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Many times should I bench press per week

Many times should I bench press per week

Remember, there is added to the bench press than simply your chest. for optimum recovery, you must solely train every part once per week with associate degree best physical exercise split. If you continue to assume you wish to bench 2 or 3 times every week, see mistake #1. you've got time to physical exercise 45-minutes on a daily basis, 4-days every week do not you.

Warm up with presses. Do five to ten reps of a weight that is adequate to your weight. Perform three sets, increasing the load ten to fifteen % every set, and resting for one to two minutes between every set. On your fourth set, select a significant weight that you just will bench for under three reps in a very row.

I'm an addict of a small arch – lifting your chest, propulsion the shoulder blades down and back, associate degrees having an anterior tilt within the pelvis. This "stand tall" position works well within the bench press as all you wish to try and do is maintain that position as you lie back.

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Thanks for that lucyajones How's the weight loss coming along?


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