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I’m a sugar addict

So today I had an appointment with one of the GP’s at the surgery I go to, he started going on about my weight (which is not what I was there for) and I mentioned about doing the plan and mentioned sometimes I struggle as I have a sweet tooth, to which he stated that I was more than likely addicted to sugar. I have never really thought about it this way.

So thinking about everything I can admit I am a sugar addict, when I’m feeling down I reach for something sweet, sweetener isn’t good enough for me.

So I want to kick the addiction, I’ve seen a few people on here doing things such as cutting out sugar.

I’ve been looking at labels and being careful around calories and sugar my main thing is sweet treats which I calorie count but ignore the rest. Any tips on how a sugar junkie can kick the habit

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Hi there, sugar addiction is real, your GP is absolutely correct. I am a carb addict, not quite the same, but just as bad. I have found no magic formula other than to cut down and keep yourself disciplined. It does get easier as you start to retrain your body. You could try cutting down gradually and make some food swaps. But , I wouldn't go mad for things full of artificial sweetners. Fruit and some dark chocolate would be my suggestions. There are some reformed sugar addicts on here and I am sure that they will pop along soon to help. The good news is that you have decided to do something about it. Good luck. James


Could you wean yourself off of refined sugary things and have small portions (weighed and calorie counted portions) of fruit which are sweet?

Dried apricots, dates, raisins, sultanas, banana chips, coconut pieces or slivers.. All have fructose which is a natural sugar to distract you from processed sweet things and then work on cutting them down as they are still high in calories, but have the benefit of also having fibre..?

Cheering you on to win this one 🎉🎉🎉


Hi Rebecca, my tip would be to make sure you eat enough at meal times so you don’t get hungry in between and reach for snacks.

I’m a sugar addict too, I would much rather have sweet things than savoury. Over the past year I have found that a little honey or maple syrup on full fat Greek yogurt satisfies my craving. I usually have it at breakfast then avoid all sweet things apart from fruit for the rest of the day. If I give in, I almost always end up bingeing on sweet things!

I think it’s best to go cold turkey to be honest, and then see what little treats (like honey) you can maybe reintroduce without it kicking off a binge. It can be done.

Good luck!



Just seen this mentioned on the Daily Diary. Might be helpful.

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Hello Rebecca-F.

I find chopped apple, pear, ready to eat apricots and a few walnuts put into a box for those challenging moments in the day. If it is prepared beforehand, less likely to reach for chocolate and other sweet treats.

Hope this helps.xxx


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