What to eat today,I don't know,if I eat the wrong thing ,it will show.

Good days ,bad days we have them all,on this forum we can stand tall.

Support on here is second to none ,without it there's no doubt many of us would have gone .

Too many suffer in silence,just say it as it is, without the opportunity we would be in a tiss.

So HealthUnlocked is for you and you, and the best thing it's free,saving money to.


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13 Replies

  • Well said and great poem :)

  • Did a better one,but it wouldn't post and I lost it .



  • Love it 😊

  • Thanks Anna ,


  • Thanks gman1961 for your words tonight.

    We don't always get it right but we will continue to fight the fight.

    Effort put in equals a fabulous win if we can take it straight on the chin

    (Or should that be on the chins for many of us but no worries we'll make no fuss....)

    "Onwards and downwards" is the cry to help us make those pounds fly -

    Off the scales (and from those thighs!) -

    Without your words we'd all be poorer

    (Without your support we'd all be broader...!)

    Have a good week Gary ☺☺☺

  • That's so nice ,and so true ,you are a poet Marylou.

    You replied to mine ,straight away ,you put in rhyme I would say.

    Making us laugh and sometimes cry, we have a weight loss battle, but how we try.

    To do our best and support each other,thier is no better and no other .

    Forum I would rather be on ,HealthUnlocked is number one .

    Take care


  • I agree with your words about the forum

    Everyone on there has so much decorum

    They are a fantastic bunch

    Always there to give tips for dinner and lunch

    When I joined my goal was 2 stone

    I know I could never do it alone

    Well Gary I know my terrible attempts at a poem has brought a smile to your face

    Just want you to know when it comes to kindness and support you are ace 😊

  • You are a poet ,thank you at times it's support with all sorts of things we need.

    So we wouldn't get that at a slimming group.

    Thanks again for your kind words.


  • My words on the last line of my terrible poem are from my heart x

  • Thank you so much .

    That is so nice.


  • You have been so good to me x

  • You have been so good to me x

  • Glad I could help .


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