rough day

yesterday was a rough day. I work at a grocery store and we have to have a certain speed going when we are scanning food. oh, by the way, this is more of a rant than a weight loss or gain so if you don't want to read, I understand. I have been out of work for almost 3 months and went back about a week or so ago. naturally, I was a bit slow at my scanning speed but I have been working very hard to get it where they want it and yesterday I did quite well. my fingers are sore and my back hurts pretty bad but when I went home from work all my husband could do was belittle me and make fun of me moping around. which I was moping, I was in quite a bit of pain. so what do I do now? I have decided to not show him I am in pain and just keep it to myself. I did not comfort eat which I am proud I did not do, so this forum helps so much. I appreciate y'all so much for helping me and keeping me strong. thanks to all for keeping me on my new way of eating!!!


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11 Replies

  • Hi katy9617 . Sorry your hubby wasn't supportive, But you'll get all the support you'll need on this forum. Sometimes when we're concentrating so hard on something, like trying, ,as you were yesterday to up your speed scanning at the till, your body gets really tense and can cause untold pain. I think you had every reason to 'Mope' as you call it. Very well done for not comfort eating. A lovely long bath with lavender oil might help you to unwind.

    Keep going and you'll soon reap the rewards.

    Hope you have a better day today.

  • thanks! I will try that is sounds lovely

  • I can sympathise katy9617 i once worked on a checkout and only lasted 3 weeks! I hated it, it went from mind numbing boredom with no customers (but you can’t leave the till) to mad busy 😕 but if you rush you make mistakes, miss the ‘yellow labels’, forget to go through the scripted upselling spiel (“do you have a pint cards/extended warranty/batteries for that”) etc AND end up exhausted from all the bending and lifting . . . Very well done on not comfort eating 😊👏😊. And feel free to come on here and grumble, or just come along and have a chat on the What’s Happening Post 😊


  • thank you ma'am I appreciate it. yes, being a checker is tough. and my back does hurt but I am getting better and happy with my eating choices good and bad and trying to do something around the house when I get off work to make sure I don't just go to bed after eating!

  • I'm sorry to hear your husband was a pain in the butt. Along with all of the other pain you already felt. Good job though at not comfort eating, well done!

    I worked as a checker at a grocery store in Utah for 5 years, so I know what you mean. It does get better, as with everything your body will get used to the work. Do you have a bagger or do you have to do it yourself? The store I worked in we had to do all the bagging ourselves as well. The checkers here in the UK have it easy, they have chairs to sit on and the customers do all the bagging! :O

    Good luck, I'm sure you'll get your speed.

  • thanks for the support I really appreciate it. it is tough and usually we have baggers but often we don't so we do it ourselves. Americans are a lazy bunch lol and they expect someone else to bag their groceries!

  • I have gotten used to bagging my own groceries. Sometimes it's better as I have never put cans of soup on top of my bread! ;)

  • Sorry your in pain. Get better soon. Good for you for not comfort eating. Have a good day!!

  • Hey

    I know what back pain is like and I feel sad your chap is not more understanding. If your having a bad day do post here as then your reaching out. Have you a slipped disk? I have and they want to opperate which I'm hoping to avoid really. I see doc next month about it.

    I hope yr employer supports you as well.

    Have you tride Pilates?

    Well done for not eating badly!

  • my doctor told me it was all in my hips that surgery will not work. my employer is quite supportive but no I have not tried Pilates. sounds like a good idea! thanks. good luck with your doctor. I got physical therapy and chiropractic work done and mine is really much better but if I was a bit thinner it would be even better which is what I am trying to do. thanks for your response

  • Good on you Katy be strong we are with you . Well done not turn to food.....

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