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Daily Diary for Saturday 18th November

Daily Diary for Saturday 18th November

Hello Daily Diarists!

Welcome to the daily Diary where we post our menu plans for the next day. Feel free to like and comment on other people's plans. Do tell us how many calories you are aiming for and how many calories your meals add up to if you can.

Welcome to anyone posting for the first time, just look at what the others do and follow suit. And do please comment/ask questions or just “like” what others have written. That way we all learn something.

Well, what have you planned to eat and drink on Saturday 18th November?

I haven’t planned my menus yet – I was hoping for some inspiration! I will post my menu later, when I have seen what everyone else is having! I am going to a Christmas coffee morning tomorrow, so I shall be thinking of you all when I drink my black coffee and ignore the mince pies!

If you have a tip to share, please do share it!

My tip for the day - success doesn't come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently!

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I'm liking your tip Trimmerteacher. I think that's the key for me!

Tomorrow is a funny day - no set plan as I have things on during the day and I don't know what time I'll get home... so I have devised a dinner that my partner could easily stick in the oven... he's not a natural cook! But I know I'm doing better than last weekend, as at least I have a basic plan if not a comprehensive one.

B porridge with oats, almond milk, ground almonds, peanut butter, soya cream and a touch of honey - 321cals

L 2x thin bagels with hummous, spinach and mango chutney - 355cals

D jacket potato with a nut cutlet and half tin of baked beans - 567cals

Snacks - 1x black coffee, eat natural protein bar - 221cals

Total - 1464 out of a possible 1750cals

I may or may not make up the difference depending how tonight's night out with friends goes... :)

Exercise - none planned - it's a rest day of sorts - cycled lots today and plan to run sunday a.m.

Tip - no need to have an exquisite michelin star menu. Sometimes keeping it simple is the best way. The key is to plan, and then stick to the plan (or as closely as possible) :)


You are so right Ruth_canal_runner . Simple plans are the best, and even if you don’t stick to it, having a plan in the first place keeps you focused. 👍


thanks for the tip, Ruth, it's helpful. Well done on having a plan for tomorrow and hope it goes well


Good tip Ruth_canal_runner and even more relevant that you're taking into account the previous night's variability. Hope you had a good night out.

Loads of great food. Had to look up nut cutlet and I could see myself having that.

Similar exercise plan for the w/e, good luck with it.

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Thank you for posting early Trimmerteacher love the poster and consistently like your tip 😉

I am going to an assembly in British Sign Language tomorrow, so no menu prepared except a protein bar for breakfast and same again for lunch.. gives me maximum time with hands free to practice!! And eating out on the way home with friends.

Have a lovely Saturday all...

Cheering us all on to reach our goals 🎉🎉🎉


Sign language thats very clever!..

I only know a few things and the alphabet. .

I have very poor hearing but have friends who are completely deaf.

I keep hearing that word consistency at the moment, it must mean I need it. Well I can honestly satly I've consistently not eaten ANY of your eat less list for the last 2 weeks, having no sugar including fruit, processed foods, artificial flavours or carbonated drinks. Here is tomorrow's menu:-

Brekkie - spinach & pea omelette - 210

Lunch - seed rye bread, cherry tomatoes & hazlenuts - 285

Dinner - cauliflower curry - 440

Supper - lentils & steamed cabbage with hot pepper sauce - 180

Drinks - Herb teas and water

Calories - 1115

Veg serves - 7


Well thought out menu Hidden . Getting the most out of your calories, packed with veg (vegetarian?) menu. Very consistent! 😊


Thank you. I only eat organic meat and for special occasions only. I have sustainably sourced fish a couple of times a week.


I don't eat meat any more but could see myself eating the way you do long term


It suits me. I have tried being full on vegetarian on and off. The most I lasted was 6 months but being organic and sustainable fits me. We eat way too much meat, if we consumed it less our bodies would thank us and so would the environment.

Great to have you join in on the daily diary Hidden

Great sounding menu and so much for so few calories.. you should be full up and satisfied by the end of the day.


The daily diary is a great addition since I was last here. It has made me sit down and plan my meal for the next day instead of winging it and giving in to temptation.


I totally agree.. it has taught me to plan ahead and not be so easily distracted..

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I also like rummaging through the fridge and cupboards to work it all out and thinking about getting my 7 or so veg portions in.

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Great habit to get into. Keeps me focussed.

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Yes! Loving it.

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Great menu Hidden and well done for kicking the sugar and other nasty stuff.


I'm following Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar programme at the same time as the NHS programme.

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I'll have to look that up.

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I bought the books, I think you have to pay to join the online programme. Similar principles to BSD really, no sugar, gluten and limited dairy. Nice and different recipes.

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Great to be able to say that! Lots of lovely food for really low cals!

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Brilliant poster Trimmerteacher. Hope you manage to avoid those mince pies tomorrow. Very good tip too.

Tomorrow will be day three of the BSD for me and It's gone well up to now but I'm meeting up with some friends tomorrow for an early tea and worried about how to stay on track. Any advice from others who are doing or have done the BSD would be very helpful.

So tomorrow I'll have brunch instead of breakfast. Smoked salmon, 1 scrambled egg, frozen spinach and avocado totaling 230 calories. Then decide what to eat while I'm out.

Drinking loads of water and black tea.

Exercise - walking around Liverpool.

Tip - Join the new Busy Bee challenge to avoid snacking.

Have a great weekend everyone and good luck with your planning.


Say hi to the Fab Four for me, Morgancando and good luck with the BSD.

Will do! That reminds me of when I went to the Mayor's ball when I was about 11 and as I was leaving my mum said "Remember me to the Mayor" so I did! When I told my mum and older siblings they laughed their heads off at me.

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Haha that made me laugh! 😄

Where will you be having your meal morgancando? Can you look at their menu online first and plan what you will have? Avoid sauces and dressings.

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We haven’t decided yet but that’s definitely a good idea. I’ll speak to the others later.


Have fun 😉.

Will do. 😊

Ask to have potatoes/rice/pasta swapped for extra veg or salad....

Yes I’ll do that. Thanks Pineapple27 .

Hi Morgancando I have been calorie counting for the last 6 weeks and losing well.

My hubby has a lot to lose and has decided I am doing so well he wants to do the same. A while ago he was worried about his sugar levels so we have got the BSD book and I got the recipe book for some more ideas. We have decided to give it a go to get a good start for him before Christmas, but I have a feeling once his weight starts to move he will move to the 5.2 system we tried before (because it worked well).

We started the BSD on Thursday and we are finding it fine. He is now getting used to the regime and meals are really tasty. We are doing a brunch day today.

No real hunger issues and being flexible I am sure will work, because obviously we want to eat the same meals.

Good luck.x

I see we both started on the same day Marion_63. Glad it's going well for you. It must be easier to be doing it along side your husband. Unfortunately my husband is a skinny 9 stone and can eat whatever he likes without putting on an ounce. grrrr! I can remember ( just ) when I weighed lighter than him!

I'll be interested to see how you do and will follow you , so be careful you're being watched. lol.

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Yes I know what you mean about hubby's. Mine has quite a bit to lose and needs all the encouragement he can get.

I am 63 and started the NHS journey 6 weeks ago and I am doing fine, but he didn't want to do the way I have done so far. Because I have been following the 5.2 way off and on and know we did ok I know if this BSD proves too hard or I lose too much I will revert back. Allen just needs to see a quicker first result to give him some motivation. (he would give up if he had to sort the meals). Sunday is when we tend to weigh ourselves so he is looking forward to seeing his results tomorrow. I am hoping mine hasn't dropped too drastically because I am happy losing a pound or two a week.

I have 3 grown up sons and 2 grandsons who turned 18 this year.

My weight was 12st 5lbs last Sunday and I have joined the challenge for Christmas to reach 12st. After new year I am going to start again to reach my own goal. I am looking to get my BMI to a normal level which I have not been in many years.

I will watch your progress too on the BSD and wish you the best of luck.x

I’m a tad older than you at 66. I’m 4ft 11inches and currently weigh 10st 1lb. My starting weight was 10st 13lbs so it’s been moving down slowly.I’ve been calorie counting since June.

My ideal weight according to the BMI calculator is between 6st 8lbs and 8st 12lbs so a little way to go yet! I’ll be happy at 9 stone though and see how I feel then.

Good luck.

We can do this.

My BMI say's I should be between 7st 13lb and 10st 11lb for my 5ft 5in height, but I know that is not for me. I lost weight once before and got to 11st and looked absolutely ill. My ideal would be between 11st and 11st 7lb.

It also say's that Allen should be the same, but he has never been anywhere near that all the time I have known him 48yrs. We have been married for 45yrs and his arthritis in his knees is really holding him back. All he want's the weight loss to do is make him a bit more mobile.

We can do this and it shows it is never too late to start.

Good luck.x

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Just about to go out now and meet up with some friends and for a bite to eat. Wish me luck choosing healthily!

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Hi all I'm new here do u have any veggie plans ?


Try looking under Topics (on the right of my screen)

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Hi and welcome, kaz :)

We don't have diet plans, as such, just guidelines for healthy eating.

I'd like to invite you to join our Newbie Club, which we hope will be a good place for you to connect with members, who are also just starting out. If you just post a few words to introduce yourself and respond to others there, you'll soon break the ice. Here's the link


You'll find all the information you need to navigate the forum in the header, so please take the time to read it carefully.

Wishing you all the best :)

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Fab poster Trimmerteacher such wise words.

I will be back later to post my food.


Hi kaz1974 and welcome to the Daily Diary. There are lots of lovely veggie recipes in the recipe thread to the right of the home page. Good luck.

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Thank u I'm still trying to find my way around here x


Keep posting and it’ll get easier.

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hi, trimmerteacher and thanks for hosting. Great tip. I've stuck to plan today, but I'm a bit worried that I'm not eating enough (never thought I'd say those words) I've eaten everything I planned, plus a few extra snacks and I'm now having a gin and tonic, but it still only comes to 1300 and my target is 1700. The only things I can think of to add extra calories and that are available in the house are cake, alcohol or biscuits, all out for being either unhealthy or too many carbs. I might have a mince pie and cream if I can't think of anything else. Tomorrow I'll do the park run which makes me peckish, then we're out to friends for tea.

B- spinach and mushroom omelette 300, half grapefruit 25

L- soup 200

D- no idea, but hopefully only 700, then small portion of pudding 300

tea and coffee 150


I find Greek yogurt with a few nuts and dried fruit adds some calories in a healthy way without bulk.

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thank you, that's helpful. I've had a hard boiled egg, some cheese and brazil nuts, so that should be me done for the day

You need to add healthy fats back into your diet, rutheliza. 1 tblsp of olive oil, is 110 calories. A medium avocado is 227 calories. Double cream is 138 calories, for 2 tblsp. It's easy to add calories, without adding junk food :)

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good idea, thanks, I'll try doing that

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Bonsoir mes amis, i so agree with your poster TT and try to live by it. With varying levels of success. Id advise anyone trying to take on that ethos to make small swaps of weekday rules to start with. It can be overwhelming to try to change eveything all at once.. even small moves in the right direction will help.

My friday is going swimmingly. I have stuck to the plan. Dinner is in the oven. And I'm enjoying a nice glass of red. An expensive bottle reduced to an acceptable price and now in a loving home.

Sat menu - working overtime for more wine money.

B - Bio yoghurt, a couple of nuts and seeds, coffee, a mince pie wups (400)

L - Smoked mackerel pate on toasted wholemeal pitta, cup tea (400)

D - Pan fried salmon and broccoli in a creamy sauce on quinoa and wild rice. (700)

Treats - 1 small glass wine, 1 pkt my favoutite 70 calorie crisps, dark chocolate, rice cake with almond butter (400)

Total 1900 - week average of 1500/day

Thank you for your lovely post Trimmerteacher


hi, happybee, what a nice day and evening you're having. Hope your weekend goes well

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Thank you TrmmerTeacher thank you for hosting Saturday's D.D. After having a up and and down health wise but a good week in weight loss.

Breakfast is Allbran with some prunes and a coffee with skimmed milk.

lunch I will be out most of the day. I will have my main meal when I am out (don't know what that will be yet).

Dinner will be some thing light. I will not go over 1600 calories

I will be walking around a Christmas market, so that will be my exercise for tomorrow. Have a good Saturday . I will have a look in when I get back home.


Enjoy the market but stay off the stollen and mulled wine!

I will it is just as well I don't like the stollen. But no comment on the mulled wine.

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I adore Stollen (lived in Germany several years, got a taste for all things Deutsch!) I’ve bought some, but hidden it away, too dangerous to start it in November!

hi, Caroline, hope you're feeling better. Enjoy the Christmas market, should be gorgeous

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Thank you I have good days and bad I have to live with it.

Well I’ve got my day organised now (I think). So breakfast will be shredded wheat, with milk and banana, 288 cals. Lunch is half an avocado with two rashers crispy bacon and a Longley Farm yogurt, 464 cals. Dinner is Hairy Dieters beef goulash with cauliflower, fruit salad and tblsp Greek yogurt, 453 cals. Just enough for me to have a glass of Sauvignon Blanc 🍷 (wrong colour, I know) and that should total 1300 exactly.

Love the Diary - helps me plan so much more precisely than I would otherwise, and that plannng ensures I stay within my target calories. 👍


Hope you have an excellent saturday Trimmerteacher and enjoy your vino. I agree without the Daily Diary things would be much more freestyle especially at the weekends! :)

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Hi trimmerteacher, lovely food. I find the daily diary very helpful as well. This is the first time I've stuck to a healthy eating plan for longer than a few weeks. I've always given up before when I don't see results straightaway

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And it’s great for getting new ideas too. So many things I’ve tried now, which I’d never even heard of before, like skyr, and chia, and overnight oats to name a few.

Brilliant tip!

Tomorrow's plan for me hasn't been accurately counted yet:

B. Bacon and tomato sandwich.

L. Kale and chorizo salad

D. Chilli con carne with jacket potato. Had an overwhelming need for this lately!

Am hoping to go for a short run first thing and a dog walk after lunch.

Happy Saturday all.


Great menu throughout. I had chorizo last night with my butternut and chilli 'stew'...mmmm! Then chilli con carne... yum!

Good luck with the exercise.


Enjoy your jacket potato! I'll also be having a jacket tonight :)

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Kale and chorizo sounds delicious!

Morning everyone and cheers TT for hosting the DD.

Not much to say today :O apart from have woken up and been listening to a plethora of 80's bands on Children in Need for about an hour now... TUUUUUNES!!!

B: 40g porridge, fresh fruit, chia seeds, maple syrup & cinnamon. Tom juice & worc sauce and black teas.

L: Found a tin of stuffed vine leaves in the cupboard, so some of them and a quick tomato and onion sauce plus maybe some black olives as well. I don't know how many cals in a tin yet so will munch accordingly.

S: Need to minimise whatever this is going to be as I'm going to try and make jam doughnuts. When I'm moaning at my Sunday weigh-in just remind me about this :)

Snacks: Apart from failing spectacularly 2 nights ago, these have now been limited to an apple and 2 tangerines an evening for nearly two weeks now.

Ex: this is my rest day, so just dog walking and what may be the final push to clear out the garage.

Have a good day/weekend everyone.


Enjoy your doughnut making session - but you're much braver than me - don't let the floodgates open! Enjoy your vine leaves lunch too, remember to add a squeeze of lemon, the secret ingredient of most mezze cooking :)


Thanks but no floodgates occurring here. I feel so strong now and already know how many I'll have. Plus with the weigh in tomorrow, I refuse to sabotage myself 'yet again'.

When I was about 17/18 I spent 18 months working in a Greek restaurant which is where I got to enjoy the food so much. I sometimes host Greek nights and as you say lemon is often key.


Great - you sound on top of it especially knowing tomorrow is weigh in day! It sounds like you're genuinely looking forward to today's food odyssey. Have fun :)


I like that phrase 'food odyssey'. :)

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Stay strong Tiggerr !

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Jam doughnuts? Ooh heaven!

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Never made them before plus myself and desserts (especially any requiring yeast)... we're not the best of friends. It's just that now and then I forget how disastrous it's going to be and I have another go. Eternal occasional optimism.


Good morning Trimmerteacher and thank you for hosting today :)

I was so tired last night that I didn't even think about, let alone write, my DD for today so here goes:-

B - porridge and two coffees

L - out with my Canadian cousin and her husband at the oldest pub on/by the river where I live. Shall try to be cautious with what I eat but time will tell ....

S - hopefully a light one to make up for what I had at lunchtime plus yoghurt

Snacks - fruit

Water - amap

Exercise - brisk walk to the pub and back and possibly visiting the Backs so as to avoid the centre of town on a Saturday!

Tip - keep warm and happy


I'm often too tired to write up the day before hence why I'm often languishing at the bottom here :)

Sounds like you'll have a good time with your cuz and you're managing your supper time menu accordingly.

Enjoy your walk too.


Thank you Tiggerr :)

I have had to take out a lot of family history papers so we can work out how we are related. At the moment I think she and I share a great-grandfather but need to ask her!

I hope you have a good day too.....


Just imagine we’re all watching you in that pub, Villageduckpond ! 🤣

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Ooooerrrr .....

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Good morning everybody. I hope that everybody is having a good day today? :-)

Today I am having the following:


Thick white braces toast with olive spread and a milk chocolate mini roll (oops!) - 425 calories


Not sure yet


My friend's cooking what he describes as his 'Saturday dinner' which is a combination of breaded fish, baked beans, eggs, scampi etc. I'm also going to have a tube of Smarties afterwards (I know another oops!) but the total amount will come to 1,348 calories.

In total my calories come to approx. 1,773 so far.

I know my menu does not sound that healthy today but am away for the weekend spending time with my friends in a remote part of the country so difficult as dictated a bit by what they are having and cooking etc. but still pleased that it's still within the calories I should be having though.

Happy Saturday to you all. :-)


Hey, Life is still for living, even when you’re counting calories, StephyCara , but stay focused and you’ll be fine.

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Will do Trimmerteacher and thank you. :-)

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Like TT has said, life is for living. Good luck!


hi, StephyCara, I'm sure you'll be fine if you're within your calorie allowance anyway. Hope your enjoying your weekend away


Thank you rutheliza - having a great weekend and hope you have a lovely weekend too.

Morning Trimmerteacher.

Starting day 3 of the BSD with my hubby. He has decided he wants to join in the reduction plan.

We are having a brunch day today so we will start with Full English breakfast.

Brunch: Sausage, bacon, mushrooms, black pudding, tomato and egg. 330 calories.

Dinner: Greek salad of Tomato, cucumber, red onion, grapes and feta. 250 calories.

Snacks of fruit, celery and cream cheese and nuts to make up the 220 or more calories.

Tea, coffee and water to keep hydrated.

If it goes slightly over not too worried.

Hope you have a wonderful afternoon.x


Mmm that sounds absolutely delicious! How can that be a diet?? 😊

It was absolutely delicious, but I have just put the meal together for tonight and really just like a side salad with feta, so will put something else with it. (possibly some ham). It is still a doable reduction. My husband Allen needs a little bit of flexability or he will get bored.

When weight comes off these meals are probably going to be some I will use frequently.

Weigh in tomorrow so I will see how it goes.x

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Fingers crossed! 🤞

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Thank you Trimmerteacher for being a great host in today's DD and supporting everyone. :)

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