1 Stone Down!!

It has been challenging, but since starting my diet and changing my lifestyle I have officially lost 1 stone, I honestly don't know how it has happened! I never imagined that I would actually loose any weight.

Although I am extremely proud of myself and my progress, I have not seen any noticeable changes in myself; other than the scale numbers going down, does anyone know when I will start to see a change?


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20 Replies

  • Woohoo, Iwantoloseweight, that's terrific news! My pom poms are going crackers!! :)

    I suspect it will take your head a while to catch up with your body, so just bide your time and bask in the compliments of others :)

    Take each day as it comes and keep enjoying your journey :)

  • Thank you!!! I think it also may be that I'm quite short so the weight that comes off doesn't seem to make that much of a difference.

  • I was also wondering if you could give me my one stone badge? If that's not too much trouble?

  • Sorry, I've been having a nightmare with the badges! I had awarded it, but it failed to change! It seems to be OK now :)


  • My pleasure :)

  • That's great!!! I lost a stone and three pounds and I only see it in my face and neck so far. Did you take measurements? Mine are down in all areas. I guess it also depends on how much you have to lose.

  • No, I didn't measure and its one thing I wish I had done at the beginning of my journey!!

  • Do it now.

  • Take photos every month or so. You can compare before/after. It’s hard when you see yourself everyday. You have worked really hard - well done! Woohoo!

  • That great iwanttoloseweigh, should be very proud. I have lost in total 1 stone 9pounds. I can't see much difference, i think it to do with the fact I didn't like to look at my body at its largest and hadn't realised quite how big I was.

  • Someone posted a link about how often we don't see how much our body has changed and that though we have lost weight in our minds we cannot see it- I will try and find it- I think it was in the maintainers section. I didn't start measuring apart from my waist until September- I had always regretted it but felt it was too late however like Melhall suggested I was advised to start even though I am a maintainer, and I did and though my weight has stayed fairly steady I have lost cm all over my body- measure- mid upper arm- mid point between shoulder & elbow, chest, waist, hips, mid thigh & calf.

    I have found the link it was posted by elliebath but the link to the blog has moved but this is the new link fatgirltofitgirl.wordpress....

    i found it relevant to me and I think I am quite brutally honest about myself! also are your clothes looser?

  • Well done!

  • Hello

    Have you measured your waist? I bet it’s smaller now you’ve lost a stone

  • Congratulations!!

  • Thats AWESOME news - well done! I am sure your pants will be a little looser at least.

    I lost around 20 kilos really really really slower and couldn't see a massive change - my clothes showed it but I couldn't SEE it. Then I was in hospital for 10 days and lost 4 kilos really fast and could see the change in my face definitely.

    I think most of the time we get used to how we look so don't really notice anything.

  • Well done :D See if you can find a photo of your face and check out changes there :)

  • Woohoo 🙌🎉 what a fantastic result! What have you found that has been working for you? I’m so close to my 1 stone badge also but it’s been eluding me atm 😅

  • Great for you that's fantastic! ! Sounds like we're all celebrating your success but you're a bit dazed by it!!

    Have you a plan? A main target and mini targets along the way? Do you know your BMI and your healthy weight range?? If you need sny help with these just shout😊

    I think you're doing great. Keep it simple and stay doing what you're doing.💟

  • Think of all the visceral fat (that's the fat around your organs) that you have lost and be smug about what you have done for your health! The external looks will follow.

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