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Fed up with failure

Hi new starter logging his first post.

I have every reason under the sun to lose weight, and no reals excuses as to why I have tried, achieved some success so many times in the past, but persistently failed, losing focus and drifting back to my old ways.

I am looking for others who have suffered similar problems, and truly looking for the inspiration of those who have experienced it, but have now managed to change their life for the better, and maintain their focus and achieve long term success.

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Hello and welcome to the Weight Loss Forum bikerider 😊

You have come to the right place for inspiration and support, 😊

All I can say is that I have lost and gained weight many times over the last 40+ years but this time I was in a really horrid place physically, with major health issues, and I made a choice, I mentally accepted that I will need to watch my portion size and calories for ever. I prefer feeling fit and healthy to the foods that were causing the weigh gain. 😕 it’s not easy but I can be done.

I'd like to invite you to join our Newbie Club, which we hope will be a good place for you to connect with members, who are also just starting out. If you just post a few words to introduce yourself and respond to others there, you'll soon break the ice. Here's the link


You'll find all the information you need to navigate the forum in the header and a link to the 12 week plan, so please take the time to read it carefully.

Wishing you all the best



Welcome to the community!!


Looking for others then look no further than here :) Many here (everyone?) have gone down the persistently failing road.

Bucket loads of inspiration, ways of moving forward, motivation when things are not going well and also when they are.

This forum will give you more then you can imagine but the more you get involved the more you'll get back. Try and read everything that Anna has linked you into. It doesn't need to be achieved all at once but it's good to know what's there.

Enjoy :)


Welcome newbie. You don't need to upset, it always hard to suceed. Had you try any weight lose supplements? Maybe some shakes? I am still struggling with my obesity , currently taking IsaLiving shake. I read that such shakes help to fasten metabolism and expel unnecessary waste from the body. + it's really delicious. I also ordered a special bottle for a convenience from allinpackaging.co.uk/contai... . Half of my fridge is full with such bottles :)


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