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Daily Diary Monday 13th November

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the daily diary for Monday!

The picture explains my relationship with food in a nutshell. The Blood Sugar Diet has taught me to find alternative ways of dealing with stress instead of turning to food.

I’m sure many of you can relate to this!

If you are joining us for the first time, a big welcome to you.

This is where we post our meal plan for the following day with if possible our calorie count for each meal and the total calorie range for the day.

I find it a great source of inspiration for myself.

If you are planning to excercise it would be very useful to tell us what you have planned.

Please can I ask you all to comment on at least one other persons post.

As I am following the Blood Sugar diet so 800 calories a day is my limit.

Tomorrow looks like this:

Bfast - Greek yogurt with nuts, seeds & berries 200

Lunch - Watercress, orange & sardine salad 320

Dinner - Chinese duck with green pancakes ( pancakes being little gem lettuce leaves ) served with hoi sin sauce 340

Total 860 cals Slightly over but think I will let that one slip by!

Exercise - Spin class booked!

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Great point and well made Morgancando.

Thanks for hosting, I will be back later with my food for tomorrow.


So, i am back.

Tomorrow will be ...

Brunch: 2 egg omelette with cheese and avocado.

Dinner: Slow cooked chicken, tender stem broccoli and sprouts.


Hi Ceals

I tried brunch twice last week & it really did work for me, so will be doing it again this week.

Also like the idea of avocado in an omelette.


I just love avocado, try to eat one a day when I can. I don't usually cook the avocado when I am having an omelette, just have it on the side. I often cook avocado at other times though and it really changes it.


I usually have avocado on the side but I find it really gorgeous in eggs when it's finely minced or even roughly mashed. It's like adding cream.


Will try that, thanks.

I do like brunch on Saturdays but during the week its not possible with work (dont think they would be too impressed if i slipped of at 10.30 to cook my bacon and eggs!!


I would love to eat like I do at the weekends for the whole week! I agree Hidden work might object 😟

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Sounds almost identical to my day today Ceals yum.

If it good enough you wakywoo it is certainly good enough for me!

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Great menu Ceals. I have avocado most days but never tried it hot. Will try it soon.


You are doing so well.. So proud of you 👍🏻🌟⭐️✨


Thanks Minnie, it does feel as though I am making progress, albeit slow.

You challenged me ages ago to set a target and I did - huge surprise to me as I usually don't. I am in danger of hitting it - the deadline was for Christmas. That isn't my final goal, plenty more to go after that!


Go Ceals 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

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Thank you!


Sounds lush dazzle !

I must remember that motto this week. I have been very busy the last few days and know I need energy but without cutting the unnecessaries I will never get off this plateau!

Tomorrow I will aim to stick to my plan and nothing more:

B. Peanut butter overnight oats with berries and seeds

L. 3 poached eggs on seeded toast with almond butter. Banana and almond milk smoothie.

D. Garlic mushroom penne with salad.

No snacks!

Exercise. Dog walk, Cross trainer and yoga.

Approx. 2000 calories.

Have a great day all!


Active_43, your DD sounds delicious but I feel exhausted reading about your exercise routine for the day :)


I sleep well! 😀


I am sure you do!




Love.y food Active. I think poached is my favourite way of cooking eggs but seem to have abandoned them for omelettes at the moment


OMG that all sounds so good Active_43

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Eggs seem a popular choice for lunch today with lots of people


Almond butter and eggs!? I love both ingredients but would be frightened to try them together! Your garlic mushroom pasta on the other hand inspires only the fear that id never stop eating


It's a lovely combo.

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egg and almond?

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Heavens is it already that time of day? I am still digesting the Greek yoghurt I had this afternoon as a treat!

Hello @dazzle and thank you for hosting. I do like your poster but in my case I am perhaps being somewhat guided by what healthy food I can eat and so that rather takes priority. Does that make sense?

Also, I am wondering if you are in the United Kingdom because it is pretty cold where I am and I am not so keen on salad anymore :)

My DD for tomorrow will be:-

B - porridge with fruit and two coffees

L - home-made soup, other half of the two egg cheese omelette from lunch time today and a hot vegetable (possibly defrosted ratatouille), yoghurt

S - chicken breast, perhaps a baked potato and roasted squash (note to self to not dirty the oven as it has just been cleaned)

Snacks - fruit

Water - amap but warm when possible

Exercise - some gardening if the weather is good if notquite a bit of much needed thorough housework

Tip - keep smiling if you can :)


Hi Villageduckpond

I live in Shropshire and it is cold here today but, I have no problem eating salads. Just find them really nutritious.

You’ve also given me the idea of making a batch of ratatouille and freezing it in small portions.


Good news. I do love a bit of hot rat.


Always keep smiling x


Plus a good laugh if you can :)

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I love the idea of frozen ratatouille

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It freezes well and is a good back-up

Hi 👋 my day is

B,porridge with blueberries semi skimmed milk 181cals

L,carrot and coriander soup, wholemeal toast spread with laughing cow cheese,sm banana 283cals

D, salmon,rice with peppers and peas. Jelly peaches and yogurt


Leaving some cals for snacks etc aiming for1000-1150 cals

Aquafit class and gym booked so looking forward to the new day. Thanks for hosting and wishing everyone a good day


Hi prawncess I made carrot & coriander soup in my shop last week & added some leeks as well. Very popular!


All that sounds lovley prawncess especially the salmon 😊. Enjoy


my favourite soup!!


Lovely grub!!

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Thank you hosting:)

Breakfast- 2 egg spinach cheese omelette toast coffee 397 calories

Lunch - weight watchers tuna sweet corn on gluten free bread cream of vegetable soup 346 calories

Dinner - vegetable stir fry with boiled rice chicken on the side. 335 calories

Snacks - fruits, popcorn 229 calories (guessing)

No exercising day of rest. 20 minutes of stretching though and house work.


😂guessing 229?? 🤣




hahaha - educated guess!!


Lovely sounding menu ShadowDee especailly the cheese and spinach omelette 😊. Yum

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I thanks Anna I just don't know which fruit to have for snacking. I'll see what they have tomorrow morning. Got a bad batch of oranges last shop.


Good evening dazzle and thank you for hosting 😊

I’ve had a busy couple of days but stuck to plan more or less

Tomrrow will be a boiled egg with ryvita and sliced tomato

Lunch is lentil soup with grated cheese and an apple

Dinner is vegetable pasta bake with wholemeal pasta and an orange

Exercise is 30-45 minutes of cardio plus some strength training including kettle bell swings

Tip,of the day is something I’ve just read on another post by Pineapple27

”If you don't keep a log of what you are eating and the calories foods contain, then it's a bit like trying to travel from one place to another without a map! You might get there eventually BUT it's likely to take you much longer than if you planned the route and used a map PLUS you might take a few wrong turnings and end up going back on yourself!” very wise words 😊


wise words indeed


Hi IndigoBlue61

Brilliant advice!


When are you going to invite me over to sample your delicious menus IndigoBlue61 I would eat every last morsel! Not sure I could keep up with all that exercise though. Kettle bells sound dangerous!

Pineapple27 is a very wise woman!


Awww, thanks Morgancando :-)


Love that saying


Awww, thanks IndigoBlue61 !!

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Had a lovely relaxing afternoon at my parents - as predicted dinner included a very yummy piece of apple strudel with ice-cream.........would have been rude to refuse.

Tomorrow is my new plan of more protein - still struggling to up the calories though!!

B - 2 bacon medallions, 2 eggs, 2 tomatoes, baked beans -400 approx

L - 1/2 can tomato soup, cheese topped roll, apple and satsuma - 385

T - chai chicken meal pack plus rice and veg - 450

Plus milk in tea

Totals 1282 (my fitness pal calculations)

Have added a Go Ahead Apple bake for 124 - just to increase calories - may not eat though

Feel like that's loads to eat - don't think i would need more than that??


I agree Hidden. Who could refuse apple strudel and ice cream?

Well done for upping the protein, your menu sounds perfect.


I know how you feel.. Upi find I have to eat more to reach the recommended calorie goals, but when I do, it works.

Glad your weren't rude to your parents 😉

Hi dazzle thanks for hosting. I am starting week 5 of BSD. I have slipped over a few times recently, but keep to the principles. The cold weather hasn't helped!

B - mini egg and bacon quiche -119 cals

L- veg soup - coconut flour muffin, slice of beef and one tomato 270

D - home made salmon and smoked haddock fishcakes with celeriac mash and broccoli- 330

S- almond milk latte, Greek yog and raspberries, a sprinkle of flaked toasted almonds - 160

Total 879

Ex - netball and Pilates


Mmm! Those fish cakes sound delicious wakywoo. An all round lovely menu for so few calories. Well done for sticking with the BSD. Can't wait to see how much weight you've managed to lose while on it.


My target was 16 lbs. I am on 11 at the half way mark. Fingers crossed!


That is amazing! Do you have others to cook for too and if so how do you manage catering for them as well?

Seriously? It all sounds so good for so few calories!! Enjoy every bite 😉

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Thanks. No potato in fish cakes and mini quiche is mini!


Sounds lovely.. Your doing so well.. soon be another stone badge!

Hi wakywoo

Your menu looks great! Amazing what you can do with 800 calories.

I had a wobble mid week but, managed to pull myself together!

I tried celeriac mash last week & enjoyed it.

Good luck this week!

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You too dazzle ! I have found it easy to stick to the food, but have to watch the portion sizes creeping up!

Really like the sound of those fish cakes


Hi dazzle and thank you for hosting. I must say I'm trying very hard to not let food be my boss these days but I really have had to work at it.

Your menu, especially the dinner, sounds lovely.

Tomorrow I'll have;

B - porridge with strawberries, full fat Greek yoghurt and tsp honey - 326 cals

L -Warm wholemeal pitta bread filled with houmous, tomatoes, lettuce and red onion - 240 cals and an orange - 69 cals

D - Left over nut roast ( which I brought home from my daughter's after dinner there today so not sure of the calories) app' 400 cals, with roasted vegetables and a salad - 198 cals, followed by tinned pears and evaporated milk - 112 cals ( a childhood favourite )

Total of 1,345 cals. I'm aiming for 1,500 so maybe a handful of nuts.

Exercise - Walking around the Tate Liverpool and museums with hubby.

Tip - Look in the mirror every day and tell yourself ' YOU'RE WORTH IT' because you are!

Have a great Monday everyone.


Lovely menu and great tip.

Enjoy your day out with hubby.

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I will thank you Minniewinny. You have a good day too.

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Hi Morgancando

Porridge is certainly featuring a lot on menus at the moment! Sign of the colder mornings!

Our son is in Liverpool uni & we love going to see him & walking around the city.

Have a lovely time!

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It is a wonderful city. Hubby has just suggested we have lunch out while we are there, so that puts paid to my menu but I'll try to keep to my allowance!

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You're not alone in your struggle Morgancando Having a battle myself. You're doing well and the best thing by keeping posting here.

Walking around museums and galleries is actually quite wearing and good exercise. I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself.


I’m sure I will Tiggerr We’ve decided to make a day if it and have lunch too now, so my DD will change slightly.


The good thing I've found is that if you post in the DD that the changes you make are far more informative and controlled.

"Grape scoffer"... lm o


Grapes rule! Ok 👌

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Too right. I have them every day, as part of the fresh fruit in my porridge.

Snap! I either have grapes, strawberries or frozen mixed fruit. I’ve always eaten porridge anyway and that it’s very filling is a bonus while counting calories.

Very nice menu! Love pitta bread! Good tip. The more self worth we feel the more likely we are to look after ourselves


Hello dazzle . Thank you for hosting the Daily Diary. Well done on sticking to the bsd... lovely menu 😋

My Sunday went well..

Mondays plan is...

45 Carbs. 39 Fat. 50 Protein.

2 boiled eggs & salad cream - 221

H/m chicken, sweetcorn & noodle soup - 251

Rotisserie chicken with skin, green beans & white cabbage - 314

Total - 786 (NHS BMI range 1350 - 1736). Fasting day 600-800 calories

Minimum of 1 & 1/2 litres water

Exercise planned is to walk our dog 👟👟 🐕🐾🐾

Tip for today... Enjoy the forum, the more you are involved the more you will benefit!

Cheering us all on 🎉🎉🎉


Hi Minniewinny

Love your menu. I’m definitely not drinking enough water so my aim is to put that right this week!


Thank you dazzle I fill a bottle each day and aim to drink it..

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Great tip!

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Tasty menu Minniewinny for such few calories.

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Thanks Tiggerr

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Nice winter warmers on the menu Minnie! Enjoy!

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I could eat everything on your menu Minniewinny. I couldn't agree more with your tip.

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Thanks Morgancando - The forum can be addictive, but such a great distraction and encouragement when needed.

I am trying low carb and quite enjoying the cabbage and other green veg - its easier and quicker than potatoes!

A good thing to be addicted to though, hey!

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hi dazzle, thanks for posting, I can certainly relate to your poster. Tomorrow I'll be having

B- porridge, prunes(found a packet of dried prunes in the cupboard and they're quite nice in porridge or yoghurt) 400

L- veg and lentil soup 200

D- lasagne with butternut squash instead of pasta 450

snacks - apple, orange, Greek yoghurt, tinned peaches 200

tea and coffee 150

target of 1700 so slightly under, so I'll add a boiled egg or some nuts if I've stuck to my plan. Hope everyone has a good day


Hi rutheliza

I keep meaning to make the lasagne with the squash. Sounds really tasty!

I've found so much in the cupboards since starting here. I find being here helps us be more inventive and creative.

I'm going to have to make your lasagne too, sounds intriguing. I'm into butternut even more than I used to be.

You sound like you've got everything well in hand.

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Lovely menu, will be having similar things myself on this chilly day rutheliza

It is the time of year for soups, enjoy. I am planning on making a veg and barley soup later in the week which I have not tried before

Nice lasagne idea! Have u tried it before. I'm yet to try those sheets and wonder if it's Nice!

hi happybee, I've done it once before. Just normal lasagne but with sheets of butternut squash instead of pasta. It's nice, the squash has a similar consistency to pasta when it's cooked, so you don't really notice the difference. No adverse comments from the children, which is good. However, I looked in the freezer this morning and didn't have any mince, so I've switched to meatballs and will do the lasagne tomorrow instead

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Good evening thank you for hosting dazzle. It is the start of a nother week. I hope everyone has a good week. It is good to be on the forum with all you lovely folk. Breakfast will be porridge with a banana and a coffee. Lunch home made soup Spinach and Kale. Dinner meat free sausage and veg. 1100 calories so I will have 2 easy peel orange and some mixed nuts. I really hope you all have a great Monday.


Lots of winter warming food Caroline62 and for such few calories.

Have a good Monday too.

Hello dazzle and all. Thank you for hosting today's DD.

I wish I could stop it. A week without snacking went south last night when an iced bun found it's way onto my plate. Managed to cut it in half and spread jam on it. I'm shaking my head even as I write this.

So today...

B: Back to porridge, fresh fruit, maple syrup & cinnamon. Tom juice & worc sauce and trying out a third tea out of four, which I'm taking black at the moment.

L: Some of the leftover tuna, pasta, tomato chili, olive bake. I added black beans into it yesterday which helped me reduce the amount of pasta.

S: Plenty of tuna bake left :)

Snacks: Apple and tangerines (I always have these, just don't know why I didn't yesterday)

Ex: Dog walking and another day of moving rubbish to the tip.

All the best everyone.


oh, tiggerr, that iced bun, I'm shaking my head for you too. Still, well done for getting straight back on the wagon, no snacking today. Your menu sounds good, hope your day goes well

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Thank you :)

Sorry Tiggerr, but I laughed like a drain at icedbunwithjamgate!! :D

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Glad to hear I'm keeping you amused today. My work here is done... and with a flourish, exit stage left.

You're another that will need paying, Tiggerr! :D

I was silly at the weekend too Tiggerr. Bottle of white wine found its way into my fridge. Somehow much of it is still there. Had a couple of glasses, was nice, but thinking on it I was actually missing my usual kombucha routine, ended up stopping at far less than I usually would. Maybe we need to remind ourselves every now and again why the old favourites aren't top of the list anymore! :)

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A couple doesn't sound too bad plus you managed to stop and your healthy kombucha routine was at least calling you.

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Yes, and you only had one iced bun. And some jam :)

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Some sense in that as there was/is still one in the fridge. :)

There appears to be an epidemic of things magically appearing over the weekend. For Tiggerr it was an iced bun, for Ruth_canal_runner wine and for me beer. :D

Today is:-

Brekkie - sardines on GF seed bread and tomato

Lunch - potato, leek and chickpea soup

Dinner - veggie rogan josh with cashews

Snacks - carrot batons, herbal teas

Total calories - 1080


hi jem, your menu sounds lovely. We used to eat sardines on toast but I'd forgotten about them so it's nice to be reminded

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They were very nice rutheliza thank you.

Love that poster. I need to stop feeling that I can’t say no. I need to learn to say, just a glass of water instead of large white when I have to eat out for work.

Meal plan for today

B muesli bread with peanut butter 350

L Mexican soup, chilli crackers 200

D smoked mackerel salad 150

Snack malt loaf, fruit, brunch bar 300

Total 1,000 but am away 3 days so saving up for later

Exercise 10k steps but no time for more


Let us know if you work out how to say no to the large white wine. I have yet to learn that skill - socially, yes, but at work it seems extra hard to turn it down! I like the sounds of all your menu by the way, excellent work fitting that into 1000 cals. Hope it's all delicious :)

Hello and thanks for hosting dazzle , completely agree with the poster and feel I was the boss this weekend instead of food for once! I won't list all the things I avoided but included sticky toffee pudding, garlic bread ....

I also found that after the first day of overindulgence (Friday night didn't go quite to plan) I then stuck to healthy eating and no alcohol for the rest of the weekend and consequence is no weight gain for once, woo hoo. Just as well as being whisked off to Paris next weekend, sure there will be things to tempt me there too.


B: Porridge/banana/seeds/greek yoghurt, 320

L: Spicy veg and lentil soup, Ryvita and 30g cheddar 400 approx

D: Cottage pie with plenty of veg, sweet potato mash on top. 500

Snacks if hungry fruit, almonds, jelly, aiming for around 1500

Exercise a swim and a dog walk.

Have a good day everyone.


Ooh Paris sounds exciting! There is the French cuisine in Paris of course, but there is also an old Moroccan community, probably a sizeable Turkish community now too, and last time I went there was an excellent Vegan cafe near Sacre Coeur, I think the area round there is amazing for stuff like that. So lots of food delights to explore that haven't been stuffed full of butter (apparently that's what makes all French food so delicious!) Mind you my recommendations may be out of date as I think it's over 10 years since I last went!

Hope you have an excellent day, and congrats on reining it in over the weekend. :)

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Thanks for the info Ruth_canal_runner yes I'm sure I won't have difficulty finding things that are delicious to eat there! Will try to keep off the pastries and cake at least. Glad to hear you are doing so well with the food planning and shopping, your menu is really nice.

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Thank you, you're making me remember some great trips to Paris. I went a few times in my 20s but nothing since... it seems so easy to just catch a train over, maybe that makes me lazy about planning to go. I'll have to plan a trip back there soon :)

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Good morning dazzle you sound on top form for a Monday, especially your attitude to not letting food cravings take over when stress strikes. I think that's one most of us struggle with.

I have a solid plan I think. 2nd week back on the calorie counting to reverse my annoying maintenance gain, and I'll see if 1800 proves to be the right level for me to lose at when I weigh in tomorrow. Although I am trying to stay slightly below where possible.

B porridge with 25g oats, 150ml almond milk, 10g ground almonds, 10g peanut butter, and 50ml 'oatly' oat cream - 361 cals

L 1x thin bagel, 70g smoked salmon, soya spread and 2x poached eggs - 405 cals

D spicy chickpea stew with tinned tomatoes, grilled aubergines, onion, carrot and spinach with 50g rice and 2 tsp mango chutney - 562 cals

Snacks - 3x coffees with soya milk, 1 x chai tea, 250ml kombucha, half a sharon fruit and a protein eat natural bar - 347 cals

Total 1675cals out of a possible 1800

Exercise - approx 8-10k cycling, plus I may also run to B&Q this evening to pick up something I've ordered last night on click & collect (it's small so I can fit it in my jacket pocket). Or I may save my run for tomorrow morning as planned. Will update!

Tip - I've planned two days in advance as over the weekend I was getting behind on remembering to enter my meals on myfitnesspal and then I wasn't posting on the DD. By planning two days in one go it then became obvious that I'm running low on fresh veg. So now I can plan my shopping a couple of days ahead, and avoid getting behind on that too. Goes to show planning is a big part of this whole process!


Woohoo, Ruth! This is fab and is bound to make a big difference to you! :)

I had to Google your 'oatly' oat cream and all of those products sound amazing! If memory serves me correctly Caroline62 has a problem with dairy and may be interested too. If my memory has failed me, which it often does, my apologies, Caroline :)

Planning is definitely key to success! :)

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I've been experimenting with some dairy free options beyond soya milk and almond milk. I tried soya cream, to try and wean myself off the usual drizzle of honey on my porridge, and then this time thought I'd experiment with oat cream. Just working my way through the dairy alternatives shelf in Holland & Barrett basically! The oat cream is delicious by the way, not that I remember what real cream tastes like anymore! :)

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I think, given time, we can accustom ourselves to virtually any tastes. I remember struggling to go from whole milk, to semi-skimmed and then back again! :)

BTW real cream is loooooooovely! ;)

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Good for you! Very happy for you that you can enjoy that lovely real cream :| :p :'(

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Good morning moreless thankyou for remembering me. I can take dairy as long as it in low fat with having problems with my intestines I am aloud very little fat . Thank you again for thinking of me.


Hello, so another Monday and another weekend been and gone. It was pretty active with an hour and a half dog walk both days. It is lovely and sunny here today and I will be going for a run later, but it will be dark by then.


Toast and jam - 174

Mini Millionaires shortbread ( I know not a great start to the day) 126

Satsuma - 21


Scrambles eggs on toast - 298


Tesco's Falafel Wrap - 432


Mini cheddars - 129

Mini sausages 120

Milk - 115

Apple - 32

Total - 1447

Mondays are always go a bit awry as I run in the evening and am not home to eat and also Tesco comes late in the day so no real food in the house.


Good poster dazzle and something I'm working on! I like your green pancakes idea, I have used iceberg leaves as a burger 'bun' but not as pancake subs, sounds GOOD! Contrary to the spirit of your poster I now want your dinner for breakfast.

My day is a slight variation what I planned on my weekly planner. Flexibility and all that. Didn't bother my lazy bum to make the planned chilli.

B - bio yoghurt, almonds, cashews and walnuts. Coffee with coconut milk. (250)

L - meat free sausage casserole (300)

D - a surprise - P is making. It will be fish. I'm guessing foil baked fish with broccoli and carrots and mash and some kind of lemon butter. Very specific guess. Let's see how well I know him. (600)

Supper - rice cakes with peanut butter and half a banana. Camomile tea (200)

Total 1350 which brings the last 7 day average to 1500/day

TIP - watch out for sugar in yoghurts. I have made the mistake of thinking organic, grass fed, bio yoghurt just wouldn' be the kind I need to check. Wrong. 14g in one of the tiny little yoghurts I frequently buy. 9g in my most commonly eaten one. I have now bought an organic grass fed yoghurt intended for babies haha. No sugar of any kind aside from the naturally occurring sugars of milk and fruit pieces. 5g total. Not that I agree with demonizing sugar, or isolating one thing as the 'problem child' but I really don't like foods being heavily marketed as healthy and then sneakily sweetened or modified. Watch out for the secret sugar!


I so agree with your Tip, Beee, it's something that makes me really mad!!! :X

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Today's menu for me (totalling approx. 1,400 calories):


Latte made with semi-skimmed milk (75 calories)

Costa butter croissant (248 calories)


Boiled egg salad from the restaurant here at work (approx. 270 calories)

Puffs flaming hot crisps (69 calories)


Sainsbury's beef in black bean sauce (566 calories)

WeightWatchers yoghurt (60 calories)

Happy Monday everybody. :-) :-) :-)

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Also forgot to put that I am had a red delicious apple and conference pear for snacks. Plus I walked to my favourite coffee bar by the river (nearly managed 10,000 steps today).

Welcome to the DD, StephyCara :)

Firstly, I'm going to ask if you entered your details into the NHS BMI calculator, for a personal calories allowance, as 1400 is a generic number?

Next, I'm going to say be very wary of low fat products, even weight watchers, as they can have hidden sugar and sweeteners. Full fat will be less processed, with fewer additives and more satiating, but have a look at HappyBeee's tip.

I would always go for full fat milk too and just think how yummy your lattes will be :)

Have you found the Topics yet? There are dozens of scrummdiddlyumptious recipes there and many of them are already calorie counted :)

Here's to the first of many menus from you :)

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Hello moreless

Thank you for your response. I have entered my details into the NHS BMI calculator and it gave me an amount between 1,522 to 1,957 (and said to try and aim a bit below the lower amount than the higher one to lose 1 to 2 pounds a week). The reason why I have gone a bit lower today is that I am staying with my friends this weekend as it's my friend's birthday and bound to have a bit more over the weekend so allowing for this.

Interesting to hear what you say about the low fat products. Maybe I'll just go for the full fat yoghurts. I actually prefer semi-skimmed milk though to full fat as I find it too creamy but don't like skimmed milk though.

Do you think I should be eating a bit more though? I actually don't count things like lettuce or broccoli and I also don't worry about the odd cup of coffee made with a little bit of semi skimmed milk. Do you think I should be counting any of these at all?

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Sorry - I meant to say that the BMI calculator said to aim towards the lower amount (not below it)!!

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All calories add up, but you'd have to eat a heck of a lot of lettuce for it to make any difference. Milk in drinks is more, but again, if you're only having a couple a day, it's minimal, but 6 a day, counts!

We always advise that you eat as much as you can, whilst still losing weight, so aim for nearer the top end of your allowance. The less your body gets used to eating now, the less it will need to maintain. Think of the future, rather than a quick fix now!

The BMI calculator says to stick to the lower end, but experience tells us differently! Many of us are here after years of yoyo dieting. We're now in it for the long haul and want a healthy lifestyle, not another diet.

You'll need full fat natural yoghurt, like Fage, not the sweet puddingy Muller type :)

You'll soon get used to full-fat milk. I thought I wouldn't, but I wouldn't go back to semi-skimmed now. Mind you, I use cream, more than milk :)

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I like that - 'think of the future, rather than a quick fix now'!! I most definitely will - thank you. :-)

I literally only have 2 or 3 cups of coffee a day (mostly just the two) so I won't worry counting these (unless I do have more - say 5 or 6).

Will try the full-fat milk and also the Fage yoghurts you mention too. So not the flavoured ones then cos of the sugar nor the 0% ones as they won't be so satisfying.

Thank you for your help with all of this. I so much want this to be for life and for the long haul as tired of always having to 'get back on the diet'!!

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I'm happy to help in any way that I can, as is everyone else, so please give a shout, if you need any assistance :)

PS: I may have some extra meat to go with my meal tonight - to keep me fuller for longer!!

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Don't go mad with the protein, as excess will be stored as fat. You're better to get your extra calories from natural fat, as strange as that may sound, so butter, cream, olive oil, coconut oil, lard, dripping, avocado, oily fish, nuts, etc :)

OK and noted. :-) PS: LOVE nuts and butter.

Brill! :)

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Hi , StephyCara, your menu sounds nice. Hope your day is going well. Happy Monday to you too


Thank you rutheliza ! :-)

Thanks dazzle for being a great host in today's DD. :)

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