Oops they said it again

Whilst out in a restaurant,someone who should know better said why you are bothered about what you eat?

Hello why don't they keep their thoughts to themselves.

Yes I'm in holiday ,but as they eat then drink themselves into oblivion.

I have spent the last 5 weeks trying to sort myself out.

Yes I'm on holiday and yes I am eating healthier and having the odd treat .

The people who should know the best should know better.

Rant over ,and that is a long one for me .



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42 Replies

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  • Well done for not being distracted by them, but sticking to your own standards.. now lowered by theirs..

    Enjoy your holiday πŸŒžβ­οΈβ˜€οΈ

  • They wanted me to eat something off Thier plate I said no .


  • I agree!! People say some dumb things. Keep doing what works for you. Your doing great!

  • Definitely.


  • Well done for sticking to your guns - attaboy Gary!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • They would be better not to say anything I'm more determined now .


  • They are probably feeling guilty themselves. If we all are mindfully then we would have no need to be guilty and probably not so fat either. Keep doing what feels right to you.

  • I will do thanks Ella Midlands..


  • I sense a bit of jealousy from ' someone who should no better ' gman1961 You have succeeded on your healthy eating and are now enjoying your success so don't let anyone else influence your choices. Your doing great. Enjoy your hols.😎🌞

  • Thanks Kazzi56 56

    Sticking to it even more now .


  • πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŽπŸŒž

  • Some people need to blow out your flame so theirs appear to shine brighter 😊

    Well done Gary

  • Well said Anna61 :) They can just go puff somewhere else lol

  • Thanks ,they are saying other stuff today ,I'm boring because I don't eat this and that and I go jogging .


  • Saying more today,so I hit back .


  • Don't blame you. Hope it doesn't spoil your holiday. Stay strong and tell them you enjoy running and eating healthily it makes you feel better - suggest they give it a try instead of nagging at you!

  • I'm not a teenager lol,having to justify what I do lol.

    Need to look at themselves.


  • Good on you!

  • They definitely sound jealous and probably ashamed of/embarrassed/angry with themselves. They're taking out their feelings about themselves on you.

    In a really backward way it's almost a compliment :D

    Good on you for saying something to them though. You shouldn't have to take that sort of treatment from family or friends.

    Tell them it's the new you and if they don't like it then it's their loss. Then go for a run and let them stew on it for a while. :D

  • They know I'm trying to loose weight .makes me more determined now .


  • Glad you had a rant - better out than in.

    Hope you're enjoying your holiday Gary, and that you have some nice weather, lovely food options and chance for plenty of enjoyable activities. :-)

    Zest :-)

  • I've got another week ,so more sun ,nice food .

    Come back relaxed and ready for Christmas.


  • Well done for resisting being flippant Gary.

    I think I would have been flustered by trying to let this character back down gracefully :-)

  • Thanks



  • Well done for sticking to what matters to you, I don't know why some people always feel the need for us all to be sheep....... My daughter has never liked the taste of alcohol it's taken her friends nearly 10yrs to accept that she doesn't drink because she dislikes the taste - funnily enough they are more than happy for her to be the driver every time they go out.....! Enjoy the rest of your holiday and stick with your plan you are doing great :D

  • Good job that we are not all the same .



  • You are so right Gary, some people can’t cope with someone else doing what they should.

    Stick with it Gary, you are doing fab.

  • Driving me mad .



  • Nothing like a good rant Gary ;) that's what we're here for

  • Always good to let off steam.

    Thanks mary

  • Good on you, stick to what you know you need and want for yourself! I am also apprehensive about going back home for the holidays - because I know that on top of the usual holiday treats in abundance, there will be comments like this one by well-meaning loved ones.

    Well intentioned or not, it's not helpful - particularly when you've worked hard for five weeks to create new habits/minset. Keep true to yourself!

  • I'll be glad to get home if this carries on .

    I talked about my efforts in losing weight to them .I shouldn't have to explain.


  • Hey Gary I find it amusing when people say things like that to me. I act all curious about what they've said and show them that I find it hard to understand why they're so obsessed with what I'm eating, when I hardly notice what they're eating and would NEVER dream of being so rude as to judge and pass comments 😁 ha! It's jealousy and you're really bugging them! ENJOY!!!!

  • I've now commented on how much they drink .

    Thanks Gary

  • lol Bet that went down like a ton of bricks :D

  • Comments are just that and unless inspired by them just ignore and blank them

  • I've started to hit back now .

    Thank you for your support .


  • Brilliant - go you!

    You stand up for all us healthy eaters Gary.

  • Why do others get so eat up about what I do ?


  • Jealousy Gary.... they are jealous!!!

    Enjoy .... you're really getting under their skin😊

    don't let them get under yours.....

  • Good for you...great willpower. It's hard sometimes when people do this... I knocked back the offer of a much lusted after Chinese takeaway last week..hard but glad I did it. Eat on your terms and not everyone else's.

  • I will do ,thank you.


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