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Daily Diary Sunday 12th November 2017

Hello one and all, and welcome to Sunday's daily diary. Sorry for the late posting, I meant to do this before Strictly but I missed my moment!

I'm just coming to the end of my 12 week NHS weight loss plan, and my husband said today 'you're looking slim!'. He is not the most observant man around! :-)

An extra warm welcome to any newbies out there, and of course to the regulars. This is the place to come to plan your meals and exercise, and get ideas and inspiration from other people. Planning really can help focus your mind, and I'm certain it's helping me stick to my commitments.

So, let me know what you're having, and if you're planning any exercise.

I'll be on an early shift but I'm hoping to pop out to see two of my children take part in the Remembrance Day parade.

My food plans for tomorrow:

B - canteen breakfast (probably bacon followed by a homemade fruit scone)

L - chickpea soup

D - moussaka and salad

I haven't done my calculations yet but it will be in the region of 1600-1800.

Exercise will be about 16 million steps at work :-D

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Thanks for hosting 😊

Today was a wonderful day. Stuck with the meal plan and had a good workout at rowing. Bit busy, we had the junior team, men's and ladies team. I'm still struggling with nerves when it gets too busy on the water. I don't want to capsize again.

Breakfast overnight oats with blueberries toast and coffee.

Exercise - cycle to the rowing club and back 7.5 miles in total. 6 miles of rowing 🚣🏽

Lunch - a chicken salad. But if my daughter is with me it may change. Her last day off before work. She'll want to eat out.

Dinner - baked chicken casserole with mashed potatoes

Snacks - fruit flap jack popcorn

Load up on water!!

Finishing with a cup of green tea.


water scares me even though i can swim!!!

Good menu -


Me too! Not a waterbaby, me!

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Great that you had a good day rowing and all that cycling too ShadowDee. With that amount of exercise you'll soon be a shadow of your normal usual self!

Love the sound of your menu.


Thanks :)

I never cycled to the club in winter months. Always been afraid of the wet leaves. I'll be very careful tomorrow morning.

Yes do! We don't want to hear of any injuries.

I hope the nerves settle down, the rowing sounds wonderful.

Lovely menu, enjoy the casserole and mash.

Great wrk!

Tomorrow i am hoping to go to parents for lunch so i am sure pudding of some sort will be involved so hoping to have a fairly low breakfast and tea

B - overnight porridge - smaller portion with (my newly bought) berries

L - at parents

T - gammon salad with small baked potato

Not too sure on calories - what i know totals around 1000 calories (but that is guessing at some of the food that my parents will have - they are quite predictable and it is Sunday!!)

Exercise will be at least one dog walk


Nice menu planned Hidden. Hope you enjoy lunch with your parents.


Enjoy your family time making precious new memories... and your menu too...

Well planned, have a lovely time!

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Hi Hidden . Thanks for hosting. Love the poster, seen it before, but good to have those pints reinforced!

Had a good day today, stuck to plan and managed not to nibble whilst preparing meals. 😊

Tomorrow probably eggs for breakfast. The hens have started laying again after a period of moult. So good to,have tasty eggs again!

Lunch is cheesy homemade coleslaw and ham, and a full fat yogurt.

Dinner is Hairy Dieters Cottage pie and broccoli, followed by Greek yogurt and honey. Snack a pear.

Total 1370 cals. Happy with that. Exercise is non-stop runnng Aron d after our new 🐢 puppy. That’s helping shift the last few pounds, I’m convinced.,


hope you're enjoying the new puppy. Is she house trained yet. I remember that being the hardest bit. Does the puppy not chase the hens? Our dog once had an unfortunate incident with a chicken


It’s hard work, but we only had one puddle today, which is enormous progress! She hasn’t chased the hens as she hasn’t been given the chance, but hopefully like most Farm Collies, she will ignore them as she gets older. πŸ”πŸΆπŸ”


Mmm nothing better than freshly laid eggs!

I've had the Hairy Dieters cottage pie two days on the run now, it's scrummy.

Hope your new puppy's settling in well. The pounds will be dropping off you with all that running around after him/her.


Lovely menu as always a TT..

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Ah, I would love to have chickens but our garden is tiny. I can't think of anything nicer than fresh fresh eggs!

I love your menu, cheesy homemade coleslaw sounds delish.

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Thanks for hosting Hidden . Very good poster.Hope you enjoyed Strictly as much as I did. Moussaka and salad will be delicious I'm sure. 16 million steps!! Are you serious? I managed 7,598 today and was pleased with that. lol

My menu will be;

B - A full English, bacon, sausage, tomatoes, mushrooms and scrambled eggs 356 cals

We're going to our daughter's tomorrow for a Sunday roast and as she's a vegetarian she'll probably do a nut roast for herself and I'll join her with that while the others have meat. I'm sure there'll be a dessert but as she knows I'm counting calories I hope it's something I can indulge in. I'm allowing around 900 cals with a glass of wine, but could be more. Calories I mean, not wine!

Exercise - A family walk before our roast in late afternoon.

Wishing you all a very happy Sunday.


hi morgancando, full English breakfast, perfect for the weekend. Enjoy your day with your family, sounds like a lovely day you've got planned


That sounds like a lovely Sunday.. enjoy every moment..

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I did enjoy it! Maybe I did exaggerate a *little* with my steps. My activity tracker died, but it used to count around 20k on a Sunday. No wonder my feet ache!

Have a lovely time at your daughter's, it all sounds great xx

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hi diamondblock, thanks for hosting. Hope you enjoy your day tomorrow. I'll be having

B- Overnight oats with blueberries, peanut butter and seeds, half grapefruit 350

L- grilled salmon fillet with herb and lemon butter, sweet potato and peas 300

D- half tin tuna, lettuce 150

tea and coffee 150

snacks - teaspoon peanut butter, small piece cheese, apple, nuts 400

target of 1700 so still a bit low. The kitchen is looking a bit bare till I get some more shopping, so I'm scraping around trying to find suitable snacks to reach my target.


A good menu, do you like avocado? You could maybe add a small one or half to your tuna and lettuce?

Have a lovely Sunday

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Maybe add some olives or seeds or dressing to your tuna salad?


good idea, we're out of seeds. But I can do a dressing. Think I'll have to pop to the corner shop later when I walk the dog. Next shopping day is Tues and I was hoping to hang on as there is loads in the freezer, but we've run out of eggs, seeds, milk, etc

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Just my kind of menu rutheliza. I've decided not to do a grocery shop this week apart from some fresh veg, and use whatever's in the cupboards and freezer. There's always something you can make and save money at the same time.


Good plan Morgancando. I checked my freezer and have enough to keep us going for a while. I often forget what is in there!


that's a good plan. My freezer is stuffed with bits of leftover meals

What a true poster Hidden ! Even though I am 16 lbs lighter; OH is the only one who has noticed. I did have a trouser slippage at a body balance class on Friday, but luckily tied a tight knot before I was noticed for the wrong reason!

Tomorrow we may go on a 4 mile walk to a lovely waterside cafe for brunch if the rain holds off. They do a lovely 3 egg omelette. A nice walk home for roast chicken dinner with celeriac roasties or mash with brΓ³coli.

Made a wonderful seed cracker this evening. A variety of seeds, chia seeds and water. Spread on a tray and bake for an hour. They made lots more than 10. Next time I will make a half batch. You don't need much and delicious with a sliver of cheese! Here is the link:


I am still on the BSD but now half way through and am upping cals to 850-900. This will give me more energy for some cardio classes in the week!

Tip - keep looking for new ideas and recipes to keep your eating interesting.

Have a good Sunday.


I’d love to have seen your trouser mishap wakywoo lol

Your waterside walk and brunch sounds lovely 😊

I’ve just looked at the link you posted for the crackers and will try making them soon. Thank you.πŸ™πŸΌ


Happy to share Morgancando!

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Well done for sticking with it, your menus always sound So good.

Enjoy your walk and brunch, I hope the weather is kind to you πŸ˜‰

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Thanks Minniewinny

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I am worried about my work trousers for the same reason! I really need to alter them before something awful happens.

How are you finding the BSD? Your menu sounds excellent for the calories. Have a lovely day.

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Hi Hidden the colder weather has impacted but average 2.5 lbs every week. The best bit is having no inclination to touch anything sugary at all. I do have some smaller work clothes but a few more pounds and they will need replacing.


Great results 🌟✨⭐️

For me, my face shrunk first which was very noticeable and quite odd :) More than usual that is. 16lb is a great loss, so here's to more trouser slippage (in the best posssssible taste :) )

That walk and brunch at a waterside cafe sounds idyllic.

Very much taking your tip to heart lately and enjoying every moment.

Have a good day too.

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You are doing so well sticking with the BSD, you might have to invest in new work out clothes though :)

Thanks for the cracker link will definitely try those, great idea.


They are good Sailsalot

those crackers sound nice. Well done on losing so much weight. No trouser slippage for me, just a slightly more comfortable waistband

That is how it starts rutheliza !!


Hi Hidden. Thank you for hosting the Daily Diary. Well done on completing the 12 week plan.. Your poster is very appropriate.

My Saturday went well..

Sundays plan is...

64 Carbs. 53 Fat. 86 Protein.

2 fried eggs, mushrooms, 2 smoked bacon & baked beans - 666

Thai chicken soup, 3 slices of pastrami - 291

Rotisserie chicken with skin, sweetcorn, green beans & white cabbage - 387

Total - 1344 (NHS BMI range 1350 - 1736)

Minimum of 1 & 1/2 litres water

Exercise planned is to walk our dog πŸ‘ŸπŸ‘Ÿ πŸ•πŸΎπŸΎ

Tip for today... Enjoy today, every day.. You will never get it again.

Cheering us all on πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰


Ooooh Thai chicken soup. Is that bought or home made Minniewinny?

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This one is a packet, I can't get the spices right for it!!

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Gorgeous menu there! I'd love all of that.

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Thank you, breakfast now eaten & enjoyed!

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Yummy menu Minniewinny All of that is right up my street.

Totally agree with your tip.

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Thanks glad it sounds good! It tastes good too πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

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Good evening Diamondblock. Thank you for hosting today and hope you have a good day. I will have Brunch tomorrow egg beans and a veg sausage. Don’t do this usually but I thought I would try it. Then in the evening I will have. Sausage meat free casserole which I pinch from MissyBeee. I am not going out tomorrow so I will be having a very easy day. I want to try and get the wood and nails from my hallway up the carpet was taken up but nails are every were. I want to paint it. I will try and use Sunday as a fasting day so I don’t want to go over 900 calories. I do hope everyone has a good Sunday then you will have a good week ahead.


Good luck with your fasting day, I recently tried this a couple of times and was surprised at how easy I found it.

Menu sounds pretty impressive for 900 cals.

Good luck with sorting out your hallway.

Thanks for hosting today! That nice comment from Mr Diamond will surely have boosted you to go onward! Nice food.

Sunday plan -

Breakfast - feta and spinach omelette (400)

Lunch - Coffee and cake on a visit to my mum's (400)

Dinner - quorn cheese and broccoli slice, salad (600)

Supper- 2 rice cakes with almond butter, half a banana, camomile tea, a square of 85% choc (300)

Total 1700 - average 1500/day over the week


Ooh, lovely menu! Lots of yumminess planned, have a great day :-D

Interesting that we're both having cake for lunch. I thought I'd be the odd one out.

It's good to have a day when you can relax your regime, even if only slightly.

Morning Hidden and thank you for hosting today's DD. Huge cheers for getting to the end of the 12 week plan and for your hubby actually spotting the positive changes that you've forged.

Liking your menu, especially the moussaka... nomnomnom

B: Tiggerr's eggs Benedict with samphire. Tom juice & worc sauce, black teas

L: Last of the choccy cake

S: Tuna, pasta, chili, tomato and olive bake with a cheese topping.

D: Diet tonic w Angostura and water

Ex: No jogging today just some core exercises.

Is it possible to do more than 15 million steps in a day :)


You've just reminded me that I haven't had samphire for ages, Tiggerr, thanks for that! :)

Lovely sounding food, as usual, now get cracking with those 15 million steps!! :D

Just had it and although my cheat's eggs benedict wasn't perfect the whole thing tasted really nice and one I'd do again. Haven't had samphire for nearly 20 years when I first met OH. It actually tastes better than I remember.

I'm aiming for 5 steps today, those were Diamondblock's :)

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I have had it more recently than that, but not for a few months. I like it with fish too.

I thought you were going to be inspired by her and attempt to emulate. ;)

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Yep, that's why I had it in the fridge because a few days ago I did it in foil with some haddock, veg and white wine. I was going to post a pic but you couldn't see the fish underneath all the veg :) Never thought that sentence would have come out of my mouth... more like 'couldn't see fish because of all the potatoes' :)

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I'm just home from work, and my legs assure me I did 25 million steps today!

Your tuna pasta sounds ace with the flavours from the olives and chillies mmmm.

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Hi, thanks for hosting.

Bit of a quiet day Saturday, rest day. Much prefer being out and about but managed plan very well. Menu for today is

B,yogurt,berries and a banana 141 cal

L,soup with whole meal bread 271 cal

D, chicken,steamed runner beans,cabbage and sweet potato 271 cal

Total673 cals leaving 300 approximately to play with. Fruit etc

Have a lovely day. 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻


Gosh, prawncess, for all the exercising you're doing, you don't eat much! :o

Under 1,000 cals??? Are you sure that's enough?? :o

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Hi moreless, aiming for 1200 cals. Love fruit and veg so by the end of the day these little additions add up. Plan the bare bones and add on as I go. Thanks for asking, love my food too much to starve myself lol πŸ˜‚

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I'm very glad to hear that prawncess, but I couldn't cope with 1200 either!! :D

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I’m only 5’2” tall so there isn’t much of me to use the cals πŸ’

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Hi first week here :) weighing in this morning then Sunday will be my weigh day. 3 of our kids have rugby today so we will have

breakfast about 8 (weetabix for me) approx 300 cals

and then a 40min walk there for 10am then same walk back at 12. Plan then is to have

crackers and cheese for lunch approx 350 cals

Roast Gammon later minus any fat with potatoes and veggies around 600 cals.

snack- Apple, nuts, hot choc at rugby. approx 300-400 cals.

should be a good first day! I am feeling positive which is always a good start haha.

:) Happy Sunday everyone


Hi Kelly and welcome to the daily diaries, and well done for starting to plan and for remembering to plan in things like the hot choc at rugby! Have a great day.

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Thank you :) xx

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hi Kelly and welcome. Hope today is going well for you. Must be cold at the rugby

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You'll need that hot chocolate, it's freezing out there today!

Hope you have a great first day xx

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Sounds like a good Day 1 Kellyosb85 great that you have joined us.

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Good morning Hidden and thank you for hosting :)

Hectic day yesterday but good so am late with my DD for today:

B - bacon, mushroom, beans and two coffees (to keep me going as I shall be going to the city's Remembrance Day service at the war menorial and I shall have to more or less walk there and back!)

L - tomato soup, tuna and green salad, yoghurt

S - finally eating the chilli con carne that I have had in the fridge for a few days, brussels and no potato, might venture to make a pud!

Water - shall ration it this morning as could have problems later on

Snacks - fruit

Exercise - walking to and back from war memorial - at least one and a half hours of walking

Tip - Remember all those who gave their lives for our freedom .....

Enjoy your day :)


Tasty day for you vdp, hope the walk goes well, that must be a fair distance.

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Salcheq I hope your day goes well, too. I am sure the walk will be fine and as a plus it is a sunny but cold day here!

The chilli will have really developed a great flavour after a few days in the fridge. Enjoy!

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Hope it has and not mould!

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Great exercise and good plan to be careful with the water - not what we usually say!

That chilli will be lovely having had a few days to mature.

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Hehe.....the being careful with the water worked!

Re the chilli ......I shall have to see later :)

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Well done on the water front!

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I have to say I did plot my route going there....just in case ..... wink wink

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Got he grand daughter staying so lots of excel use! Planning a slow cooker beef stew which is mostly veg so that should come in on target if I can stay away from snacks today. Hoping to follow recent advice and eat a bit more at proper meal times this week

Onward and upward!


Good luck with following meal times novemberplan, hopefully that will help with the snacking.

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I love my slow cooker! Enjoy your casserole, perfect meal for the chilly weather.

Good morning all and thanks to diamondblock for hosting. Enjoy your moussaka for tea, how lovely, especially after all those steps at work!!!

Nice weigh-in today for me, I'm now 0.4kg or 1lb away from target. So this week I'm going to be planning away like crazy, I haven't been this weight since way before having children, probably for 20 years - although I have to say the body doesn't look quite like that of a 21 year old, despite being the same weight!!!!

Anyway, today is a lovely Sunday and looks like this:

B - full fat Greek yoghurt with a banana and single cream - 300 cals

L - leftover spaghetti carbonara - 400 cals

D - Chicken pie, 2 small roast potatoes, piles of brocolli, cabbage and carrots with a bit of gravy and apple sauce - 700 cals.

Total 1400 cals. No snacking or wine for me today. Think I've almost accidentally become teetotal!!

Exercise - not a lot still, maybe a kick about in the park with my little boy.

Just reviewed my menu and thought 'that does not look like the food of someone on a diet'. And that is why I've been successful here I think when nothing else worked. I'm just eating normal food, leftovers, roast dinners. All about the quantity of portion sizes and not mindlessly eating extras. And getting quality calories in - hence the lack of alcohol, I can't be wasting potential food calories on wine any more!!!


Great menu and fantastic mindset Salcheq

A pound from your target.. How wonderful

Cheering you on to reach it and maintain too πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

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fantastic, only one pound to go. That is brilliant, well done

Delicious menu, and how wonderful to be so close to your target! Have a fab day :-D

Fantastic food Salcheq and you are so right that eating proper food carefully/mindfully brings the results.

Just one pound to go is amazing, you have worked hard to get to this point.

Hi Hidden

I hope you survived your millions of steps at work today. Sounds like you were probably skipping with that lovely compliment!

A bit late to post today but:

B. Bacon sandwich

L. Kale and halloumi salad

D. Chicken korma with naan and shortbread after πŸ˜ƒ

Exercise has been chores, sideline cheerleading at netball and a dog walk.

Off to polish my halo...day 21 booze free πŸ˜‡

Your Kale and halloumi salad is making regular appearances so it must be good. Will definitely have to try it.

Korma sounds good.

Hope the netball went well.

Kale needs using! πŸ˜‚

My cheerleading worked. It was a v cold but convincing win

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And it is lovely stuff!

Fantastic words from your hubby - treasure them!

Thank you Hidden for being a great host with today's DD. :)

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