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Need to lose weight

I am obese (aged 65) and have just been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid gland. I have tried to cut down on carbs and any food that contain sugar but finding it difficult to lose even 1 lb. Mainly sticking to a low fat diet where possible.

I am due to see to the Dr at the end of the week to pick up my medication for underactive thyroid. I am already on medication for hypertension.

Really worried about the medication as I have read it can cause hair loss and weight gain (cannot afford to put any more weight on).

Any advice and support will be welcome.

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Hello again chirpy1 😊

Please se my reply to your other post


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Hello chirpy1. I can't help you I'm afraid regarding thyroid and meds but I just want to wish you well on your weight loss journey. Hope your doctor's appointment goes well. It might be a good idea to make a list of any questions you have to ask him/her. I know I always coming away thinking I should have asked about this or that.

I'm 66 and on a number of meds so I know where you're coming from.

Good luck.


Hi chirpy1 . I have an underactive thyroid, have had it for 35 years. When it is underactive, you put on weight because your metabolism slows down. After a few weeks to months on the correct dose of thyroxin, you could possibly lose weight without even trying as your metabolism will gradually speed up.

They are obliged to put all the possible side effects on the box, but I am very surprised weight gain is one, unless some people regain a lost appetite, which is quite possible.

Also hair loss is a long term effect of myxoedoma, or underactive thyroid, and again, I am very surprised it is listed as a side effect, as in my experience, my hair grew properly again, my skin was so much less dry and I just felt myself again, with loads more energy.

These must be very rare side effects, because overall, you will feel fantastic when you are taking it regularly.

As for long term weight loss, once your dosage stabilises, you are in the same boat as the rest of us. If you eat too much, you will put on weight!

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