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A tick or not a tick

I have put on a good 1 1/2 stone in the last few months....Not good but so easy done.

Needed a plan, so along with a work mate we have a tick and cross system. Each morning based on the day before we give ourselves a tick if we have stuck to 'dieting/cutting down' and a cross if we haven't. We have a white board in our office and only known to us, under our initials we put the said tick or dare I say cross. Then we put down each week how many pounds we have lost.

I must say it is working......I had the thought at the weekend...'if N can do this then I can'.....

Believe me it works all you have to do is be honest and if you can't be honest with yourself then well.....

A little bit of competition helps...

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that is good you have someone to loose weight with so you can motivate and support each other. One of the administrators will be along shortly to send you the link to the newbies webpage to help you learn how to navigate the website to get full use of the forum


Good for you, miamia! It's definitely easier to keep on the straight and narrow, if you have someone there with you :)

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Great idea, I like. Definitely others, pointing you the right direction helps. The forum has really made a big difference to keep me motivated. I also have a sister who eats healthy, she lost weight in her twenties, now in her forties keeps to slim size 8 to 10, which is a healthy size for her as she's petite. Five years ago this was my size, have a long way to go.


Great idea miamia and glad you've got someone to help keep you focused.


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