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How do you track the calories?

RachDawson1st 7lbs

So I have been a paper and pen tracker until now and I do love this as it seems so quick. I use voice to ask google the calories then write them in my little notebook. But the last 3 weeks I have skipped out on the recording as the weekend comes, avoiding the reality of my poor food choices. Now I am just wondering whether to dip my toe into another method of recording. In the past I have found apps tedious and time consuming. What do you do? Any tips?

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Most people use MyFitnessPal, Rach, but I could never get beyond pen and paper.

There's a Topic called Gadgets and Gizmos, where you might get some ideas and you could type calorie tracker into the search box, which will also give you lots of ideas :)


I’m a paper and pen girl too. But I use MFP every so ofen to check I am on target with the right nutrients.

I defitnely find planning really useful, the Daily Diary is brilliant for this. Even if we go off plan a little, having our intentions written down, on here, in black and white, just seems to work 😊

Give it a go RachDawson 😊

RachDawson1st 7lbs in reply to IndigoBlue61

Thank you for your helpful reply! And nice to know I'm not alone liking the food old paper and pen!


I'm a pen and paper girl as well RachDawson, it's like writing a contact with yourself and I do agree with Anna about the DD, seems to keep me on track better when I also 'write' it there :)

RachDawson1st 7lbs in reply to lucigret

Thank you for kind, helpful words. I'm sadly not a planner, only a recorder-the DD isn't for me I don't think as I don't plan in advance. I make sure I have food in and make decisions on the day. I realise that there is a much bigger step I could take one day to actually plan but I'm not sure it's me. Or realistic! However perhaps it's OK to do a rough plan on the morning? ?? Is that an abuse of the DD? Or are you allowed to use it as a recording of your day after the event like in the evening? I usually decide my breakfast when I get up and start to think which of several tea ideas I'll do later. Lunch varies too but could definitely benefit from planning. I know that if I plan I'd do better but I feel it's too hard and i'm resisting the idea! !!

lucigretAdministrator in reply to RachDawson

You are only on week 8. You can't build Rome in a day. You will be making small changes at this point in time, just keep doing that, it will all evolve. We all live differently and have different ideas, there is no right or wrong way as long as it is working. There is no reason why you couldn't come along at the end of the day and post what you have had, the only thing I would say is you may find you don't get many comments as people have usually moved on to the next days DD.

Wishing you good luck on your journey, however you do it :)


I use the food diary which is a free app form Windows 10 store if you access it. The NHS has a calorie counter which you can use. If you do your own cooking and you have a few regular meals then add the calories up for the meal and keep a record so instead of recording individual ingredients you can just add the total calories for the meal

RachDawson1st 7lbs in reply to RG07

Yes thank you. I do the recipe thing (in my book) and have done similar previously with an app. I will look at Windows 10 as I have that although would need to access on phone-does it work well on there? You are very knowledgeable thanks for sharing!

RG07Maintainer in reply to RachDawson

don't know about the phone since i have an iPhone and use the diary on my laptop


I'm a " myfitnesspal" fan. Easy to use, just as easy as this site. In the beginning of my weightloss journey I wasn't very computer literate, but soon got the hang of it. As well as calorie checking I use it for my food diary , plus recipes and tips.

I swear by it. It helped me get to target weight and also at maintenance for the past two and a half years. But I use this site as well for the forums and friendly support.

RachDawson1st 7lbs

Brilliant thanks for this great summary and reminder of all the useful methods you use. Very helpful

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