Stepping on the Scales & Unraveling the Tape Measure

Stepping on the Scales & Unraveling the Tape Measure

Arthur Stone... Stepping onto the Scales & Unraveling the Tape Measure...

48yr old male. 6' 1" tall.

Weekly loss of 3.25 lbs.

Total loss of 6 + inches of blubber and

Total loss of 11.75 lbs since I started this weight loss journey on 27/9/17 ...... 11.75lbs down 18.75 lbs to first target weight


Week 0 - Starting off at 205.5 lbs (14st 9.5lbs)

Week 1 - 205 lbs (14st 9lbs)

Week 2 - 200.75 lbs (14st 4.75 lbs)

Week 3 - 199.75 lbs (14st 3.75 lbs)

Week 4 - 197 lbs (14st 1lb)

Week 5 - 193.75 lbs (13st 11.75 lbs)


Weekly Loss of 3.25 lbs ...... 18.75 lbs to lose to reach first target weight of 12st 7lbs. Total weight lost so far 11.75 lbs


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21 Replies

  • Great loss Arthur (David) and you're only a few pounds off obtaining a one stone badge.

  • Thank you Tiggerr . The numbers are heading in the right direction

  • That’s some great stats Juan-Stone 😊 very well done

  • Thank you @Anna61. Way to go but certainly heading in the right direction

  • Keep up the very good work and roll on the new badge. Is Sophie pleased too?

  • Thank you Villageduckpond . I think Sophie's pleased. She's loving the extra walks 🐶 🐾

  • Very true Ruth_canal_runner . That's why I weigh weekly and measure fortnightly. Total 6 + inches of blubber from different locations is an added bonus ✅

  • Well done. You're making real inroads into your target and in very quick time.

  • Thanks skippingpixie I'm learning from my mistakes from my previous weight loss journey. This time the weight should stay off.

  • Good job! 👏👏😊

  • Thank you Justswimming

  • well done with your weight loss so far- do you have a target weight in mind?

  • Thanks RG07 . My first target is 175 lbs (12st 7lbs)

  • will that get you in to the healthy BMI?

  • Yes 13st 7lbs would be 24.9 BMI which is a healthy weight 25BMI is listed overweight. 12st 7lbs would be 23B.M.I so 12st 7lbs is my first target weight

  • good luck I am sure you will achieve it

  • Thanks

  • Great stuff the scales moved downwards too Juan-Stone you have had an inspirational week:)

  • Thanks 87down

  • You're an example to us all. Well done👍

  • Thank you wa2un7 i try my best every day to succeed

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