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Hey guys :)


I'm new here. Hoping to lose about a stone as gained weight during pregnancy. Expected it to melt of soon after I'd delivered as Iv seen many others do. Two years on still not shifted. Cannot blame it now, I have gotten in to bad eating habits, skipping breakfast etc.

Clueless when it comes to calorie counting. Would appreciate any advice you could give me. Feeling low and self conscious because of this. :(

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Hi Forgetmenot, you're still on the open forum. Click on the link I gave you, then scroll through the Newbie club thread, reading all the information, then respond to other newbies, then post in the last reply box, which says leave a comment.

I hope this helps :)


Hi there Forgetmenot22

Well done for taking the plunge. We're a friendly bunch. Why don't you start by having a look through some of the healthy recipes on here. Maybe invest in a good healthy eating cookbook. Plan your meals and hit them down in the daily diary. I'm hosting this tomorrow


Slow and steady is the best way.

Good luck 👍

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