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Daily Diary for Tuesday 7th November 2017

Daily Diary for Tuesday 7th November 2017

Hello all my dear daily diary friends. Hope you've managed to stay on track today. I've noticed we've had a few of you posting here for the first time recently. I hope you're enjoying it and it's helping you stay motivated. Taking the time sit and plan your meals for the day ahead really does pay dividends and frees you up to enjoy your weight loss journey.

So what have got planned for today? Tell us what you're having at each meal and the calories ( if you're counting calories ) as well as your calorie allowance, any useful tips you might have and what exercise you might be doing. Please comment on at least one of the posts preferably the one just in front of you but feel free to comment on as many as you wish. Commenting and getting feedback from others is part of the fun.

My menu looks like this;

B - 40g porridge, made with water, frozen berries, full fat Greek yoghurt and a tsp of honey - 316 cals

L - Prawn and chive omelette with a green salad - 339 cals

D - Salmon with chilli ginger sauce with mustard mash and garden peas (HB) recipe, followed by a slice of fruit loaf - 559 cals

Drinks - water and black tea.

Total of 1,214 calories from an allowance of 1,200

Tip - If you're stuck for ideas of what to eat just steal someone else's menu! It's allowed.

Hope you all have a lovely, stress free day knowing you've got your meals planned.

Onwards and downwards.

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Morgancando I shall definitely be stealing your dinner, sounds divine, yum yum yum 😋

Be back later to post my somewhat boring meal for tomorrow.

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Thank you for hosting Morgancando I love your poster.

Being cheeky, I added up your numbers.. 1214, what are you having with the other 786?

am still debating my menu choices for tomorrow.. I will be back!!

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Thanks for pointing out my deliberate mistake Minniewinny lol.

I've edited it now. Thanks again.




Good evening and thank you for hosting Morgancando 😊

Tomorrow is a strange day food wise as I’m out mid morning until about 2pm . . . Also we have an empty fridge! I’ve had a hungry day today and eaten to my upper level so need a stricter day tomorrow.

So my plan for tomrrow is a banana first thing, then I’ll go shopping, and take a snack of nuts and a dried fig with me to have with my coffee whilst I’m out.

Late lunch of oatcakes and cheese with tomatoe

Dinner is a winter warming cassoulet, a favourite of ours and perfect for this cold weather, served with broccoli and cabbage. Orange for dessert.

Exercise is a quieter day, although I will walk the dog and I need to clean my car.

Tip of the day - same as yours funnily enough 😊 I was saying this to someone earlier, you have to want to be slim and fit more than the food that is currently tempting you.

Have a good day everyone



Hi @Anna61. At least you didn't go 'over' you're upper limit so no harm done, surely! Some days are like that, I find, some days I could eat for Britain!

I love a warming winter cassoulet. I was looking at a Hairy Biker's recipe for one today and it sounds delicious.

I've never, ever cleaned my car, that's hubby's job. I drive, he cleans!

Have a good day.

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Hahaha I’ll tell my hubby that Morgancando 😂. To be fair, he normally does it but he’s really busy at the moment and my car is filthy!!

I bet my car's a wreck now!! Since it was stolen recently, as you know.

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Of course, I’d forgotten 😡 grrrrr !

I can't think of enough expletives to describe how I feel.!!!!

I'm guessing your car being stolen was a while ago, what a horrible thing to happen to you.

Plans changed again . . . Lol 😂

Breakfast will be tinned grapefruit and a boiled egg and ryvita. Late lunch will be cassoulet as I’d forgotten I’m out tonight at Book Club and we get soup about 9pm! At least the cassoulet is in the slow cooker already 😊

Always good to allow for changes IndigoBlue61. I haven't had tinned grapefruit for years and you've reminded me how much I used to enjoy it.

Enjoy your cassoulet for lunch. I'm sure I can smell it cooking away now.

Have a lovely day.

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love your tip of the day! my saying is that nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. I will not be planning my meal today sadly as I have to work 1pm to 10pm so I will have to wing it but I plan a very small dinner and perhaps a snack of carrots and fruit. I am loving this!

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Hi katy9617. I love your quote too. Might use that one next time!! Glad you're enjoying the forum. It's great isn't it?

Why not have a look in the recipe thread for some ideas of foods to take to work with you. There's some great ideas there.

Enjoy you day.


Thanks for hosting Morgancando. Loving your definition of discipline.

Just done my C25K Run 1 for Week 9 so feeling pretty pleased about that.

Tomorrow brunch will be a two egg omelette with cheese (whatever I can find), avocado and salad.

Dinner - the crispy chicken stir fry that we didn't get round to tonight!

Tip: eat all kinds of things and ring the changes, but it is also fine to eat your healthy favourites frequently - I have to say that because I eat avocado almost every day!


Amazing work on the running I’ve given up and found other exercise but I am really jealous of people who manage it.

Your menu sounds lovely except the avocado which is my pet hate

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I'ts like marmite Glamgran69 . You either love it or hate it. I love it!

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Ha ha, I must be odd then. I eat avocado quite happily but neither love or hate it. But marmite, oooh, I love marmite! Spread thick, like jam on white bread toast, with thick butter. Hmm, think it becomes obvious why I was putting on weight when I remember my old supper habits!


I love marmite too Salcheq. Wth you the butter with it too. Prefer mine on toast or an a cheese sandwich. However, since I no longer eat bread I miss out on the marmite too - must try spreading it on griddled avocado - sounds a possibility.

Has to be thick bread and thick butter for it work though :)

I love marmite ha ha

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I hate marmite.

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Funny how we all have different tastes, just as well or there wouldn't be enough avocados to go round!

I am also amazed at my running. I didn't start of liking it, it was much too hard! It is still hard but in a different sort of way. Nine weeks ago I was excited that I had run for a minute and not keeled over!

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That running is going so well Ceals, well done.

I'm still loving the sound of your dinner, what a shame you didn't get to eat it tonight - I hope you had something.

I should know by now that I don't feel like eating after running.

Has some berries, cream and yogurt which I really enjoyed.

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have to admit I do love yoghurt and berries :)

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Very well done Ceals on your C25K runs. Very impressed! You should be very pleased with yourself. I was only saying to my daughter today that one day I hope to run a marathon. I think she's probably still laughing now!!

Talking of ringing the changes, I've had beetroot soup three days on the run and don't get me started on avocado! Love it.

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Look forward to reading all about your marathon run Morgancando - wouldn't it be wonderful! I am so enjoying running, still finding it hard but I guess that is about right for my age and weight - but that I can do it is amazing.

Beetroot is so good for the blood - absolutely delicious too.


Good evening all and thanks Morgancando for hosting. Your dinner sounds divine - and to get slice of cake in for those calories as well, that is seriously impressive.

Well, I'm rather stuffed tonight after having an indian takeaway for the first time in a very long time. I have to say it was delicious and I'm not sure I quite stuck to my 750 cals, but I did pretty well, only had a few mouthfuls of naan and hardly any rice. I've done a quick tot up on the calorie counter and think I was probably around 900, so would stil be just about within maintaining calories. So nice to eat it without guilt or feeling like I was falling off the wagon.

Tomorrow is a travelling day, off to South Gloucestershire on the train.

B - ham and tomatoes, cashew nut bar - 300 cals

L - chicken roll, box of fruit - 300 cals

D - leftover indian takeaway - 700 cals

Total 1300 calories

Left a tiny bit spare in case I get offered biscuits at the meeting. Haven't quite mastered the art of just not eating them yet!!

Love your tip Morgancando, I've discovered the joys of full fat greek yoghurt and cream, along with developing a love of porridge thanks to stealing other people's menus!


Glad you enjoyed the birthday take away - and have some spare for tomorrow, now that's good planning!

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Thanks Ceals, felt a little sorry for hubby as he asked why we were having takeaway and I said it was for his birthday!! 13 days late!

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Better late than never - and he can have i for two days!

Ha ha

I can never say no to the biscuits either. I’m thinking of refusing to go to meetings where there are biscuits

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Unfortunately I can't refuse to go to these meetings, and it is a kind of 'getting to know you' building relationship first meeting, so I need to be very friendly. And I can't resist a biscuit when it is within sniffing distance. Strangely, I don't eat them out of the cupboard anymore, although I did used to be able to eat a packet at at time during my danger time of 3 in the afternoon.

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I don’t think I can refuse the meetings either but I’m hoping one day to be able to refuse to eat them

We all need a treat occasionally Salcheq. It's so hard to resist biscuits when they're under your nose but as long as you've left room in your allowance then enjoy.

The cake was my daughter's doing. She made it and gave me a couple of slices to bring home today. I'm trying to resist till tomorrow but I keep thinking about it waiting patiently for me in the larder.

Lovely menu for the amount of calories. Well done.

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I'm glad that you enjoyed your takeaway Salcheq and how lucky are you to be having it again tomorrow.

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Remember the days when there would be no leftover indian takeaway? And now it last two or more nights. Great non weight victory :)

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Brilliant poster Morgancando and your menu is a pescetarian's dream! Never tried seafood in an omelette before...hmmm.

My Monday has gone very well.. almost exactly to plan! Woo!

Tuesday menu - under 1400

B - high protein bio yoghurt, red grapes, 4 cashews and 4 almonds, coffee (200)

L - dressed salad(rocket, lettuce, peppers, tomato, sweet corn, cabbage) with peppered hot smoked mackerel (450)

D - Stir fried king prawns and Chinese vegetables with ginger and pineapple (450)

Snack - peanut butter and a sliced quarter of a banana on 2 rice cakes, one square 85% chocolate grated on top as an experiment. (200)

Exercise - 50 minute walk home from work

Tip - the more sugar I eat the more I want and the hungrier i feel. I find curbing it helps me all round.

Happy Tuesday beauties!


Dinner is sounding fab HappyBeee

So agree about the less sugar the better.

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Really discovering it first hand lately!

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Soooooo true about sugar HappyBeee. I love every meal in your menu today, although to be perfect I'd have to swap the 4 almonds for more cashews and the coffee for a large steaming hot mug of Lady Grey tea with no milk or sugar! That dinner just sounds so perfect.


Hahaha! I'm afraid the lady grey just won't cut it at 8am! As nice as I find it!

Love the sound of that snack might give it a go

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Let me kno what u think! I have gluten free wholegrain ricecakes which I think will taste more 'brown' and work nicely!

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Your menu sounds delicious HappyBeee. Any invites?? I agree about the sugar. Since I cut out sugar I've found I'm not hungry between meals any more but I do like a little honey on my porridge.

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I'm with you on that HappyBeee. All it takes is one taste of sugar and WHAM!

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Hi thank you for hosting I love the poster. My problem is I always chose food in the past but have got to the point where all my clothes are too tight so it’s do something about it or be forever naked.

Menu for tomorrow is very similar to today sorry

B 2 slices of muesli toast with peanut butter 350

L 1/2 tin of soup, lentil curls and a square of dark chocolate 250

D salmon fillet and steamed veg 300

Snacks brunch bar and malt loaf bar 250

Total is 1150 from a target of 1200. I have a posh dinner in London and work have just said they will pay for a hotel so Thursday is not going to be good. I am therefore saving 200 calories a day to try and help a bit.

Exercise will be a trip to the gym for 1/2 hour cardio and some weights and sit ups


I'm intrigued by muesli toast Glamgran69, is that a type of bread? Loving your motivation today, your comment about being forever naked had me giggling! I came here when I got to that point, and now enjoy rediscovering all those old clothes in the depths of my drawers which now fit.


Muesli bread is from Morrisons in the fresh bread bit and it is lush I recommend it and they’re small slices so not too bad on the calories


ooh - may have to look out for that - sounds good

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I like the sound of the muesli bread, will have to get my son to pick some up for me when he goes to Morrisons.

Brilliant salcheq!

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Food sounds good again! If you're eating similarly most days id say you MAY be missing out on calcium! Or is malt loaf fortified?

Good idea on saving up cals, I'm doing the same!

Don't worry about living a life of enforced nudism! Your healthy choices will have you trim and slim in no time!


I do some cheese and a tiny bit of milk in tea but I’m not good on calcium as I’m not good at dairy but I get lots of other variety in terms of veg etc so probably ok

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Do you like chickpeas? I became dairy intolerant in the past couple of years and checked the vegan society website re calcium. Apparently chickpeas are full of the stuff! Also for a fishy option things like sardines with the bones left in are great too :)

Lovely menu Glamgran69. What are lentil curls? Sound interesting.

Why not hang one of your favourite outfits where you can see it every day to remind you why you want to lose the excess weight.

Have a lovely time at the posh dinner on Thursday and well done for banking some calories to compensate.

Lentil curls are like crisps just lentils instead of crisps.

I’m planning on dancing a lot and not having the carbs so just praying (not in a religious way) to have still lost weight on Monday

Do you make them yourself? They sound delicious. Dancing is great exercise, enjoy.

No the kettle chip people make them I’m not sure where I would even start with that lol

Ha! I thought for a minute we had a master chef in our midst.lol

Definitely not

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Great plan to save up some calories. Sounds like Thursday will be fab.

You have lovely food going on.

Enjoy your gym session.


Lovely sounding menus up there

Mine is a little boring

B - 40g porridge with milk and dried apricots (soaking with the oats overnight.) And some melon

L - 1/2 can tomato soup with 2 slices bread and apple and satsuma

T - salmon and hollandaise sauce with potato and french beans/brocolli

Snack - maybe some nuts

Exercise - dog walk x 2


Doesn't sound boring at all Hidden. Salmon seems very popular today. I'm having it too and I love hollandaise sauce. Have you worked out the calories?

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Hidden wouldn't say it's a boring menu, really like the sound of your food. Your salmon dinner sounds just perfect. And tomato soup will always have a special place in my heart. A real chilly day treat!

I like the sound of your salmon and hollandaise Hidden :)

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Not boring at all Hidden sounds really tasty.

For me, I've had porridge every morning for about 8 months now. I went from not liking it to being a fanatic for it. For me that works in the morning because it's filling, it carries me through a large part of the day and I can do it all without engaging my brain too early :)


My friend tell me I should eat porridge but I have a major loathing for it . However today I bought some wholemeal oats, yoghurt and raspberries to make overnight oats will see how that goes down in the morning,...

Love your little grey tigger pic.

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I'm back Morgancando, thank for hosting and like the poster.

I started feeling hungry tonight as tea was just too late so ate what I shouldn't but have stayed within my higher end of calories.

My menu tomorrow is:-

B - lemon curd yoghurt with rolled oats, omega seeds and strawberries - 351

L - HM pea and mint soup with a ham and salad wholemeal roll and 30g of Almonds - 530

D - Beef casserole - I am struggling with this one tonight, I just don't know what to put with it, I want to put mashed potato but don't like to eat too many carbs and I am allowing myself a bread roll at lunch time. The casserole has leek, swede and carrot in it so really not sure what I am going to have - any suggestions gratefully received :) - 400 for the casserole

Calorie range 1675 - 2154


Hi lucigret. Lovely menu as usual. Well done for staying within your higher range. Pea and ham soup is such a comforting meal on cold wintry days.

What to have with beef casserole!! Steamed, buttered cabbage with lots of black pepper maybe? Still a carb but not starchy. I'm sure you'll get lots of other suggestions that may take your fancy.


I have a sweetheart cabbage in the fridge, that sounds really good, thank you Morgancando:)


Was thinking cabbage myself but lightly sauted in the butter :)

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hi, lucigret, your menu sounds lovely. I like the idea of the cabbage, I will have to try that

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Thank you rutheliza, I like the sound of buttered steamed cabbage too, a great idea of Morgancando's. This is a great place to get ideas and help :)

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I'm having cabbage with my dinner.. I dont recommend purple cabbage.. the water was bluer than Bridget Jones asparagus soup!! 😂🤣😂🤣



I do hope your chops haven't turned blue in the slow cooker Minniewinny😂😂😊

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Dinner sounds great Morgancando

Just in from yoga with the rumblings of a migraine so a quick post:

B. Overnight oats with berries

L. Leftover squash lasagna

D. Fish parcels with sweet potato

Exercise. Ballet class

Aiming for 1800 so need to add a few more during the day


Oh no poor you. Have you had enough water today? I sometimes get a headache when I don't drink enough, but a migraine is much worse, I imagine.

Lovely menu.

Have an early night and I hope you feel better in the morning

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hi activ, hope your migraine passes quickly. I tried squash lasagne last week and it was really nice. Enjoy your menu

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I hope your migraine has dissipated.

Just looked up squash lasagne and it sounds really tasty.

Yoga and ballet. Very impressive.

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hi morgancando, thanks for posting. Love the poster, very apt for me. I've slipped slightly today, ate a few chocolates out of a box at work, having taken them in in the first place to get them out the house. Otherwise have stuck to plan. Got my weigh in tomorrow so I'm hoping for a loss. Tomorrow's plan:

B- Greek yoghurt with banana, blueberries, seeds, 300, half grapefruit 25

L- pumpkin soup 200

D- pork chop with onion, cider, mushrooms and cream 450

snacks apple, celery, orange 60

tea and coffee 150

target of 1700 so handful of nuts and gin and tonic to make it up. Will walk the dog and do a 30 min run. Got some chicken left in the fridge to eat up so I'm trying to think of something interesting to do with it for Wed


Was just about to get myself off to bed then saw your post rutheliza and it really made me laugh. At least you shared the chocs so not a lot of harm done! Your dinner sounds delicious.

Maybe use the chicken in a soup!

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You got the bulk of the chocs out of the way and I don't think a few chocs is going to cause any harm. If you stayed within cals then all they did was make the day more enjoyable.

Loving your menu, especially your dinner.

your chocolate comment made me chuckle - that is so something i would do!!!

I hate to be a party pooper but I'm so tired and my bed is calling. Sleep well all. I'll be around tomorrow to see what other menus are featuring!

Hi Morgancando

Getting a little more experimental with the Blood Sugar Diet.

For breakfast I’m going to make a chia breakfast Bircher which is basically rolled oats, chia seeds, coconut milk & passion fruit topped with berries & hazelnuts (chia seeds being rich in omega 3)

Lunch - roast red pepper & butternut squash soup

Dinner - watercress, sardine & orange salad

Total 800 cals

Exercise - my usual 11,000 steps

Rest day from the gym!

Have a good Tuesday everyone!


Ooh you're definitely getting your money's worth there dazzle. This menu sounds excellent. I'm also planning to enjoy a fair amount of watercress today. Enjoy everything - especially that delicious sounding soup. And hope your bircher breakfast is a success :)

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Good morning dazzle I'ts amazing what you can get from 800 calories. Your breakfast souns lovely. I've never tried chia seeds, must look out for them. I might try them on my porridge.

I'm pleased the BS diet is going so well for you. How many weeks have you got to go now?

Have a good day and enjoy your rest from the gym.

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Morning all and thank you Morgancando Last night I finally kept to the words in your pic. I really wanted a slice (or two) of HM cheesecake and for once I had none.

On Sunday, I came to the following conclusion... In my first 5 months here, I lost weight and reached my goal by knowing nothing about the 'right and wrong' foods to have and how they effect your cravings and anything else. I think I've got too caught up in eating 'the right way' and I'm subconsciously using that as some sort of excuse to undermine my own willpower.

Well yesterday, I just said no (I knew there was a reason for being a Grange Hill fan :) )

B: 40g porridge, fresh fruit, honey & cinnamon. Tom juice & worc sauce, chai latte and coffees

L: 1/4 HM cheese and ham puff pastry (found out too late yesterday that 1/2 a one was about 1100 cals... eeeek!!!)

S: The other half of the cauli curry that I made last night, maybe with a bit of chili con carne that OH made, to top up the cals

Other drinks: Water

Exercise: Jogging, dog walking and work

Enjoy your day everyone!


Hi Tiggerr

I think you are absolutely right. I know I have got very stressed these last few months in thinking about the correct foods to eat & also taking in all the mixed messages about what we should & shouldn’t eat (press, newspapers etc)

For example, I never ever saw myself a few months ago eating full fat versions of anything!

This forum is amazing!


It is stressing, you're right. Like you say, there is great advice and we need to be mindful but I'm going to eat 'my healthy' (I actually try and get towards the Australian 10 a day) but I'm going to eat what I like in amongst that and just stop eating too much.

Lol... I can sense myself moving into 'evangelical mode' and I've only managed one evening of control. Must remember to not take myself too seriously :)


We shall be here to remind you Tiggerr :)


Well done for 'Just saying no' to that cheesecake. Not sure sure I'd have been able to resist! Tiggerr. The rest of your menu sounds very tasty especially the cauliflower soup.

I know what you mean about being careful about eating the 'right' foods to lose weight. No food should be seen as banned in my opinion except anything and everything that says low fat which is usually packed with sugar and other nasty ingredients. We've all been brainwashed, I'm afraid!

Have a lovely day and don't work too hard.

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Good morning Morgancando and thank you for hosting today :) I didn’t post on DD yesterday but I did log everything on myfitnesspal and it was a return to calorie counting again following a northwards trend on the scales this weekend... I will be continuing with the calorie counting at the very least until the scales say a figure within my healthy bmi range again...!

Daily allowance 1800 - but I'm leaving a few cals spare for any unplanned drinks/snacks as needed...

B porridge with ground almonds, almond milk and honey 262 cals

L thin bagel with soya spread, smoked salmon, 2x poached eggs and watercress 464 cals

Snacks 2x coffees with soya milk, chai tea with soya milk and dash honey, 2x dark choc kallo rice cakes with 2tsp peanut butter, 2x dried figs, 250ml kombucha 439 cals

D 50g rice with chickpea, carrot, broccoli and tomato stew, and a salad side bowl 430 cals

Total 1595 cals

Exercise 4k run chasing the sunrise in approx 30 minutes time

Tip - plan meals you're genuinely going to look forward too. I'm actually quite excited about my lunch today :)


Good morning Ruth_canal_runner. Funny how as soon as we take our eye off the ball those calories begin to creep up. Hope you start to see the numbesr on your scales heading south soon.

You menu sounds yummy. I'm not surprised your looking forward to your lunch.

Love your tip!


Yes - it's almost predictable that as soon as you feel you've got it sorted the scales will start playing silly tricks. But I'm sure it is probably my fault a bit too, portion creep syndrome, a few too many yes's said when I should have declined a slice of cake or similar, probably liquid calories featuring a bit too. Time to knuckle down and count count count :o :)

Glad to hear that you're taking control. What I've noticed about many people on here is that, they may have troughs or setbacks and put on some weight, but that we each have some kind of line in the sand and that's when all the techniques that have been learnt come readily back into play.

Good luck with the counting and with your run.

Btw, your tip resonates deeply with me. I find it hard to see the point if we don't enjoy our food.


I think a lot of us really enjoy our food! It comes with the territory I think. There are lots of different ways of enjoying food, flavours, visual pleasure, memories associated with different sorts of meals, great company, great surroundings etc. Not just quantity :D

Nice point about the line in the sand, you're right this does seem to be a common feature of maintenance. I think I have a few lines in the sand. This week I crossed a particularly deep line, one that was a good few steps beyond the preceding ones. Not great! But feeling much more positive now I have a plan :)

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I agree about us all loving our food and enjoying the whole experience. I love cooking too and my shelves are packed with recipe books. My hubby, whose a skinny 9 stone eats because it's time to eat not because he's hungry or fancies anything in particular. But he does enjoy it when it's put in front of him. He's also quite useful as a commi chef.

Having a plan in place is so worthwhile and glad you're feeling more positive and you're over your little wobble and hope you can keep on track now.

But like the rest of us mere mortals, we know where to come for a helping hand. I'd be lost without this forum and all the lovely friends I've made.


Morning/evening everyone :)

Another boring day at work and the lovely prospect of high winds and rain tonight. The seasons have changed so much in the past few years, nothing is predictable any more.

Food today has been brought to you by the letter - C

B - poached egg (chicken - theoretically), asparagus and mushroom mix, avocado, shaved salmon and a small pulpy orange juice 336 cals

L - Another chicken salad with walnuts thrown in this time 420 cal

D - medium chicken breast stuffed with cream cheese, wrapped in two rashers of shoulder bacon and baked in the oven, zucchini baked with the chicken and sprinkled with paprika, broccoli 408 cal

S - carrot 41 cal

As I said - brought to you by the letter C lol. I didn't realise until I read through it :)

Total 1205

5 cal over 1200 allowance


Your post has really made me giggle this morning, Thanks! I take it you like chicken.lol It's so low in fat so eat away. Your dinner sounds divine.

Have a good day.

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I think I would had a touch of apricot or some sort of sweet fruit preserve into the cream cheese next time.

I didn't realise it was a chicken day, but I did have a carrot in there :D

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Do chickens eat carrots?

I guess if they're grated lol

Grated, elated and hope to be satiated

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Hahaha clever :)

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I think many people here would agree on the changing (fluctuating) seasons. I see flowers in the gardens now pretty much every day of the year and the river in front of us floods a lot more often.

Just checked my menu but it wasn't brought by any letter :(

Lovely sounding menu throughout and I hope work picks up.

Have you got a plan for dealing with those 5 cals ;)

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Haha - nope. They will just have to sit there and stew until tomorrow :)

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Just looked and my menu is brought here by the letter P - Porridge, Poached eggs, Peanut butter and chickPeas :)

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A positively perfect pot puree of P magic, I think the 'Ps' have it over kiwikyd-nz's cacophony of (Cs) .


Haha. Have I started a letter challenge lol

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Looks like it. Will let you know how I do tomorrow :)

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Good morning Morgancando and thank you for hosting.

I had a very interesting but simply exhausting day in London yesterday so am only now doing my today's DD:-

B - porridge with frozen fruit and two much needed coffees

L - leek and potato soup with green salad and yoghurt with honey (must buy some more)

S - chilli con carne, cabbage and stewed apples and custard

Snacks - fruit

Water - amap

Exercise - after the miles I walked yesterday (and I mean miles!) am taking it quietly and might even go to the cinema this morning.

Have a good day everyone and I hope it doesn't rain after all :)


You must be shattered Villageduckpond after that busy day. Glad to hear you're going to take it easier today. A trip to the cinema sounds a perfect way to spend a couple of hours . Just be careful not fall asleep and disturb all the other cinema goers with you snoring!! I've just finished reading 'The Snowman' and see it's on at the cinema now so I'm planning on going to see that soon.

Your menu sounds delicious. I've started having frozen berries in my porridge.

Have a good day.

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I need to renew my membership anyway and might combine it with seeing 'The Party' which I have heard is good.

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Love to hear your critique.

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Shall try to remember.....

Hello Villageduckpond I'm also late with the DD posting, we need to go grocery shopping so limited supplies and been deciding what I could do with them!

I like your menu, chilli con carne is one of our favourites, I now put lots of veg in and have it in a bowl without rice. Sounds good with red cabbage though.

Raining here now, so the cinema sounds a nice idea.

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Sorry but late. And thank you for hosting. My IBS seemed to have flared up. Bloated yesterday but going down. The erg training will sort it tonight. Any form of exercise helps it to be honest.

Breakfast - oatmeal with coconut milk and gluten free toast

Lunch - may stick with tuna sandwich with vegetable soup.

Dinner - I was going to have a 2 sauceage and egg but if my IBS doesn't settle down I'll have a think. I'll gooogle this afternoon and see if there's something I can have to ease this slight pain.

Snack - stick with fruit, I'll go for the flap jack not full of nuts (guessing all the nuts on the one yesterday caused the bloatness, will have the dairy free yogurt this may help me.

Catch up soon.


It's so difficult to know what to eat when IBS is causing discomfort ShadowDee Hope it settles down soon.

Good luck

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I'm a suffer too and find peppermint tea is quite soothing and helps with the bloat.

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Peppermint tea it is today. It's very uncomfortable feeling. I left my lunch at home. I'll modify it to a jacket and tuna salad in the canteen.

I also don't have much of an appetite when it flares up. I guess because it presses on the stomach area as well. I'm still learning what not to eat too.

I find mine changes all the time, some of the food on the FODMAP does me no good at all, broccoli for one makes me bad, unless eaten as soup. I have been better since cutting the carbs down although I do still need some. My Doctor told me not to cut pasta and bread out completely but I don't eat it anywhere near as often now. Some combinations don't work, I think I have it Sussed and then it changes, mushrooms used to be a nightmare now I can eat loads! Stress can be a big factor or just feeling a little bit anxious. I have been given codeine phosphate and told to take if I am going into a situation where IBS is likely to strike. I find taking 2 an hour before I go out for a meal helps a lot, just slows the bowel down apparently and I go nowhere without Imodium instants lol😊

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A great menu Morgancando , thanks for hosting, so true about choosing to have what you want most rather than now, many temptations to resist.

Off for a swim so a banana before and porridge after with some nuts and seeds 300

L: Curried vegetable soup with butter beans, made a big vat of it yesterday. 350

D: Inspirations fish with thyme and lemon (from freezer and very low calorie 120, should probably have 2 each but only 1 pack left!) with sweet potato mash and peas. 350 approx

Home made jelly with raspberries and ff Greek yoghurt 150, melon with grated ginger in the evening if hungry.

Leaves enough for milk in drinks, maybe 100cals of extra snacks, get hungry on swimming days.

Will take the dog for a walk if it's not raining too much, she refuses to go if it's too wet, sensible pooch.

Have a good day everyone.


Hi Sailsalot. An early morning swim sounds a great way to kick off your day especially as I imagine it's quite quiet at this time of day.

I love fish with lemon and thyme. Pity there's only one left but plenty of veg with it should fill you up. Home made jelly sounds good too.

Enjoy your swim.

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What a fab menu today. Very tasty for very few calories. I like the sound of the salmon ... but I presume there is a reason you're keeping to only 1200?

Yes there is I know 1,200 is very low and I certainly wouldn't recommend it. But I had surgery recently so very inactive just now. I re- imputed my details to check my BMI and with only being 4ft 11inches this is the number it gave me.

I'm gradually increasing my exercise now and will up my calories soon.


I understand. Good for you to produce such a good menu for that amount . Hope you're recovering well from your op. 😊

Thank you elliebath. I'm feeling better by the day.

Hi again..

Monday went well.

My Tuesday menu is...

74 Carbs. 74 Fat. 79 Protein.

2 large boiled eggs - 174

Extra chunky peanut butter sandwich on 2 slices of low carb seeded bread - 390

H/m slow cooked pork lions on purple cabbage - 311

50g Cashew & peanut mix & 25 g bar chilli dark chocolate - 452

Total - 1327 (NHS BMI range 1350 - 1736)

Minimum of 1 & 1/2 litres water

Exercise planned is to walk our dog 👟👟 🐕🐾🐾

Tip for today... Make the most of all foods and learn from your successes and errors... Just keep moving forwards...

Cheering us all on 🎉🎉🎉


Good morning Minniewinny. Every time I see a post from you I drink a glass of water. See, I do listen to your advice,lol.

Slow cooked pork and cabbage sounds perfect for this kind of weather. I'll be getting the slow cooker out later to cook a big beef stew. You can get away with the cheapest cuts of meat when you slow cook can't you?

I see you're keeping an eye on your macros. I've just bought a new Jamie Oliver super food recipe book and as well as the calories it tells how many carbs and protein etc are in each menu.

Have a lovely day.

Today I'm afraid I dont have a proper meal plan.... this happens sometimes... but we both have a free day and we just made the impulsive decision to start our Christmas shopping.

I've persuaded hubby to go to Clarks Village in Somerset. So I'm about to have a couple of boiled eggs for breakfast then go. Will take a break later and hopefully have soup of the day. Not much in the fridge for dinner but I do have peppers onions mushrooms leeks so I may just throw together a veggie pasta sauce when we get home. It should hopefully all fall within my 1500. Fingers crossed!


Have a lovely day Christmas shopping elliebath. I wonder what the soup of the day will be. I'm sure you'll manage to throw a good meal together when you get home.

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My Daughter's favourite place to shop, usually have to make the trip once a year, Hubby hates it!!!

Have a good day. I like the sound of your veggie sauce, leeks and mushrooms work well together, I make a cheese sauce and add to fish.


I like the Clarks Village although haven't been for years, enjoy your shopping elliebath . I ought to make a start on some Xmas shopping before everywhere is really crowded. Soup for lunch is a good option when out and a quick pasta sauce sounds lovely, a great day planned :)

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Doing this is really making me think about what I eat so here is today plan.

Breakfast - Activia, banana Almond Milk.- 174

Lunch - Bagel, smoked salmon, cream cheese, apple - 284

Dinner - Mexican Bean Soup with guacamole , bread - 491

Snacks - Baby bel, salami, toast and marmite, milk - 421


Good to see here Lenfry. Love the sound of your menu. You're right, it really makes you think about what you're eating when you see it in black and white. You're Mexican bean soup sound delicious.

I hope you don't mind me asking, but have you checked your BMI to find out how many calories you should be eating. 1,370 is quite low. Eating too few can have the opposite effect and cause you to hold on to fat and even cause you to gain. So If you haven't checked I suggest you do. Then start at the higher range and see how you go.

You'll find the BMI chart in the newbie thread sent to you when you joined.

I can hear you shouting 'You can talk' if you've seen how many calories i'm eating at the moment. I'm on only 1,200 for the time being since I had surgery recently and am inactive just now, but as soon as I'm back to normal I'm hoping to get back to around 1,700. I was losing on that amount.

Good luck.


Morning Morgancando thank you for hosting today's diary. Your menu sounds really tasty. I think I will take a note of your prawn and chive omelette with salad. (don't have any chives so may try a little red onion thinly sliced).

My menu for today is:

B Porridge with milk and prunes with a cup of tea. 260 calories.

L Homemade cottage pie with Yogurt and berries for afters. 730 calories.

D No-carb ploughman's 290 calories.

Chopped apple, pear and kiwi. 135 calories.

That will leave me 85 or so calories for any drinks or some nuts later. My total for today is around 1500 calories.

Exercise I have just finished 65 minutes walking with Ebony and a walk to local post office. May do some resistance this afternoon.(I really don't like resistance exercise, but need to build some muscle). Hope everyone has a great day.x

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Good morning Marion_63. Yes finely chopped red onions sounds just as tasty as chives in an omelette. Home made cottage pie sounds good too and a no carb ploughman's equally good.

Wow you've certainly got the steps in this morning with Ebony. She's certainly keeping you on your toes .Will you be taking Kizzy out later too?

Good luck with the resistance training. I'm sure it'll be worth it when you see the results on your finely toned body.

Have a good day.

I am thinking of a short walk later with Kizzy. She is a lot less active as she gets older. No-carb ploughman's is a meal from the blood sugar diet book and It is delicious, but I think I will replace the cheese with cottage chees as I have some to use up. My hubby has some weights that I am going to have a go at. They are in three sizes so I will give the smaller ones a go later.

Enjoy the rest of your day.x

I've got the BSD book. I might give that a try. Good luck with the weights but don't over do it!

No that's not going to happen Morgancando. I will just do a few reps today and see how it goes.

I got the BSD book a while ago because my hubby wanted to see if it would work for him as he has a lot of weight to lose and finds it hard to keep to a regime for any length of time. He was worried he could end up diabetic. I got it out the other day to see if he could adopt any of the advice.(he doesn't read books).

We are doing some of the journey together. He has seen the difference this time round in my attitude to change and the transformation it has done for me. I think it has given him a boost.

Have a good afternoon.x

That's the magic of this forum Marion_63. Now he's seen how well you're doing by NOT dieting but eating healthily the more chance he'll get on board.

Good luck on your shared journey.

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Good morning Morgancando and everyone who comes on the DD today. As usual I am late but the weather is wet and very damp today, so I am staying in doors today. I will tidy the house today it always seems to be dusty but I think that’s to do with living in London.

Breakfast was Allbran with mixed frozen fruit with skimmed milk and a coffee.

Lunch Home made soup chicken with lentils and mixed veg. With a slice of home made bread.

Dinner fish with some mash and mushy peas. 1300cal for the day.

An apple some time and a cracker with a little soft cheese that should bring it to around 1600 calories for the day.

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Good morning Caroline62. Just realised it's actually afternoon now. Sorry I was late replying. My house always seems to be dusty too. I blame it on having a log burner. That's my excuse anyway.

Loving the sound of your menu today. Very healthy and satisfying too.

A damp, wet day is perfect for staying indoors and hibernating for a while.

Enjoy your afternoon.

Hi first time posting today was a good day.

Breakfast bran flakes, almond milk and sliced banana 178

Lunch chicken and mushroom soup, warburtons thin, melon and activia yoghurt. 441

Dinner Beef and Mushroom fried rice Weightwatches Recipe 408 This was yummy cooked with brown rice.

Snack home made popcorn 45gr cooked in small amount of butter. Gave up on microwave popcorn thing it wouldn’t work. 227

Total 1254.

All sounds really good maz21. Glad you've had a good day today. Remember to post Wednesday's menu on the DD. It's open now. See you over there!

Morgancando I have just come back to thank you for suggesting the steamed, buttered cabbage with black pepper. It was really nice and will definitely be doing it again :)

Glad you enjoy it. I’m having it tomorrow with my casserole.

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Thank you Morgancando for being a great host in today's DD. :)

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