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Daily Diary Saturday 11th November 2017

Dear lovely daily diarists, how are you all today? Hope you are all looking forward to a lovely weekend.

Any newbies, follow the others, post what you plan to eat on Saturday, with calories if you're counting. Add in any exercise and any helpful tips and you're away! Don't forget to comment and support lots.

Today's poster is something I ponder a lot. Why, when we're tired, ill or stressed do we so often do the exact opposite of what would help us. Nutritious healthy food is what we need, junk is what we crave. I think it's the instant fix. Anyway, my tip for today, is if you're feeling tired, ill or just low today, come here and find support, give yourself some serious care, and nourish your body. It is no doubt the hardest time to make good choices, but the time you need to most. If you are feeling this way, have sympathy for yourself, and treat yourself well.

Anyway, far too much seriousness from me tonight, here's the plan for tomorrow:

B - Greek yoghurt with single cream and plum puree - 250 cals

L - Leftover chicken and veg yellow bean stir fry with noodles - 400 cals

D - Spaghetti carbonara - 500 cals

This leaves me low at 1150. Think I'll add a smidgen of garlic bread to dinner, and maybe even a small glass of wine.

Now tell me all your plans!!! I get excited now when I host, I so love to see the replies pinging in and keeping me entertained.

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Thank you for hosting Salcheq I added your event host badge.. but as your still rocking from Sundays weigh in.. it doesn't show..!

I will be back in a while with tomorrow's food choices.. I agree with your thoughts.. when ever I get a cold and blocked sinuses- I guarantee I crave congestants like pastries, sausage rolls and crisps that I don't usually eat and they are guaranteed to make me worse!

See you later..


Now I want pastries, sausage rolls and crisps! Having an unplanned snack of raw peas instead. And maybe some melon.


Well done on healthy snacks, I'm totally impressed.

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It is really only the hypocrisy I know I would feel after putting my post up that is keeping me from piling into biscuits. I'm properly fighting with myself tonight.


raw peas is a good idea for a snack

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Might give them a try.



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Hey Salcheq

Your poster is so true!

My plans for tomorrow include a meal out so:

B. Almond pancakes with fruit and maple syrup

L. Kale and halloumi salad

D. 3 courses and maybe a small sherry at the golf club.

Approx 2000

Keeping it light during the day to minimise the evenings damage. Am going to drive so am limited to a small glass of alcohol but might go booze free as tomorrow will be day 20 of no alcohol!

Exercise. Spin class

Happy Saturday x


Have a lovely evening out Active_43, great use of calories earlier in the day for breakfast and lunch. Do you have the kale raw? I've never really go on with it raw, but do put it in smoothies at times.

I flash fry it with some cherry tomatoes and add the grilled halloumi with beetroot, flaked almonds and honey.

Pop kale in the oven with a squirt of spray oil too for something crispy.


Ooh, crispy kale, that sounds good.

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I'd like to try the kale, I don't think I've ever had it. I'll have to add it to the shopping list. Enjoy your evening out


Well done on no alcohol. I have just kind of drifted away from drinking, just prefer water now. I did have a drink on holiday but never bother at home anymore.

Do you have the Kale raw with your halloumi or eat it raw? Love both things so whichever way it is it sounds good.

Enjoy your evening out.


I find raw kale quite tough but love it either steamed or crisped up in the oven.

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I flash fry the kale Ceals

Thanks Active, saw your reply above

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Enjoy your meal at the golf club Active_43. You should have plenty of calories in reserve for a lovely dinner.

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Thanks for hosting Salcheq so right about the need to eat well when we are tired. Fortunately I tend to stock up on good healthy food so then that is all I have to choose from.

Your breakfast sounds delicious.

I have a board meeting all day tomorrow so will have bacon lettuce wraps followed by a delicious lunch of I don't know what. Probably won't need to eat when I get home. If I do am omelette will suffice.

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Hope the board meeting goes well Ceals, you've had a busy few days!

Busy is good, but it can get a bit much sometimes@

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Indeed it can Ceals, take it easy tomorrow!! I say that knowing that you're probably cooking for a big group tomorrow!

Thank you for hosting and that's me in the poster 😂

Breakfast- oatmeal with coconut milk toast coffee

Exercise- rowing practice

Lunch - chicken salad

Dinner- beef vegetable hot pot slow cooker made.

Snacks- fruit flap jack loads of water and finish the night with a cup of green tea


Sounds like a lovely day of food ShadowDee and a lovely rowing practice too!

Your dinner sounds fab.


Lovely menu ShadowDee. I'm putting green tea on my shopping list this week as I've heard it's great for ridding the body of toxins.


I've found the flavoured green teas a bit more palatable, there is nice one with pineapple and something, and apple and pear is my current choice.


I have green tea with 1 sugar. I going to cut down to half and slow no sugar. My late brother mentioned it and later said nothing beats the original flavour.

What company makes them Salcheq? I may put that on my grocery list.

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Twinings ShadowDee.

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I'll have look. Sounds like a nice way to end the evening. I don't usually look at other teas. I see the green tea I like and go. Thank you.

Ooh, beef hot pot - no-one in my family eats beef, one day I shall make a beef slow cooked dish just for me!


Thanks for hosting Salcheq. Love your poster, something I think we can all relate to at times.

Love your menu. I haven't had spaghetti carbonara for ages.

I'm on a mission to get into the nines, only 3lbs to go! So I'm upping my calories from 1,200 to 1,500 as from today and going to walk as much as I can.

So my menu will be;

B - Porridge, strawberries, full fat Greek yoghurt and a tsp of honey - 326 cals

L - Omelette with tomatoes, feta cheese, mushrooms and crispy bacon 576 cals

D - Left over cottage pie from today topped with carrot and swede mash and steamed Leeks followed by fresh fruit salad and Greek yoghurt - 614 cals

Drinks - water and black tea.

Total of 1,516 cals

Wishing you all a very happy weekend.

Good luck everyone.


That omelette sounds amazing.

Good luck getting into the 9s, I am sure you will be there soon.

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Thanks Ceals. I'm having a party to celebrate when I do, so I'll add you to the guest list as long as you do the Party food!

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I shall start planning the food straight away because it won't take you long. Will definitely include grapes as homage to your badges.

Very good of you Ceals. moreless has a lot to answer for.lol. My grape scoffer badge is going to follow me everywhere from now on it seems.

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Thanks Morgancando, I confess our version of spaghetti carbonara is slightly odd due to my fussy children, but still delicious. Love the sound of your breakfast, I've discovered both a love of porridge and full fat greek yoghurt for breakfasts, but have yet to combine them.

Loving your whole menu tonight, bought feta cheese myself this week, I think inspired by you last week!


I love the saltiness of feta cheese and halloumi is another favourite of mine.

I'll try the flavoured green tea.

Agree both cheeses are lovely.

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All cheese is lovely!!!! Haven't found a variety yet I don't like.

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good luck losing that 3 pounds. I'm sure you can do it

Thanks Rutheliza

Hello Salcheq and thank you for hosting :)

Have just come back from a fascinating last lecture at my local library which is due for demolition as it is falling down but will be rebuilt and hopefully open again at the end of next year :)

My menu for tomorrow should be:-

B - porridge with frozen fruit and two coffees

L - I am out and about before my lunch time friend and I go to the theatre to see 'Driving Miss Daisy'

S - soup and green salad if I have had a main meal at lunch time

Water - amap

Snacks - fruit

Exercise - perhaps a wee bit of garden tidying before brisk walk into town

Tip - keep positive and have a good sense of humour, too, if possible :)


Have a great lunch out and enjoy the theatre, sounds like good planning for the day.

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Thank you and I hope you have a lovely day, too :)

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B. I had shredded wheat for breakfast I love shredded wheat even though it tastes like wet cardboard.

L. 2 chicken thighs with brown rice and some sauerkraut.

D. Ive not had dinner with being to busy at hospital so I'm treating myself to a can of beer and hopefully win the staring competition I'm currently having with a bar of galaxy smooth chocolate that I acquired from the hospice shop but I am a bit tired so may blink a lot earlier than planned and loose my fight with it haha.

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Hi marley28, welcome to the daily diary - maybe win the staring contest with some healthy supper?!

What are your plans for food tomorrow?

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Not sure tomorrow start with Weetabix and toast and then see what veggies I can scrounge down at the allotment. As regards to the healthy supper I won that competition when my son came home and prised the choccy from my fingers (boohoo)


you made me laugh with the chocolate, children do have their uses


Good luck with the staring competition Hidden

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Hold out - you can beat the bar of chocolate into submission - go for it.

I used to love shredded wheat too. Can of bear not the best replacement for dinner! Hope it doesn't happen to you often.

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No not often lol

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But did you beat the chocolate bar?

Hi VDP. Hope you're ok. Enjoy the theatre. I've seen the film but I bet the play is good.

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Hi there, liking your menu,here’s my plan

B. Greek yogurt blueberries with pancake

L baked beans

D lasagna with side salad

Leaving me with a few cals to play with

Exercise rest day

Today I ended up doing 3 sessions accidentally lol, booked gym session and abs attack. because Pilates was full only to find a friend had booked Pilates for me so ended up with the whole lot, am I tired 💤


Hi there prawncess, not surprised that you're tired after that lot! I'm impressed though.

Love a lasagne, enjoy that dinner.

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You are getting so good at the exercise classes prawncess well done.

I hope you are eating enough . Love a good lasagne.

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Hi, I add bits on but don’t always complete plan. From tomorrow I will be write a complete plan, will be my new challenge. Going to do it for the whole week as I’m planning my shopping 🛒 list. Loving getting back into exercise but have to admit today was too much for an oap lol 😂


Good luck with that challenge prawncess, great idea to plan for the week, make sure and tell us how it goes.

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Wowee Salcheq that's a great menu! Yellow bean indeed! Something I'll try!

I totally agree with the poster... I think when we lack energy our body seeks to boost it with sugar and carbs. But, as you say, it's the last thing we need!

My Friday has gone really well. Plan has been adhered to and i feel great! Drinking my planned wine here, cosy as a bug in a rug!

Saturday plan - slightly altered version of my weekly plan for sat due to lots of left overs from fajitas that I wasn't expecting. I hate waste and I don't think it'll freeze well so... having it for lunch tomorrow. Cals should be the same.

Brunch- sizzling steak fajita left overs (meat free). Gorgeous tonight so hope it'll make a lovely lunch. Steal style quorn, spicy smoky red peppers and onions, shredded carrot and cabbage, avocado chunks, sour cream, reduced fat cheese, seeded wholemeal wrap (500)

Dinner - Salmon and veg curry - courgette, peas, onion, broccoli, mange tu. Brown rice/quinoa mix. (700)

G&Ts, fruit and nuts (500)

Total 1700 max (average 1500/day)


What a delicious sounding pair of meals HappyBeee. I love a leftover lunch, you know in advance how delicious it is going to be!

That is one of the most unusual sounding curries I've heard, but sounds amazing.

Hope you have another good day tomorrow, you are definitely in the 'zone' at the moment, must be all that great planning earlier this week!


Ah salmon is so good with Asian flavours I find, even curry. I add pre-cooked salmon fillet to the finished curry right as I'm serving so the fish doesn't flake away into nothingness! The flavour of salmon holds its own enough in the sauce that it doesn't need to cook in it to feel like like a fish curry. If that makes.any sense Ha!

Fabulous meals there HappyBeee so many lovely veggies.

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hi salcheq, thanks for hosting and thanks for the helpful tip. Tomorrow I'm going out to a pie night, where you get pie with mash and gravy and choice of several pudding pies. Weekends are make or break for me, either let it all slide and have a gain or maintain at my next weigh in, or be good and see a loss. Hopefully I can keep myself in check a bit.

B- Greek yoghurt with blueberries, banana, pumpkin seeds, half grapefruit 350

L- bacon, baked beans 250

D- steak pie (no mash) estimate 400

snacks - apple, piece cheese, teaspoon peanut butter 160

target of 1700 so some left for a pudding pie if I've stuck to plan in the day


Good luck with sticking to plan with the pie night - hope you have a great day ;)

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Mmmmmm, pie night sounds amazing .... and dangerous! Good luck. What a tasty breakfast you're having. Good luck with the self control about pies.Imagine we're all there watching you, encouraging you to make the right choice!!!

At the moment I will be having B - porridge

L- baked beans on toast

D- chicken salad

I have finally got back to the gym (post surgery). Played badminton tonight, and going for workout tomorrow. Desperate to weigh in - but mustn’t until Wednesday!!!

Have a wonderful weekend everybody ❤️


Lovely - are you calorie counting MrsGeorge as that looks a bit low to me but then it will depend on your portion sizes :)

Hope you enjoyed your badminton and work out tomorrow and hope you are not over doing it after your surgery, remember to work back up slowly :)

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Thanks Cracker10, I’m still getting used to the calories counting, but have just found that I can do that On my Fitbit! Yay, lol. So will add up and see what’s left for fruit and a hot chocolate 😉

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Good luck on resisting the urge to weigh-in, I confess I'm a terror for having sneaky peeks during the week! Badminton is such great exercise, and fun too, well done.

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Thanks Salcheq, I’ve found that as my weight fluctuates during the week I tend to self sabotage- whether I’m doing well or not! 🙄 gonna quickly have brekkie now- then can’t weigh, ha ha x

Thank you Salcheq for hosting today's DD. Very true imagery.

This is my the start of my 7th day with no 'bad' snacks. That's a bit of a lie because yesterday lunchtime I had some choccy cake. I made up for it by just having haddock and veg baked in foil and a few oven sweet potato chips.

B: 40g porridge, fresh fruit, 15ml maple syrup and cinnamon. Tom juice & worc sauce and black teas.

L: Chicken breast with courgette masala curry

S: Chorizo, bean, tomato and butternut chilli

Other drinks: Diet tonic & angostura and water

Exercise: Ran 4km earlier in the rain. Not sure how I dragged myself up and out but feeling very invigorated because of it. Surrounded by 3 damp dogs now... luuuurvly :O

Have a good w/e everyone.


ooo I love chorizo - had that baked with chicken, onion, peppers and tomatoes this week ;)

well done on that 4km run


That chilli sounds amazing Tiggerr, and I'm very impressed by your run, although wasn't it in the middle of the night?

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Found it on Waitrose's website last night and it looked pretty tasty.

If I don't get workouts like that out of the way then I can't get started on the things that need to be done. I've always been an early starter so I have to get this out of the way even earlier.

If my brain pauses even now, then I will probably sink back to inertia. So a quick reply and see you later :)

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I like the sound of all your food! Haha 3 doggy blowdrys coming right up?

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Thank you for hosting, that is so me. I am trying to teach my body that fruit is a better option. Not been here for a couple of days as I was away and not in control of my diet. I went completely off the rails so need to get back on the horse. If I manage it then it will be major progress because normally one bad night leads to two weeks of badness. Meals for today

B toast and peanut butter 350

L sandwich, low fat crisps and square of chocolate 350

D home made chicken and mushroom pie with a tiny bit off puff pastry 450

Snack malt loaf

Total calories 1250 so no room for alcohol which is my downfall


Hi Glamgran69, nice to have you with us. My advice to help you stay back on that horse, is come here often today, read, post and encourage others. And remember, the more good stuff you eat, the less you'll want the bad, so fill your day with as many healthy bits as you can, any swaps you can do on your menu? What about swapping low fat crisps for some salad or fruit?

Good idea dropping the alcohol, I don't drink anywhere near as much as I used to, not that I ever did much but it made me make bad choices, and also I'd usually rather use the calories on food!

Love the sound of your homemade pie, sounds delicious. Do you have veges with that?

Anyway, we're all there with you in spirit today Glamgran, come back and tell us how you're getting on, we're all cheering you on.

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Hi, have had to come to work so am now limited to my swaps as all the shops are shut. I did pop to Waitrose on my way in and have swapped my sandwich for sushi which should remove 100 calories or so. There will be lots of veges with the pie.

I am going to pop on here for inspiration when I get hungry and have lots of water to stave off the worst of it


Sounds like you're well prepared and ready for a good day!

Good swap, to reduce some of the carbs.

Here is a big helping hand back on the wagon Glamgran69 😊

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Hi glamgram! Food sounds good but if you're struggling with hunger pangs and cravings it could be the carbs in your breakfast and lunch causing it. I read an article yesterday about high GI foods literally causing an addictive response on brain imaging!!!!! Scary stuff. If your bread is sourdough or low gi that would help, crisps and choc swapped for less insulin spiking treats like nuts, dark choc, oat cakes, avocado, carrot and houmous.. stuff like that?

Well done for pushing on through setbacks! Youre doing brilliantly!

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Thanks, the bread is muesli bread so lower gi than normal.

I’m actually ok for hunger today which I thought might be a problem as I’ve had two difficult days.

My husband has lost two stone on the blood sugar diet which is based on that research and I’m really trying with the carbs lol


It's hard isn't It! I have to say while I'm eating with wild abandon carbs aren't my worst fiend, but when I restrict calories I get serious carb lust! And a bite only makes me want 3 bites. Haha!

Bread sounds very nice I haven't tried that!

Have a lovely day!

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Good morning my friends. Than you for hosting Salcheq today. The poser is so true.

After a great weight loss yesterday I need to keep on track. It is so easy to come off.

Breakfast is overnight soaked porridge with BlackBerries and Greek yogurt and a coffee with skimmed milk. 350 calories.

Lunch Cheese omelette. 300 calories.

Dinner lam making HappyBee's meat free Sausage Casserole. 300calls.

That is 950 calories.

That is low so some snacks will be added or fruit. I don't know what yet.

It has been poring it down all night. so the weather does not look too good. I will get some fresh fruit today. also I may get some flowers for a treat after losing 3 lb last week. I don't want to get a good treat has it will put me on a downward spiral.

I do hope everyone has a good weekend and is able to stick to there eating plans for the weekend.


Good morning Caroline, lovely to hear that you've had a great weight loss congratulations. Great menu for today, make sure you top up those calories so you're not left too low.

What a great idea for flowers. I often think about a treat for weigh in day, but my thoughts automatically turn to food - guess there are years of habits there to slowly undo. I hope you get something really pretty.

Thank you I couldn’t do it with out all my friends on the forum

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Yippee Caroline62 3lbs off!!! Very well done 😊

Great menu and excellent plans for the day, I hope you get some beautiful flowers as they are very well deserved


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Thank you 😊

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Ah what a nice menu Caroline! If you're out at the shops picking up snacks or treats i suggest you try to pick good fats like tinned salmon or smoked salmon on oatcakes, houmous, nuts and nut butters, avocado, grass fed butter on seeded bread. The good fats in these, in particular omega 3, help fight depression and low mood. Good idea on the flowers! They always make me feel good!!!!

You're doing fabulously Caroline keep it going!

You're doing really well. Great idea of buying yourself the flowers. They are the 'good' treat and a great reminder of how well you've done.

Good morning Salcheq and thank you for hosting 😊

I had a good day yesterday in spite of the 17 desserts (yes seventeen!!!!) at the bonfire party we went to. I had soup for lunch so I really enjoyed the 2 types of chilli and sweet potatoe wedges, and then two teeny tiny slices of pavlova and chocolate roulade with extra fresh berries and cream. On the whole quite restrained and well within the 1000 calories I had allowed myself.

Today is gentle stretches, strength and flex and yoga before brunch of egg bacon mushrooms and tomatoes

Lunch is soup, possibly with oatcakes, cheese and apple if needed.

Dinner tonight is veggie chill, I really enjoyed it last night so will attempt a similar one 😊. Orange or apple for dessert if not eaten earlier

Tip of the day- Plan, Plan, Plan 😊. With the festive season rapidly approaching and all the November birthdays we have, it’s essential for me to keep on top of the plans so I can stay on track 😊

Onwards and downwards lovely people



Well done for resisting it’s something I need to try harder at. I completely agree the only way is to plan, plan, plan


It was tough Glamgran69 as they were all homemade and looked delicious 😊

17 desserts!!!! Oh my. Well done.

You're so right about planning, especially as we had towards the madness of December. Always a ridiculously manic month.


Congrats on staying sensible last night. 2 small bits out of 17 is a pretty small percentage. I'm becoming a huge fan of sweet potatoes and OH seems to be happy with them appearing on her plate more often. Made them into oven chips last night which doesn't use hardly any oil.

I keep seeing cheese and apple in the menus and then forget to do something myself. Note to self.

Definitely plan, plan, plan. The reason I use the DD so much is because it only takes a day of not being here for me to do daft things.

Good luck with the veg chili. Doing something 'similar' but has chorizo :)

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Thank Tiggerr 😊

Hi all.

My menu today consists of

Brunch due to weigh in is a breakfast pizza,

grated potato topped with BBQ sauce, mushrooms, onions, tomato and bacon, 2 mozzerella light pearls and cooked in the oven, then once cooked topped with a poached egg.

Dinner will be Chinese style chicken and vegetable curry served with egg fried rice and broccoli.

Snacks are cereal bars (SW) a gingerbread latte. Hot chocolate and 3 rich tea fingers.

Hope everyone has a great day. Xx


Oh those meals sound seriously tasty Julia, lovely.


The pizza was Yummy, totally hit the spot. Chinese curry is a favourite with the whole family, So it'll be great only cooking the one meal. Xx


That’s pizza does sounds really good 😊. Can you post a photo and the recipe next time please @julia_13 😊

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I have a photo, I'm just not sure how to put one on here. Xx

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Find the box saying ‘write post’ , write your recipe , then below the text box is the option to ‘add photo’, click on the box and a drop down menu appears allowing you to either take a photo or select from your photos. It can take a while to upload. 😊

Remember to add the topic (recipes: mains) and also tick the box ‘followers in my community only’ or anybody can see your post.

Good luck Anna

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Love the sound of the breakfast pizza. Might well give that a go

I hope you enjoy it. X

😍 whooooaaa that brunch sounds wallwallabingbang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stealing it.

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Enjoy. Xx

My food diary for today is:


Half a fruit scone with jam

2 free oaty biscuits

Small vanilla latte

(345 calories)


2 breaded plaice fillets

Butternut squash


Giant Marrowfat peas

Tartare sauce

Low sugar jelly

(1,085 calories)

Dinner and the rest of the day am not sure but I have about 500 calories to play with as am aiming to be below 2,000 calories today.

Happy Saturday everybody!! :-) :-) :-)

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Lovely lunch, what did you opt for for dinner in the end?

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Thanks for hosting Salcheq a bit late today!

Brunch - 2 egg feta cheese omelette and avocado

D - home made beef curry with cauliflower rice

S Apple, milk and almond milk, Greek yog and raspberries

Ex - body combat

Late but worth it wakywoo, very tasty!

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Thank you Salcheq for being a fantastic host in today's Daily Diary. :)

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