BMI SCORE 24.5 Weekly Loss of 0 ..11 lbs to lose. Total weight lost so far 19.5 lbs and 11+ inches of blubber


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14 Replies

  • That's a fantastic result, David! Well done you! :)

  • Thanks moreless i'm pleased with the results so far

  • Juan-Stone, I just know you will get to goal :)

  • Thanks Villageduckpond 🤓

  • Well done!

  • Thanks Anna_8888

  • Wow!! That's incredible. I am so jealous but I know you worked so hard and I only have myself to blame. I'm on board now and you have been an inspiration.

  • Thanks Melhall , I try my best, the support gained from this forum really helps.

  • Fantastic results! Many Congratulations!!! You have a healthy BMI - that is fantastic!!!! :-)

    Zest :-)

  • Thanks Zest , I'm pleased with the progress so far 🙂

  • Fantastic you are doing great and an inspiration to all😊

  • Thanks 13Valerie

  • Congratulations Juan Stone, really great results, especially following a difficult week. I read somewhere that it is difficult to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. I think Rignold was attempting this. You have to do one, then the other. I.e. while maintaining weight following fat loss, introduce strength exercises and up the calories etc to then build up muscle. Although I'm not absolutely clear on this... Also I think if you plan to introduce strength exercises to build up lean muscle, then maybe this would be a good point to get medical advice, especially considering your recent health issues. Wishing you a great week ahead, and take care :)

  • Thanks for the advice @Ruth_canal_runner. I'm increasing the number of workouts with weights now I'm edging towards my first target weight.

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