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Adding calories, starting my maintenance journey.

Am feeling a little nervous as I shall be adding calories back into my diet from this week on.

Planning doing 100 calories per day, per week and slowly monitoring my weight.

Maintenance seems more tricky than the actual weight loss. Or is that just me?

Happy Monday all 😉

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Just approach it as you have been, but slowly increase the calories until you feel you're at a stable weight. But do remember our weight will always fluctuate a few pounds during a normal week , so my advice is set yourself an acceptable range of approx 1-4 pounds and aim to keep within that. I've been in maintenance for over 2 years and always within 1-5 lbs of my original goal.


That sounds like a solid advice and am planning on doing just that.

I'm sure I'll get the hang of it but am currently a little restless about it. After all the careful calorie counting.

Hope to be at some point one day where I can just go without counting but that's future.

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Yes you may be able to eventually. That's what we all hope for 😊, but I must admit even now I still keep a record in myfitnespal food diary most days, but I loosen up at weekends. It's just a way of life now, but its the only way I personally can stay focused.

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Hi Anna

I agree maintenance is tricky. I am still losing when I don’t mean to, I find it hard to know how much extra I can eat although I use my fit bit to record and track exercise and cals. I am quite anxious I will pile the weight back on and generally eat less than the cal allowance,

Sun shining here and just back from my 10000 step walk

Have a great day



Yes I recognize your feelings

I can see myself doing that too!

Although I know I now need to start adding calories and liking the fact I can eat more.... Still having this unsettling feeling.

How long have you been maintaining?


Only 2-3 weeks

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Ah still fresh as well then.

Good luck to you too



Was wondering how your maintenance is going?

I'm still losing weight unintended....

Having dental work done, a bad cold and on my period is not helping lol.

Eating 1700 calories but will see what happens when I'm over my cold. Initially gained some water weight from eating more carbs but that has come off.

Just curious to hear from you 👍



Just back from a month away , 3 weeks on a cruise ship so wondered if I would sustain my new healthy eating regime

Well delighted to say I have remained the same weight, just fluctuating by a Lb

I don’t count calories every day but I do not eat pasta, bread, potatoes, sugar,, cakes, biscuits, sweets . I drank red wine almost every night but only one glass.

I made sure to walk 10000 steps a day every day

Hope despite losing weight you are feeling well and enjoying your slim figure

Best wishes

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That's amazing!

Pleased for you and hope you had an amazing time.

My aim is too eat carbs in moderation eventually and not having to count calories anymore.

But that's for next year.

P!eased to hear from you and yes all will be good soon 👍


Good luck!!

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