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I say Yes!, scale says No!

I have been really controlling and watching what I eat for the past week and exercising a lot. I am still breast feeding my 1 year old (twice a day and at night time). I have also been drinking my 'killer detox drink' which consists of a combo of lemon, apple cider vinegar and warm water twice a day. BUT...although I can see a visible difference, when I look in the mirror and I can just tell I am a lot different. My scales, however say otherwise! In fact I have gone up a pound.

I know about the fat turning into muscle business but when will I start seeing results on the scale? I thought this would only be an issue half way through when/if I reached a plateau but not so early on.

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Hi Skinnymini welcome back to the weight loss forum.

As you have not been on the forum for a while I would like to invite you to join our Newbie Club, where you can meet other new members who are just beginning their weigh loss journeys too. Here's the link for all the information you will need to find your way around the forum:


Write a brief note to introduce yourself to other newbies and I'm sure you'll be making friends, in no time.

You might find sharing your daily plan on our Daily Diary with other members helpful so we can see what your eating and maybe work out why you are not losing any weight. Have you checked. Your BMI ?

Good luck with your first week.


Thank you yellow flower,

Yes my diet has been very good (if I may say so myself). I've had little or no carbohydrate and if I do, it's whole wheat. I have at least one portion of protein a day, either fatty fish or chicken with vegetables or a salad. I normally have a protein shake in evening and that's only if I'm feeling a bit hungry. I try to snack on fruit or nuts and have plenty of water. I've made my detox drink which, me and my kids have nicknamed: 'the drink of death' lol (because it smells pretty deathly) a combination of lemon, honey, apple cider vinegar and warm water, twice a day. I'm not discouraged by my scale readings. I can visibly see in the mirror that I am more toned and I feel amazing and full of energy and much less sluggish. However, I have not measured my bmi yet and not sure how I could as I have a regular scale. I know started off in the 'overweight category', half way to being classified as 'obese'. I am the heaviest I've ever been and am mortified at myself for letting myself get like this. I come from a family of three brothers who are obsessed with weight training, working out and eating right and I've always been a certain weight. I've just had enough, but I'm so proud of myself. I would normally try to lose weight, not eat chocolate but cut corners by drinking diet drinks and eating sweets (as they have no fat) but I feel so much healthier for not doing this. I want to treat my body as a vessel I have been entrusted to care for and look after and have it be and do the best it can. I have, however been telling the odd fib to family and friends just to keep my momentum going by saying I've lost two pounds lol. Sorry for long post .x


the scales are not your friend... ive experienced this so many times and have now decided to stop weighing for a while and just going to go by how my clothes feel as that is a better indication than any scales !

People will notice you have lost weight by how you look as we don't carry scales round to show people do we so what does it matter what the scales say... you are already feeling better and looking better and thats all that matters..

I say keep doing what your doing and just concentrate on measurements for a while to keep your motivation up.

Good luck x

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Hello Skinnymini and welcome. Sounds to me like, although you are now eating a healthy varied diet which is fantastic, you may not be eating enough calories; especially since you are breast feeding which requires even more than your body’s normal requirement. Your body will hang onto what fat it has because it thinks it’s being starved. Go onto the NHS BMI checker site (Google this if necessary) which will give you your current BMI based on your weight and height etc. It will also give you a calorie range to eat within to lose weight healthily. It is important to start at the upper limit or even above because you are using extra calories to produce breast milk. As you slowly lose weight you can reduce the amount of calories bit by bit and still lose weight.

Count the calories in your diet by logging everything you eat into My Fitness Pal (free app) or similar. I use Nutracheck but have to pay for that one. If you need to put extra calories into your diet then do not use sugary foods but use healthy fats such as nuts, seeds, avocado, nut butters, whole milk, cream etc. Sounds crazy but if they form part of your daily calorie allowance your scales will see the difference and you will remain fuller for longer.

1 to 2lbs per week is a good amount to lose and should be sustainable over the long term. Best of luck on your journey. Use this site lots as it will give you support and motivation. NannyEJ

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Hello Skinnymini

I’m sorry you are feeling downhearted at the apparent lack of progress but trust me, you have made a massive improvement as you say yourself you “see in the mirror that I am more toned and I feel amazing and full of energy and much less sluggish”. 😊

I don’t know why we are so obsessed with the scales, I know we are a ‘weight loss’ forum but what we all want is FAT loss and that’s hard to measure on the scales.

Just a suggestion, but have you talked to your brothers? They may have valuable insights and support

Have a good look around and read all the information Rose gave you and please ask if you have any questions 😊

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I bet you have lost inches tho. did you measure


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