Blood sugar diet week 2

Hi there. I lost 2lbs in the 1st week of the bsd. Was slightly disappointed as I know others have lost a lot more and I followed it to the plan. Anyway as my waist went down 2 1/2" and my body fat too I batch cooked for the week ahead. However I had a really stressful day at work and felt crappy about it and ended up on a complete sugar fest starting with a krispy creme.. .yes I do feel bad doing that and yes I will start fresh tomorrow. Going to bed early as my youngest woke me at 5:20am. Me and lack of sleep don't mix. 😴


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7 Replies

  • First of all. Well done on the 2lb loss and the inches too Nomoreexcuses 😊

    Its a shame about the sugar fest . . . But I think it’s kind of understandable after reducing carbs so drastically. I know I would find it really hard 😕

    Have a good nights sleep, I’m sure you will be back on track tomorrow 😊

    Good luck!

  • Thanks Anna61. Feel like I've got that out my system now. Definitely feel better eating healthy x

  • Hello Nomoreexcuses

    I have just started week 2 of the BSD and am finding that it suits my lifestyle so well. I had one day in the first week when I had a bad day at work & felt the urge to have a really good binge @ 3.00pm but, I drank loads of water instead! It worked! You will be ok!

  • Thanks dazzle. I didn't drink much water today because work was so hectic. Might be part of the problem today. Good luck on the bsd. X

  • Hey 2lbs off is great and much better than 2lbs on think - 4 blocks of butter less you are carrying round ..I'm sure you will be back on track tomorrow after a good sleep hope you don't get woken too early though. You can do it yes you can 😃

  • Thanks 87down

  • Well done no more excuses,

    Draw a line under the day and start today .

    Good luck.


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