After a delightful day yesterday of completing a week dieting and loosing 8 and 1/4 pounds, I find myself on the scales this morning with a 1/4 of a pound weight gain... I know it such a tiny amount, but my lifestyle has changed dramatically over the last 8 days I really don’t understand how I have gained it. It’s so frustrating, however, I know we fluctuate... let’s hope for better results in the next few days! I won’t let this deter me !!

Thanks for all your support people xx


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5 Replies

  • I suspect, Charley, that your first week loss of 8.25lbs, was mainly water and over the past week, your body has been readjusting.

    As a rule of thumb, 1 - 2lbs per week is an average weight loss, so you've actually lost 4-8 week's worth. A couple of weeks maintaining, in the whole scheme of things, won't hurt at all :)

    Keep up the great work :)

  • I agree. Body is adjusting to the changes. Mine fluctuates a couple pounds up and down every few days. Don't weigh so often or you will make yourself crazy!!

  • Hi Charley6. 8 lbs loss in a week is amazing - and tbh - unsustainable. If you eat too few calories your body will get used to it and go into starvation mode when it thinks it’s never going to be fed again! The aim always used to be 1000 calories but this is so generic, doesn’t take account of where you start and - even for a shorty like me - is too low. I aim for 1300 calories a day - some days it’s a little more, some a little less and it means that I lose half a pound a week or thereabouts. Taller ladies (and gents) can probably eat more and still lose weight. The. NHS bmi calculator will give you a target if your bmi is over 25. The main benefit of this is that you also learn about food - to paraphrase Sybil Fawlty you would think that that is the art of the blooming obvious but I certainly needed to learn new habits, even though I thought my diet was pretty good! A 2lbs weekly target would be good long term and even then you might have a few gains along the way. I decided not to weigh myself between weigh ins - if I had gained I headed for the biscuits to punish myself and if I had lost I headed for the biscuits to treat myself! It was lose, lose - but not in a good way! Anyway, welcome to the forum, you will get all the support you need - plus a few laughs along the way.

  • Hi Charley6, I do hope you weren't expecting that weight loss every week! As other posters have said, it's unsustainable.

    I've no idea what you're aiming for medium/long term, but in the short term, aim for something realistic and you're more likely to be pleased with the result week on week. Then that gives you a boost for the next week.

    And as another poster said, don't weigh yourself every day; you'll drive yourself demented! How about focusing on eating the way your body needs and see what happens? The results may not be so quick but they're likely to be more longlasting :)

    All the best!

  • I had to learn not to weigh everyday the hard way. I drove myself literally batty and have to lose 70 pounds on top of that. So I just weigh in on my weigh day. And people around me like that better of me. My eating is healthier and exercise is great. Weight does fluctuates and so many ways.

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