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Daily Diary Sunday 26th November

Hello lovely Daily Diarists! Apologies for the lateness, I've had a rare day out in London with a friend. We mooched around Tate Modern and Borough Market, and had a great time. I hope you've all had a good day too.

Looking to tomorrow, do let us know what you're planning for your food and exercise. I'm looking forward to refreshing my menus with some new ideas!

For those of you who are new to this forum there is a thread called Newbie Club for November 2017. It is on the right-hand side of the Home page under Pinned Interests. There you will find all sorts of helpful links.

I have a tricky day ahead - early shift at work so I'm always starving by lunchtime, with a work 3 course meal out in the evening. I can't remember what I ordered <sigh>

B - bacon roll (without the roll!), clementines 180

L - mushroom and spinach omelette 250

D - 3 mystery courses, I have 1350 or so.

(ps sorry for the lack of image, it won't let me upload one for some reason :-/ )

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Oh diamondblock, your post did make me smile, you must come back and tell us what the mystery three course dinner was - I hope it is delicious. Sounds like a great day out for you today.

So, big weigh in day for me tomorrow, not sure if I've been good enough today. Anyway, tomorrow is a packed day, watching my son play rugby in the morning, I'll need about a million layers, then loads to do in the afternoon before driving to my parents late at night where I'm staying for a few days to help them out, while my father has a (hopefully) routine operation.

B - eggs and tomatoes on two very small slices of wholemeal toast - 350 cals

L - leftover curry from today's feast - 400 cals

D - Tuna pasta and salad - 500 cals

Total 1250, so I have a bit of wiggle room, I've got a date and almond bar packed in my bag for the journey if I need it.

Good night all, hope you have a lovely Sunday.


Lovely menu Salcheq. Mine seems very low in calories but I will probably add extra veggies with dinner, some cacoa nibs to nibble on and a matzos cracker at bedtime with sleepy supplements.

Superfoods green juice - 35

Brekkie - pumpkin pie porridge with soya milk - 230

Lunch - seed bread, nuts & veggie sticks - 320

Dinner - quinoa & chickpea hotpot - 250 cal

Afters/Supper - brussel sprout crisps - 85

Drinks - Herb teas and water

Calories - 920

Veg serves - 6


Wow! What an interesting menu Hidden

Some of those recipes look familiar - are they from the BSD?

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None tomorrow are but I do use the BSD recipes, IQS recipes (pumpkin pie porridge, brussel sprout crisps) & Amelia Freer. The hotpot was a slimming world recipe I adapted to make it GF.

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I’ve just read his Clever Guts book . . . Very interesting 😊

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I'd not heard of that one, I see it's new...added to my wish list.

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I love the sound of your dinner, I adore chickpeas. Do you make the brussels crisps?


Tomorrow will be my first time making them.


Great menu Salcheq 😊. I could eat all of that! Good luck to,your son in his rugby, I hope you have some thermal socks!!

Good luck with the weigh in, I'll keep everything crossed!

I'll come back with mystery meal details :-D

With you on the weigh-in day tomorrow. I had a very aberrant fluctuation on the scales this morning that I won't be happy to see again.

I hope your day goes to plan. You sound really busy and I hope everything goes will with your father.

Great menu with lots of yummy food and for so few cals. Good planning to have the bar with you.


Good evening Hidden thank you for hosting, and what a lovely day you’ve had 😊

Tomorrow for me is morning cardio and yoga

Brunch of spinach and blue cheese omelette

Dinner is brisket in gravy with cabbage, green beans and sweet potatoe wedges

Snack of Greek yogurt with seed and nut sprinkle

An apple

Have a good day everyone



Yum, your dinner sounds gorgeous!

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I'm not the greatest fan of omelettes (never understood why) but I like the sound of yours IndigoBlue61 where I could see myself making one.

Dinner sounds really tasty as well.

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Thank you for posting the DD Hidden We all have lives to live. Don't worry about the lack of pic, I've got an active imagination and the one you would have posted was brilliant.

I find your mystery courses, mysterious. Saying that, your rollless bacon roll is a mystery in it's own right :)

B: Left over sausage roll (250 cals) Tom juice & worc sauce and coffees

L: Eating out with friends. Starter 'pork nose & tail' main course 'truffled gnocchi bake (cal u/k)

S: Left over HM lasagne (cals 450) HM Bakewell tart (cals 270)

Shouldn't come in at too much more than 1900

Exercise: My Sunday jog. Not looking forward to it but going to go for an extra lap of my course. Fingers crossed.

Have a good day everyone!! All power to your fork hands :)


Yes, you're right, the image is the best one ever ;-)

The bacon roll is basically a case of the Emperor's New Clothes. I call it a bacon roll, but only put the bacon on my plate!

Your lunch out sounds very interesting. Good luck with the jog :-)


:) Perhaps more of our food should be based on that principle!!


Well done on the run Tiggerr i keep thinking about restarting, but can't quite do it.


Haven't done it yet wakywoo. I'm lying here thinking of all the reasons not to.

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Have you done it now? Just get out there! You'll warm up quickly ...ish :)


Thanks for the encouragement Ruth. I managed to get out after walking the dogs. I improved my distance and ran for nearly 55 mins.

You're so right and I know how good I'm going to feel afterwards but without everyone's support here I know I'd have let it slide.

Going to have a nice soak and read a book.


Enjoy your well-deserved post-run bath. 55 minutes sounds ace! Glad to hear you made it out :) 🏃🏃🏃

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Thanks for hosting Hidden sounds like you had a great day. I have had a busy day with my new pressie to myself! A pressure cooker which I used to make beef stroganoff which I had with pea pasta ( a first for me, but pretty good). Also made a batch of sugar free chocolate using rice malt syrup. I do enjoy experimenting!


Brunch - feta cheese omelette and bagel made from mozerella and gram flour.

D - really fancied roast duck so we are having that with veggies.

I am upping to around 1000 cals a day as week 7 of BSD. Must drink more water!

Ex - a three mile walk

Tip - drink enough water, it does appear to support weight loss.


Your bagel sounds interesting!

I had a pressure cooker but never used it. I sold it on ebay or Facebook eventually, my kitchen is too small for unused anything!

I was searching for BSD posts earlier, I'm seriously considering dipping my toe in after my birthday in mid January. How are you getting on with it?

Very pleased as have lost 13.5lbs in 5 weeks. Stayed the same this week. Stuck with 800 a day for 4 weeks and than gradually increased, but stick to the principles - no sugar, no potato, bread, pasta or rice. There is a 8 week blood sugar diet group on Facebook that is great and has lots of recipe ideas - like the bagel. I have lost the taste for sugary foods which is a massive bonus.


I'd love a pressure cooker. They use them all the time on Australian Masterchef. Have fun with your experimenting.

You mention not running yet... could you incorporate some short spells into your walk?

Well done for making it to week 7 of the BSD.

Once the lighter evenings return I may start coach to 5k. It is too dark when I get home. I am walking with OH and he has an injured knee so am lucky if I can get a fast pace!

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Thanks to your reply, it helped push me to get going. I even managed to improve my distance by a third. I've only increased the Sunday distance so that it will hopefully make the two weekday jogs feel less arduous.

In two months' time there will be more daylight than there is today. Forever the optimist.

What a lovely day. Am looking forward to visiting the Basquiat exhibition at The Barbican over Christmas.

I'm off out with friends tomorrow so am building a big contingent into my allowance.

B. Almond pancakes with berries

L. Carluccio's 🇮🇹

D. I might have a boiled egg when I get home.

Exercise will be some chores and a mooch around the shops.

Happy Sunday x


I love Carluccios. We considered it today, but ended up in a gorgeous bakery cafe instead.


Hidden, did you realise that Carluccio sold the whole chain years ago? And whilst i know the man has now died he was not a happy person with all that money.

Cool diamond a mystery dinner?! Your breakfast sounds equally mysterious.. is it just a plate of bacon?? I like borough market, hope you had a fun day!

My day has gone really well. I have stuck to the plan pretty closely.. Sunday is 1500 max day which is my average per day aim all week.

I plan my meals Tuesday to Tuesday (and weigh in on a Friday) so my new week starts on Tues and so far my average 1500 aim is on track.

Sun - 1500

B - 2 poached eggs on wholemeal toasted pitta and mixed baby leaf salad with light mayo and sriracha. Coffee with cashew milk (400)

D - My favourite greasy noodles that I was addicted to in New Zealand - indomie mi goreng satay flavour. Just the noodles on their own in a bowl. Been looking forward to this studenty junky dinner all week (850)

S - Sliced apple and almond butter (100)

Leaves a little for mistakes or carry over!


Those noodles sound intriguing! As does sriracha... I presume they will both be delicious :)

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The market was absolutely heaving! We ended up in a lovely restaurant for brunch.

Today's breakfast was bacon, followed by clementines. Yum!

Enjoy your noodles :-D

Good morning Hidden, thank you for posting, and good morning to everyone else who is already awake (not necessarily 'wide' awake but on here at the moment :).

I had a delicious supper last night of chicken, ratatouille and baked potato following by a huge baked apple and cream. I have, however, learnt my lesson that baked apple in the evening makes you want to get up in the night - in my case 3 times!

Anyway, my menu for today should be:-

B - bacon and tomato and two coffees

L - HM leek and potato soup with chick peas, half a tin of tuna with green salad, yoghurt

S - rest of chicken breast, rest of ratatouille, sprout tops and part of rice pudding remains

Snacks - fruit

Water - amap

Exercise - wee bit of pottering in the garden and then in the afternoon a walk to a local arts exhibition.

Enjoy your day everyone and take care ....


What a lovely menu Villageduckpond - do you bake the tomatoes overnight? I am trying this today. Cut tomatoes in half, sprinkle with olive oil and tarragon. Put in pre-heated 200 degree oven, turn off and leave overnight. Supposed to be yum!

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Hi wakywoo, nom mine is the lazy way of opening a tin of chopped tomatoes but ..... your way sounds really delicious so I have made a mental note of it :)

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Nice menu Vdp.

I hope the weather for your garden pottering and your walk is as nice as it is here. There's a frost but lovely clear skies.

Happy Sunday :)

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@Tiggerr. it is :) Completely cloudless blue sky with a certain nip in the air but once I get my layers on I shall be fine.

Happy Sunday to you, too :)

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Lovely menu there, I'd be happy with all of it!

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Hi Diamondblock, thanks for hosting. I had a busy day yesterday, got as far as doing a mfp plan but not as far as posting on here or buying the ingredients I needed for dinner. I managd to make a great impromptu satay stir fry dinner though!

Here's today's plan:

B 1x fried egg and half tin baked beans on 2x toast with soya spread - 445cals

L 5x tesco spinach and chickpea falafels, homemade hummous, lettuce, cherry tomatos, mango chutney and a herby wrap - 464cals

D 1x large sweet potato (baked) with tuna mayo and peas - 356cals

Snacks - 3x coffees with soya milk, banana, slice of soreen banana cake and 250ml kombucha - 437cals

Total - 1702cals out of a possible 1750

Exercise - none planned as yet - it's a rest day as I ran yesterday... although I will be active all day with various diy bits and pieces


Mmmmm... satay!!

Very nice menu and that kombucha sounds intriguing (now that I've read up on it).

Hope your diy bits go to plan.

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Thanks. The kombucha is really great. I make my own and I've got a whole new batch ready to drink at the moment :)

Yum, I love baked sweet potato with tuna. Lunch sounds good too.

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Woooo! A mystery dinner! Hope it wasn’t the same as my ‘one pot (not always a good) surprise’!

Today is a rest day for me inasmuch as little or no housework etc etc - mostly because we are converting our spare bedroom into a craft room for me and all my ‘stuff’ is strewn around the rest of the house. Anyway, our Sunday walking group is also doing a Pudsey fundraising walk this afternoon, so if you are out and about in Essex and see a group wearing Pudsey ears and hats that will be us!

Food will be muesli breakfast with walnuts and apricots - 375 calories, early light lunch - smoked haddock and fruit and then maybe something nice on toast this evening. Will need to work out the calories as we go along but think there might be room for extra veggies. There is also going to be a coffee stop during the walk so may need to avoid the temptation of cake!

Weigh in tomorrow after 10 days away so need to be good!

Hope everyone has a good day. Cold and bright here so will really need those ears!!



wishing you a good weigh in tomorrow

hope you avoid the temptation of cake :)

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I hope you're enjoying your walk, such a beautiful day for it.

I haven't had smoked haddock for ages, I'll have to add to the 'make soon' list.

Wishing you a good weigh in tomorrow x

B - 2 slices of toast, 100g low fat cream cheese, marmite, marmalade. Cup of tea.

L - Home made pumpkin soup and French bread. Fish pie ready meal 323 cals.

2 Bananas, satsuma

D - Roast lamb, potatoes and parsnips roasted without fat, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and peas. Gravy, mint sauce. White wine to drink - cheers.

Treat: 1 portion of raspberry pavlova. Plunger coffee.

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Exercise for today because I forgot to put it at the bottom of my post above: C25K last part of second week. Followed by a walk through the woods with my husband.

Well done all of you for sticking to the diet. I sort of did. Tuna, cherry tomato's, red pepper, half an onion. Fried (fry light) with herbs. On penne pasta.

However due to a strong desire to bake. I baked a lemon and buttermilk pound cake. I had a small slice and gave the rest to a neighbour and her family.

I have worn myself out. I am usually in constant pain, but while making that cake it felt like my mother was with me 😢. And I forgot the pain for a while. 😢😢😢😢😢

Now it's horrible, but well worth it. Xxxx

Thanks Hidden for being a brilliant host in today's DD.

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