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Be driven

Be driven

Don't lose hope they say. Have faith. As if changing your life was about luck or faith. It's not. It's you, only you! Your work, your sweat, your tears, your efforts, your actions.

You need to have a strong will, uncontrollable drive, a scary determination. You don't need luck, you don't need any god. You can do it yourself. And you will do it yourself.

So next time they say you need to have faith or to keep hoping, tell them that you don't need it. Tell them you have all the determination you need. Tell them that a bad day is nothing in the great scheme of things. Tell them you are going to succeed but on your own terms and on your own time. Tell them they can keep their faith and their luck, because when there is a will, there is a way !

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WOW what a clear sky with a few candy fluff clouds :)


It really was a beautiful day :) I'm kind sad, winter is coming and we won't have another day like that for quite some time


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