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The fire inside me!

I always look at the Fire and think to myself this is a bit like my body.

This is my approach:

The more fuel I put on the fire the more I need to burn it, if I put to much fuel on the fire then it will turn into lumps of fat/wood ready to be burned another day or in worse case scenario I just keep adding wood/food to it and I get big and fire dies out.

This is what happened to me for 4 years mainly due to medication that I spent gaining this weight and the larger I got the quicker that pile of wood stacked up. As well as getting larger and larger the bigger i got and I had no fire inside me to burn it.

So on the 1st of September I stopped drinking alcohol until (date unknown) I started feeling good about myself and it was the spark that lead me down this road on the 1st of October!

I new i had to make changes to my consumption as well as getting active... the smoke was there the first week as I went out for walks every working day and did gardening too and at the weekends just like today.

Once the first week was over and weighed myself with a big loss I could see the fire through the smoke and I had got my motivational fire back in action ready too burn harder more than ever in many areas of my life not just my goal as well as my journey too 70kg.

This month I lost close too 1 stone in weight and I tell you the truth I don't feel great I feel strong and have so much more will power to burn through the rest of this ugly pile of wood I am carrying.

I know I will feel great further down my journey this year and I know I will have to be careful what type of wood I put on this fire as well as fanning the flames to burn it with a nice program of exercise to follow.

When it comes to the end product of ashes/muscles I hope to make them strong and compacted so they don't blow away like most people who do 12 weeks of exercise and then hit the sofa and hang up their out door shoes.

This is only 1 step/month on my 12 step/ month program to improve the quality of this fire and forge some think to be proud of as well as look after like a well crafted sword which can continue to fight the fat but needs to be looked after and sharpened time to time.

The people on this forum are that sharping tool making me better fitter and more aware and continue the fight.

I know the cold has arrived but my fire will burn through it as I cycle, run, and walk on top of the hill with the beautiful sky behind me.

We can't forget that we and including myself need barriers/ shields to protect ourselves when we open that fridge or go to the super market but most of all protect that fire inside you that makes you want to better yourself in many ways.

Some people put a lot of effort into what wood they put on their fire which is their own fire. myself at the moment am fully aware of what I am doing with my fire I am making it burn hot and then burn it smart.

Which will integrate a fire I can be proud of with my sword and shield to protect me from what others may influence you to put on your fire including that monkey brain inside you that says sod it i ll have another snack.

The journey is long and it gets tough at times but let the temptation of success beat the temptation of the easy way out and putting water on that fire and sit on the sofa or in your room constantly on the internet being inactive.

I know for some, may have to be smarter about what wood they use due to being unable to be physically active but we are all behind you with are fire, swords and shields as well as are sharping tool to help you.

Most of the time sharping your own sword with knowledge and information makes that sword much sharper and the fight much easier.

I hope you all have or get that spark inside you to get that fire burning long and hard and be proud of what you make out of your fire ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ ๐Ÿ‘

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Powerful imagery SS, seems to be working for you. Keep stoking the fire.


Ceals thank you. I might turn myself in to the knight in shinning armour at this rate ๐Ÿ˜‰

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With all the running your doing, you won't need a horse!!


Not running as of yet Minniewinny just walking with weight.

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So those stars I see down here are actually the sparks from your fire :)

You are truly burning bright my friend. Well done on the nearly 1 stone loss.

Keep that fire stoked :D


Thank you kiwikyd-nz brilliant comment


You're welcome :)

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Powerful inagery and very inspirational. Thanks for taking the time to write and share โ™จ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ’ฅ

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Your welcome 13valerie


I like the analogy very much, and it is very well written also. I guess from my perspective if you feed the fire too much it may consume you, too little and it may fail. Just the right amount and the right kind of fuel will keep it burning brightly.

Keep on Silver and my thoughts are with you...

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Thanks mickmcmikalmas I missed your comment. Thanks for your input and perspective on my otherwise strange post but like I said keep that fire going and be strong mate.

My thoughts are with you too bud.


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