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small weight loss

I am only 5 foot 5 so at 268 pounds I am a bit roly poly. lol. but I have lost 6 pounds in the last 2 weeks and now weigh 262. I am working, slowly but surely to remove sugar and oil from my diet and bake a lot of chicken now. I am excited but scared as I have always been overweight and now I seem to be taking charge of it finally. I hope I can do it this time.

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Well done for taking charge of your health and weight. You have done well losing six pounds. You are right that getting rid of sugar and probably some other carbohydrates will be very helpful. The oils you need to ditch are the vegetable oils as they cause inflammation that we can't see and are not very good for us. Try using olive oil and coconut oil for cooking with and don't forget about lovely butter.

Having some healthy fats is important and keeps us fuller for longer. Full fat yogurt is brilliant and of course, you can bake your chicken in it.

Have a look at what others eat by popping along to Daily Diary, it is such a helpful resource.

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Oh, we're around the same weight! I'm 259lbs, and 5ft 7". I need to remove the sugar, too. I want to see the 240s, or maybe even the 230s, by New Year's. 😖


I would love... to see the 230's by new years too!!! I would like to see the 245? by Christmas too . you know, we can do this!!1

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You can do it!! Keep it up!! We'll be here for you when you need it.


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