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Flabby tummy not shifting even with exercises and healthy eating


It has been nearly 2 years of 4 days a weeks vigorous exercises and healthy eating and still my not so big flabby tummy is not shifting and spandex are killing me and make my tummy look even rounder and prominent, has any one got any other ideas to get rid or do i have have to resort to cosmetic surgery which is not my ideal thing to do.

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So what are you eating kittikatlinglong ? And how much? Exercise is good for us but on its own, it doesn’t shift weight. And healthy eating is very important, but so is portion size and daily calorie intake. Tell us more about yourself, have you checked your BMI? Have you worked out how many calories you should consume to lose weight? And this is just my humble opinion, but spandex and the like are doing the work your tummy muscles should be doing. Maybe some Pilates might help build up core strength to hold in that tummy? Hope you find some answers here anyway. Good luck.

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I started pilates twice a week a little while ago and even though I go to the gym and aerobics, I am feeling muscles I didn't know I had. I have a tummy as well so hoping it will help.

I will definitely try it, it's been unbearable trying on dresses and skirts, Thankyou.


From a different perspective kittikatlinglong why do you feel you need a super flat tummy? If you are eating the correct calories and taking regular exercise I suspect you are fit and healthy and look beautiful 😊 Part of being a woman is having curves, I hope you are not trying to like these airbrushed, computer corrected images that we are bombarded with. 😕

Embrace who you are lovely lady 😊

Active_43Healthy BMI

Have you lost weight elsewhere in that time? Maybe your food choices are causing bloating.

As IndigoBlue61 says the though, we are all different shapes and sizes. Also our shapes change throughout our lives.

Embrace your shape and try and be happy with the healthier you. When you smile no one notices the extra inch around your belly.


I'm unsure what your age is, but clearly that will make a huge difference to how elastic your skin is.... as we age, collagen disappears and so does the elasticity of our skin and it's abilities to spring back into shaope.... and sadly we can never return to having the figure we may have had when we were 20 or so, particularly if we've had children, smoked, etc... a lot will depend on genetics - the shape your Mum / Dad was is likely to determine how we will look in later life!

Weight never goes from the parts we'd like it to, and often vanishes from those bits we'd rather keep (boobs!) - BUT the main thing to remember is that you are no doubt much healthier and fitter than when you started this journey.

You don't say how much weight you've lost, nor how much more you'd like to lose. If you're happy to share that information, we may be able to offer more specific ideas to help you on your journey?

I am 47 yrs of age, my weight is 84kg and I would like to lose 2 stones. I am more muscley in weight due to genetics and using weights then fat, but my tummy is my nightmare.

Yeah if I lose 20 more I want to go to mexico or Columbia for a tummy tuck.

I have not worn a dress for many years and I want to feel feminine and wear pretty dresses rather then hiding behind black trousers and long tops, I have tried a dress recently and it made me tearful due to seeing a prominent tummy in the mirror I honestly looked pregnant.

It's so damn hard to lose fat in particular places i.e. tummy fat, exercises after exercise, healthy eating, I do feel that my tummy is making me feel like old and unattractive, especially when we live in different times when people are so judgemental, celebs show how easy it is to lose the weight and look good, but I am sure that they do more then healthy eating apparently lipo suction has been there easy way out and they tell us different, maybe that is the route I will have to take eventually, not happy about it but I'm left with no option as it is getting me down, I feel pregnant and look pregnant even thou its not huge even with spandex it makes it look worse like a ball, its been a battle.

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