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Day 32

Its cold!

Off today to take my 7 year old grand daughter to see Paddington Bear.

We are doing this at lunch time so this means I can have a bar of chocolate or indeed some raisin covered in chocolate.

The wonderful difference this time round with my eating is that I've dropped the all or nothing thinking which would say no treats full stops. Now for the booze I know a 'treat' for me is completely out the question as once I've started drinking I just cant stop. It took me many years to work this out but 19 months off the drink is not worth throwing away for a little treat.

With eating I know that for others certain foods to them is like the booze is for me so it's no sugar full stop.

For me a treat is okay. Its taken a pressure off that just didn't need to be there and one that always led me to over eat over the years.

I am over the moon to be on this site and have passed the word around to 3 friends who may well join.

Thank you everyone

have a lovely day

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Couldn't agree more with all you're saying and very inspirational.

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Enjoy Paddington - I may get hubby to take me to see it this week ;)


Do go! It was fantastic and Huge Grant playing the baddy is to good to miss. After 10min I forgot Paddington was CJI. It's a real treat

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Thanks for the update

Glad you enjoyed it

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Totally agree! Not being able to have any chocolate at all would just make me rush to eat as much of it as possible! But being able to check my calorie allowance to include a small treat makes me feel less deprived and less ‘on a diet’ - which always sounds so worthy and boring! Good luck with Paddington, all my grandchildren are far away - 2 in Milan and 2 in Slovakia- so only long distance treats I’m afraid!

Well done for working out how the process suits you!

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