Monday D day

Evening all joined last night start weight is 11stone 12pounds.. Tomorrow is first day of diet.. Am a eat any time person set meals are going to be hard for me .. Breakfast l have always skipped tomorrow new start thought l would have weetabex .. Lunch a small salad with ham ...evening fish with rice also cutting my sugar out . and would have a bit of fruit if needed ... Do anyone think this is to much or to little


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9 Replies

  • Hi rollieanne, I suggest you post your menu plan on the Daily Diary for tomorrow and your start weight on the weigh-in. Both links can be found in Events :)

    If you've checked your calorie allowance on the NHS BMI calculator and weighed and checked the calorie count of your food, you'll know whether it's the right amount :)

  • OK thank you

  • Hi rollieanne and good luck with creating some structure to when you're going to eat. I was the opposite to you when I started here and only used to eat once a day (in the evening). This was just as bad as eating randomly like you. I found that eating 3 times a day made a huge positive change for me and I'm not someone who's given over to routine.

    What is the calorie range that the NHS BMI has given you?

  • Thanks Tigger ..they have given me a calorie range of 1416- 1821 and body mass of 26.7

  • That's a good start. It's suggested that you aim for the higher figure to make moving to a new way of eating more easy but each to their own.

    Anyway, if you add up the cals in the food you've mentioned, then you'll get an idea of how your menu fits in eg. two weetabix and 1/2 a pint of semi-skimmed would come to about 400 cals which would leave you with 1420 cals for your other two meals.

    A word of caution, if you try starving your body it's likely to react and make losing weight more difficult.

  • Thanks for that advice .. My down fall is chocolate and 3 sugars in a cup of coffee ....would you recommend sweeteners a have tried them but not fussed on them

  • My downfall is all food :) which is why I made sure I wrote down how many cals was in something I was about to eat or drink and then subtract that from my daily total. Sometimes it would make me either stop myself from having it or I would reduce the amount.

    How much choc and sugar you have is down to you as they are your decisions to make. I can't comment on sweeteners as I don't have sugar in my drinks.

    Try keeping a diary. They are good at providing a better understanding about our day to day food and drink consumption.

  • Try a weetabix cake, 100g Self Raising flour, 2 weetabix soaked in 0.2 litres milk, 100g sultanas, 2 tablespoonfuls caster sugar, 1 teaspoon mixed spice, 2 beaten eggs. Weigh out dry ingredients, put in with soaked weetabix,add beaten eggs fold everything together and when ready, pour mixture into a 1lb loaf tin. Cook for 1 hour at 180c in middle of oven. Voila a weetabix cake

  • Thank l will make that tomorrow, that's one thing l do love is baking.. Been baking for Christmas ..done Christmas cake and pudding ...

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