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Realising how many calories I'm REALLY eating… 😲

DiDiZiaRestart July 2020


I ate all of my food for today, then I was unsure of how many calories I was eating. I decided I should probably use MyFitnessPal for once, and when I tallied everything up, it was over 2,000 calories. I had no idea it'd be that much, but it puts into perspective how much I'm eating on a regular basis. I was under the impression my average calorie intake was around 1,700-1,800.

I'll be abandoning the calorie dense food, and going back to what I usually eat. It's very surprising. Although it's not good to obsess over calories too too much, I think using the app for a little while until you gauge an idea of how many calories are in regular meals is a good idea.

I'm feeling very frustrated now, but I won't be making that mistake tomorrow… hopefully!

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Well done for checking DiDiZia, so easy for them numbers to mount up.. I use MVP too, find it really useful.

Cheering you on to move forwards 🎉🎉🎉


I know how you feel - I am on holiday this week and yesterday we decided to have a KFC (not had one in over a year, so a very rare treat ;) )

Wowsers is the word I used when I checked MFP just for that meal alone was 1300 :O

Minniewinny5 stone in reply to Hidden

Rare treats totally allowed 😋 I hope it was enjoyed!!

HiddenAdministrator in reply to Minniewinny

It was AND I didn't require any tea last night so that was a bonus as I was still full ;)

Minniewinny5 stone in reply to Hidden

Good result 👍🏻

HiddenAdministrator in reply to Minniewinny

Not really as had a cola my first one in over a year as well :D

Minniewinny5 stone in reply to Hidden

If it was within your calorie allowance and you were then full up.. no worries!!


You’re right DiDiZia

It is easy to blithely ignore how much we consume until we get a nasty shock on the scales!

Ceals3 stone

Well done for checking up on your eating Didizia, just shows your determination to get this sorted, you are doing amazingly well.

Oh yeah its frightening when you do the math.... I couldn't believe calories in some things..

traisee2st 7lbs

Getting information was one of the most powerful first steps I took... it meant I had my head spinning more than once when I had to face some truths I'd previously been able to ignore, but information means you can make responsible decisions about what to do next. So really WELL DONE for tracking it. And you'll sometimes find that tracking it shows you've not eaten as much as you'd feared, so you don't spend time beating yourself up over it. You're showing super progress. Onward and downward!

TiggerrHost in reply to traisee

Well said :)

elliebathMaintainer in reply to traisee

That's a good point traisee it can be very encouraging to track calories... especially when we discover we can eat a 2 course dinner for about the same calories as 2 doughnuts !! 😆


Try not to think of calorie counting as over obsessing. Until you get a good idea of the "price" of your regular foods you won't know if you're making good choices or not. MFP is particularly helpful as it also trains us to see food weights & portion size . I speak from experience and I seriously recommend you calorie count for a few weeks, make a note of all your regular meals, then after that you can just rely on eyes or memory, if you so wish .

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