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What a day 😁

So today I left the house for the first time since last Saturday 🙈 it was only an hour and a half but still it felt good.

I woke up and come downstairs this morning to find my partner had got me a 24k gold rose 🙊😍❤️ a note next to it said 'I see you working hard and I'm proud of you my queen, this rose will last as long as my love does for you'

Needless to say I melted 😆

I skipped breakfast today as I wanted to go out to the shops. Got my son ready and went.

I will admit I picked up a twirl 🤦🏻‍♀️ but I purchased pretty much only fresh fruit, veg and meat 🙌🏼🙌🏼 obviously milk and tea bags lol

Today I plan to make homemade tomato and basil soup and chicken and vegetable soup.

I haven't decided what else to make yet lol

Thank you so much to all each and every everyone of you!! The support is something that is important to me.

I will loose my chunk 🙈😂

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Well done for going out today. You are so lucky to have such a supportive partner, how lovely of him to regonise all your hard work. Try not to skip meals if you can.

Your soup sounds lovely and tasty. I make a Butternut squash and Sweet potato soup which is nice and very filling.

Have a good day. :)

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How sweet was that!!! Good job.

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Thank you yellowrose55

I really am so lucky to have him!! He's been through all my tough times and has never once left me to fight it alone.

Most of the time he's been my light in the darkness. My real life hero. ❤️

I'm trying new things out so thought I'd start with simple stuff 🙈 tastes lovely already 😁

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Sounds like a productive shopping trip, glad it went well and good luck with your soups. :)

Also, do you think maybe you could get your husband to give lessons? I would totally sign mine up for some! ;)


Hahahaha ive told him this before 😂

But his ego grew 🙄 typical bloke lol

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What a beautiful symbol of love and recognition of your hard work. You are clearly very motivated and will get this cracked.

Have you joined one of the weigh-ins? You will get loads of support there too.

Your homemade soup sounds wonderful, enjoy.

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I haven't weighed myself since the last semester of pregnancy I'm too scared 🙈

Soups taste amazing right now lol

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