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Versatile vegetables

I never have a problem getting my daily quota of vegetables. I love them!

Roasting and stir-frying take many plain, boring vegetables to a different level! Don't be afraid to experiment!

Tonights dinner was a veritable feast of colour and flavour.

Butternut squash roasted in olive oil with paprika (189 cals)

Stir fried cabbage and leek, fried in butter and olive oil (108 cals)

Topped with 60g of goats cheese (164 cals) and 10g of toasted pine nuts (70 cals).

Total 531 cals

And this is what it looks like!

Amazing flavours and very filling!


400g Butternut, 7ml of olive oil, half a tsp of paprika

50g of leeks, 80g of savoy cabbage, 3ml of olive oil, 5g of butter

60g of Goats cheese

10g of pine nuts (toasted)

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Funnily enough mine is on a similar theme! I have squash, red onion, garlic and rosemary in the oven as we speak. For my protein I have had a few grams of cheese whilst waiting for it all to cook ...... to perfection, of course .....wink, wink!

I must check my breath tomorrow, however, as I don't want to be anaesthetising the patients unnecessarily!


Awww, sure they'll survive! Your combination sounds lovely!


Vegetables are indeed extremely versatile, and I love the look of your meal tonight, Pineapple27 - it looks really delicious! :-)

Zest :-)


A meal isn't a meal without vegetables Pineapple and we had some similar ones with our meal. Roasted butternut squash, wilted spinach with toasted pine nuts, courgette sauteed in garlic butter and braised red cabbage, with bacon and onion :)

Veggies rule!! :)


Oooh I was just thinking what to do with the half butternut squash I have left . . . And goats cheese only improves anything it goes on!! 😊

Looks fab, thank you for sharing


Looks great!! Thank you.

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